Penis commentary



I am a male, and it has cum to my attention that i may have an unequivocal infatuation with male genitalia. however i have no desire to see any man not fully clothed. i cringe at the thought of seeing another man's penis in actuality, however in contrast, i long for only the genitalia as it pertains to video like porno, and further, as long as the man's face is hidden, i show no scruples. moreover, the pornogrpahic man's anus, perineum, as well as the cock and balls are pleasing to mine eyes. however, i only fantasize of our cherubic counterparts, inebriated by the sweetnes and docility of the fairer species, and absolutely do not of men. Although, if the male genitalia were attached to the beloved female, then i would become aroused with equal fervor as with a traditionally thought of female. therefore i want ye fellow posters to comment on my unique sexuality...