Searching to one blonde old-man with one very long flaccid penis in this Web Site.

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by B_Yoselin, Sep 6, 2006.

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    Hi to everybody!... In this Web Site there is one mister what has a very very long flaccid penis. His penis seems like a real penis and not a fraud (I don’t know nothing in the matter about edited-photos with Photo Shop, maybe you yes...). I tried to describe to this mister: He is a mister old-man like of 50-65 years old; he’s white-skin, blonde hair, his body isn’t athletic, but rather he’s mid-fat... rather his body is wide... His penis is very very big, that is LONG... It’s very long... It seems very long... His penis is white-color and pinky, and it has sexual-hair blonde... He is cut-penis and penis’s head it seems very wide and in the place where should be the penis’s fold-skin or foreskin (“prepucio” in Spanish) there is one big vein. He has taken photos of himself of his penis and in one of them (photos) he is in a squatting position and his penis is hanging look alike a one pendulum... The photo is very genial!!!... You see it and it provoke in you excitation!!... There are also in his profile others photos of him where he is taking a shower while he is showing to photographic-camera his impressive erect penis with one head very very fat and all his body full of soap-foam (suds)... I have been searching the photos of him in his profile, but I haven’t even found them... If any of you know his profile give me it please!!. The photos of him are very impressive!!!. Thank you!.

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