Pete and Leah Take Exploration to a New Level



Note: this is part three in an ongoing series that begins with a story entitled "Pete and Leah Connect, Begin Exploring."

Pete: We parked. Leah had been cozied up next to me the whole time we drove to the parking area. The scent of her hair next to my cheek, the feel of her breast as my hand strayed across it, the warmth of her body next to me: All of this had me horny as fuck. My erect hot cock, which was oozing precum, was straining so hard to get out of my pants that I thought I might even shoot a load just sitting next to Leah on the truck seat.

Leah: As we parked, I looked at Pete’s crotch and could see that he was hard. To make a joke and lighten the mood, I said to him, “I didn’t know dim sum could have that effect,” nodding to his crotch. He shot back, “I think you know the dim sum’s not what’s doing that.” “Oh,” I replied, “then I wonder what’s causing that. Or are you always that way?”

Pete: Leah saw right away that I was as hard as a steel pole. She joked about my hard on and we bantered a bit, with her asking me if I was always that way. I replied, “Yeah, I’m hard pretty often, but never like this. You’re the most beautiful, hot woman I’ve ever spent time with, and there’s no way my penis couldn’t recognize that and pay tribute to you.” She replied, “Flattery will get you everywhere. I’m grateful for the tribute, and you should know I have an area of my body that’s paying tribute to you right now, too.”

Leah: I was bold and told Pete in so many words that he had me turned on. His eyes widened and he leaned in and kissed me hard, our tongues dancing together as he pulled me close to him. This was the first time he fondled me, reaching inside my blouse and letting those big fingers gently wander around my breasts. “May I?” he asked, as he reached for my bra clasp after he had unbuttoned my blouse. “Please do,” I replied — and he did. After lightly teasing first one nipple and then the other, he bent his head down and sucked my nipples into his mouth, then rubbed, tweaked, and pinched them, asking me if I liked that. I told him he was making me very wet, that having my nipples played with, even twisted hard, had an immediate effect in my pussy. That was the first time I used that word, pussy, with him.

Pete: Leah let me inside her blouse, let me play with her gorgeous tits, and I could see and feel how much that turned her on. She then told me that it made her pussy very wet to have her nipples tweaked and even twisted and pinched. I replied, “Then we’re going to have to do something about that pussy, aren’t we? And about this cock at the same time,” as I started unzipping my zipper and unbuckling my belt. “That is, if you’d like to do something like that,” I added, giving her a questioning look and asking for her permission before I went further.

Leah: Pete told me he’d like to do something with my wet pussy and to get his hard cock involved. He asked if he had permission to go further, and I told him, “This is all I’ve been able to think about for a week now, and all through our dim sum meal. There’s nothing I want more. But for this evening, let’s keep the pussy action limited to you touching me over my panties, and I may show you how I finger myself under my panties, too. We’ll do more later, I promise. I want that very much. For now, let’s concentrate on me learning about your cock. I really want to see it and play with it.”

Pete: Leah didn’t want me touching her pussy under her panties and didn’t want to take her panties off, and I was, of course, disappointed. But she told me she’d still show it to me with the panties on and let me play with it over her panties. She wanted me to take my cock out so she could see it and play with it. Before we moved to that step, we kissed for what seemed like hours, with me continuing to tease and suck her distended nipples as she moaned and groaned. I pulled her skirt up, too, as we kissed, and had my first sight of her gorgeous hot pussy beneath her panties. She had on tiny white panties, soft and lacy with a sheer crotch that hid almost nothing. I could see that it was already soaking wet, and saw that she had a bush that looked trimmed, black to match her hair. It was hot as fuck and, once again, I almost shot just looking at it and smelling the pungent scent of her arousal.

Leah: I asked Pete if I could finish unzipping his pants and unbuckling his belt and could take his dick out and see it. He said, “Be my guest. He’d love that.” Then he told me that his pet name for his cock was Big Peter, and some stuff about the name Peter coming from the Greek word for “rock,” so that penises are often called peters because they get hard as rocks when men are excited — as he was now. I took Big Peter out and said, “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, Pete. I have to tell you, I don’t have a lot of experience. Can you show me what to do with him to make him happy? Then I’ll let you play with my pussy over my panties and I may finger it while you watch, but without taking my panties off.”

Pete: Leah took my cock out. It was hard as a rock and leaking a river of precum. She told me after she got acquainted with Big Peter, which I told her was my pet name for it, she’d let me work on her hot, wet pussy over her panties and she might finger herself under her panties with me watching. Because she told me she was inexperienced, I gave her a brief guide to a man’s hard cock, showing her the area under the head that’s especially sensitive, telling her how the head gives more pleasure to a guy than any other part, but the shaft and balls also give pleasure when worked right. I showed her how to make her hand tight — she has long, slim, soft hands that are like instruments specially designed to work a hard rod — and go slowly down over the head a few times while using her other hand to massage the balls and shaft, pulling the skin of the shaft down as the hand working the tip massages that sensitive end of the cock. I told her if she continued with this, I was likely to shoot, since I had been worked up all week anticipating this evening with her, and our banter at dinner had made me even hotter.

Leah: He gave me a quick lesson on how to use my hands to please his gorgeous cock. It made me so wet just to see it. It was long and thick and I so much wanted to have it in my pussy, but had decided to take things step by step. He showed me where Big Peter felt most sensitive, how he liked his head massaged and toyed with, how he responded to the right touches on his shaft and big dangling balls. He also told me he thought he was close to shooting and would cum if I kept up what I was doing. I wanted to see that happen and continued working Pete’s beautiful big hard cock, watching his face to see if what I was doing was pleasing him.

Pete: I came as Leah worked my cock — came a lot. I shot spurt after spurt all the way up onto my chest and the back of the truck seat (she had unbuttoned my shirt to run her hands on my chest and nipples after she took my cock out). She looked mesmerized, and as she watched, I saw that she took her fingers and put them inside her panties, which were still there for me to see since she had kept her skirt pulled up as she worked my cock. After I was finished shooting, I slumped back against the seat and told Leah that I had never shot that hard in my life, and I was so grateful to her for giving me so much pleasure.

Leah: Pete suddenly came while I was playing with his hard cock. I felt his balls pull up, his cock swell, and then it felt as if the head was bursting open as streams of hot cum shot out all the way to the truck seat behind Pete’s head. I’ve never seen anything like it. It made me all the more excited to think of having his long, thick hard dick shooting inside my hot, wet pussy. I couldn’t help myself: I started fingering my pussy under my panties while Pete came. Then, after he’d slumped back against the truck seat and thanked me for bringing Big Peter off, he leaned over and kissed me hard, running his fingers through my hair, over my neck and ears, and down to my breasts. As he did that, I took my fingers and rubbed the cum on his stomach and chest. It was hot and slippery and thick.

Pete: Leah played with my cum after I came. That was so hot. This was all obviously new to her, and she was like a youngster with a new toy, enjoying learning the ropes of it. After we kissed for a while and I took a towel I keep under the truck seat and cleaned myself off, I said to her, “Now it’s time for you to have some attention,” as I leaned her back into the corner of the seat with her legs stretched out and her panty-covered pussy available for me to look at and play with. “Let me know what feels good. I have to tell you that I’m not very experienced, either. We’re learning together.”

Leah: Pete kissed me some more and then positioned me so that I was half lying back against the corner of the truck seat with my skirt pulled up and my pussy exposed, my panties covering it, for him to see and play with. He asked me to let him know what felt good, and told me he wasn’t very experienced and would welcome my guidance. I really had to fight with myself not to take my panties off then and let him do whatever he wanted with my bare pussy, but I had made a decision before we had our date that, if it proceeded to a hot session of necking and petting, I was going to keep my panties on for now. I told Pete what felt best was to have her gently rubbed and teased, both over my panties and with them off. I invited him to run his long fingers over her, playing with her slit and lips and with my clit through the sheer crotch.

Pete: Leah gave me a lesson in how to work her hot, steamy pussy over her sheer panties. She took my hand and, using my middle finger as a pointer, showed me how to find her clit and to play gently around it, not touching it directly at first. She traced her labia for me and told me they liked to be toyed with, too, and then she took my finger and pointed it to her hole and told me it felt really good when she fingered her hole, especially if she was giving her clit attention at the same time. She told me she could feel a lot even with the panties on and invited me to explore. So I did, as she moaned and instructed me where to put my fingers next and how hard or soft to work this or that area. She told me that women like to have their pussies played with in different ways, not necessarily with the same rhythm all the time, and that many women find their clits too sensitive to be touched directly until they’re very worked up. Then after they cum, their clits can be so sensitive they can’t be touched until they cool down.

Leah: As I had anticipated, Pete’s fingers were like magic, exploring my very wet pussy over my sheer panties. Though he said he wasn’t experienced, he seemed to know exactly how to give each part of my pussy maximum pleasure. He was obviously enthralled as he worked her, studying each part and each movement carefully, watching my face to see how I responded. When he pulled the panties tight so that they worked into my slit as he ran his whole hand down the slit, I came. Hard. Then he took his big middle finger and began to work my hot hole, pushing the material of the sheer crotch up inside it while he gently strummed my clit, and I came a second time. Equally hard.

Pete: I must have done something right, because Leah came. Several times. When she began to shake and tremble and her pussy gushed, I asked her if I had just made her cum. After she had come down from the orgasm, she told me that, yeah, she had cum harder than when she worked her pussy by herself, and I seemed to know exactly what I was doing. The smell of her aroused pussy drove me wild and had my cock up and raring for more action, as I worked her.

Leah: As Pete played with my pussy, I saw that his cock was up and ready for action again. So after he had given me two orgasms, I told him I thought we should still have some dessert, and that I had a special dessert for him: I was going to play with myself under my panties while he watched. I asked if he’d mind if I stroked his dick while I did that. He smiled and said, “I was hoping you’d say that.” So we ended that first session of hot making out on the seat of his truck cab with me showing Pete how I fingered my pussy under my panties while I worked him up to another orgasm and he shot a second hot load, this one all over my panties, since he was kneeling between my legs as I played with him and he watched me play with myself.

Pete: Leah showed me how she worked her pussy with her fingers, as I watched. She put her hand inside her panties and reached down and put two fingers up inside her hole. I could see clearly through the sheer panties and could hear the hot sound her fingers made as they moved in and out of her wet pussy. She told me there was no problem with a hymen since hers had broken a long time ago and she didn’t even know how it had happened. With her other hand, she made circles around her clit, sometimes taking that hand and twisting and pulling hard on her nipples. She came again as I watched, and since she was working my hard cock while I knelt between her legs on the truck seat watching her play with herself, I shot another load, this time on her panty-covered pussy. That was hot as fuck.

Leah: After I brought Pete off a second time and played with my pussy until I came again, I told Pete it was getting late and I thought it might be time for him to drive me back home, though I didn’t want the evening to end. He said he agreed, and we both put ourselves back to rights, me adjusting my skirt, putting my bra back on, and buttoning up my blouse, and Pete putting Big Peter back in his holder and zipping up and buckling his belt. Then Pete kissed me again and said, “Before I drive you home, I have a surprise for you.” I couldn’t imagine what he could possibly be talking about. He told me, “Let me help you out of the truck and I’ll show you.”

After he had helped me down from the truck cab, he took my hand and walked me around to the back of the trunk and opened the door to the enclosed truck bed. It had a mattress, neatly made up with a clean sheet and two pillows, on the floor of the truck bed. Pete said, “I don’t know if my dad knew what he was giving me when he gave me this farm truck to use while I’m away at school, but I’ve thought of a good use for it now that you and I are seeing each other. I still have more lessons to teach you about the birds and bees and bulls and cows and rams and ewes and studs and mares. This will come in handy while I teach you those lessons. I have some especially good ones to teach you about the studs.” I shot back, “I have a surprise for you: My parents’ house has a bed in the basement, and sometimes they’re away from home and I have the house to myself. I have some lessons I want to teach you, too. I never thought about giving a name to my pussy, but now that I know your beautiful cock is Big Peter, I’ve decided I’ll call her Miss Kitty. I want Big Peter and Miss Kitty to get to know each other, and I have some lessons I can teach Big Peter about Miss Kitty and all of her parts.”

Pete laughed and then he gave me another hot kiss, helped me back into the truck, and drove me home.

Right before we reached my parents’ house, I did something I hadn’t planned to do, but which seemed right. I quickly slipped off my panties, giving my dripping pussy one final wipe with them, and put them into Pete’s hand. They looked so hot there, so tiny in his large hand. He held them as if he was receiving a priceless treasure. I told Pete he was so nice to bring a gift to my mother, and I wanted to return the favor and give him a parting gift. His eyes became as wide as saucers as he looked at the wet panties then brought them to his nose and took a deep whiff.

“I have some ideas about what I’ll be doing with them,” he said as he tucked them into his pocket. “I’ll just bet you do,” I replied. “I hope you’ll put them to very good use. They’re my favorite hot-date panties, and I never wore them before tonight. You’re the guy I was saving them for.”

Pete: I showed Leah the mattress in the back of the enclosed bed of my truck, and her eyes got as wide as silver dollars. Then she told me about a bed in her parents’ basement and that her parents were sometimes away from home and she had the house to herself when her brother was out of the house. The basement was more private than her bedroom, she said, in case anyone came home unexpectedly. She talked about continuing our lessons about the birds and bees, and right before we reached her parents’ house, she slipped off her hot little panties, rubbed them across her pussy, and put them into my hand, saying she wanted me to have them as a gift. I just about wore them out in the following week, inhaling that delicious pussy scent and using them to jack off my hard cock.

As I parked in front of Leah’s parents’ house, I gave her one last kiss, a lingering hot one, as we sat in the truck cab. As we kissed, she rubbed her hand on my crotch and said, “It seems Big Peter is living up to his name and has gotten himself as hard as a rock again. I hope you’ll keep him well-exercised until we meet again, since I want him to stay in good shape for our meetings. That’s why I gave my panties to you.” I said, “No worry on that score. I keep Big Peter exercised all the time and now he has a whole new reason to stay well-exercised and in good shape.”

As I walked Leah to her parents’ door, giving her a last kiss on the doorstep, we made a tentative date for the following weekend, both saying we were looking forward to the opportunity to get to know each other better, and both knowing exactly what we meant by saying that.