Poetry of Our Souls

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    sammygirly: I was asked if Max and I ever write together - and if we would mind sharing.  This is the first one we ever wrote together, and by far our favourite.  It pretty much was the moment we both realized and admitted freely just how deep our emotions ran....in front of an audience no less.  This was done live...just back and forth.

    We used to do these publically in a community we headed...anyway.  Enjoy.[hr]

    * sammygirly arches her back, closes her eyes and purrs

    * SeductiveMaster growls softly at the purr and lets His tongue glide over her flesh like the kiss of a breeze

    * sammygirly shivers

    * SeductiveMaster grins and kisses you, My velvet tongue sliding softly over your lips, inside to capture yours

    * sammygirly grins into Your kiss, sliding my arms around Your neck as Oour tongues dance to an erotic tempo only they know

    * SeductiveMaster leans back, My fingers stroking over your skin in a slow sensual melody to match the tempo of O/our kiss

    * sammygirly mewls softly, a low crystal tone of passion in reaction to my body's trembling.

    * SeductiveMaster strokes My tongue over yours, the movement akin to a musicians caress of the notes of a song, a silent melody only W/we can hear

    * sammygirly gets lost in the music Oour bodies create, my heart drumming an intermittent beat in my chest as Oour kiss deepens.

    * SeductiveMaster slowly starts to slide your body over Mine, the movements mirror the undulations of a bow making love to a violin, soft moans the music of passion, desire as W/we write O/our special song

    * sammygirly feels the dark pull of the song, tugging at my body and i begin to move with it, allowing it's sweet melody to take control of my mind, surrender myself to it's flowing beauty, surrender myself to You.

    * SeductiveMaster feels Myself become lost in you, become one like the unfinished symphony of a soul searching for the crescendo, striving, yearning for completeness as each note of sensuality fills the air

    * sammygirly senses the change in tempo, notes changing from low soul searching sounds of yearning to the sweet chords of promise, tugging at my heartstrings and awakening an orchestra of feelings otherwise unknown.

    * SeductiveMaster moves your soul with Mine, changing to the next verse, a higher level of needs, wants taking over, entwining fingers, legs, tongues as two become one, an anthology of O/ourselves meshing to one volume of the sweetest music in the Universe

    * sammygirly lets go and rides the gentle waves You create with Your touch, allowing the song to caress my aching soul. Your strong rhythms compliment my soft tones smoothly, as if creating the perfect duet, a harmony only sweetened by Oour growing need.

    * SeductiveMaster closes My eyes as O/our passion increases, O/our breaths and moans filling the silence like the notes of a long lost melody rising to the surface, embracing the reality of being, belonging together with the moon and stars filling O/our hearts with the brightness that only Oneness can bring

    * sammygirly holds on to You tightly as if afraid i will be lost forever in this delicious melody, sensing the finale nears. Harmonized voices of my thoughts, hopes and dreams create a frenzied accompaniment to the singing of O/our bodies, a beautiful opus combining minds, bodies and souls.

    * SeductiveMaster joins your body with Mine, a single movement like a conductors arms thrusting up and holding, the shivers of O/our bodies match the vibrations in the air following the completion of a note before His hands drop and guide the instruments into the next notes, the next sonata as W/we move in perfect unison matching the notes of a sensual song

    * sammygirly sings softly into Your ear the joy of O/our union, this a concert Wwe have long awaited. Moving as You conduct, following Your lead i become Your instrument of desire knowing only You know the combination of chords that will complete the song, complete me.

    * SeductiveMaster rises above you, eyes locked with yours as My body dances to O/our song, long slow verses filling your soul, each note taking you deeper and deeper into the music that is U/us, taking your notes and making them Mine, tuning your soul like only a Masterful musician can

    * sammygirly locks my gaze with Yours, all that i am laid bare for You without fear of what You'll do with it, knowing that You are and will always be the Maestro of all that i am, lose myself in Your song.

    * SeductiveMaster feels your submission to the music of O/our union, My body taking you and all you freely give and skillfully turning it into a perfect union, O/our notes combine like the sounds of all the greatest love songs rolled into one

    * sammygirly lets my body speak what lyrics are written in my heart, vocolization of such things not necessary as the intensity of O/our chorus crescendos, tones of the purest feeling crashing through my body, notes of pleasure singing through my mind, i am whole.

    * SeductiveMaster feels My body take yours again and again, your soul filling Mine as tears of happiness drop to your skin like a musicians pen on paper recording the notes of His song, her song, T/their song, the song complete as the last thrust of His pen owns the paper it records on, marking it as His and His composition alone

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