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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Epsiode 1 - Remembering last year

    John enjoyed the start of the season. Not the training, that was hell for the first few weeks, working off the holiday weight. Not the polite conversation he was forced to have the coach's about what they'd done in the summer and certainly not the food, back to bland pasta and limp salad. What John enjoyed was meeting the new recruits.

    Whilst the player's season had finished in May and they'd headed off for six weeks holiday, the manager worked hard at finding players to improve the team, especially as United had finished without a major trophy last season.

    John had been at the club since he was a boy. He'd looked up to the United stars of the past, Beckham, Yorke, Scholes and Ronaldo. Oh, he would never forget Ronaldo. But that's a story for another time. At 29 he'd seen lots of comings and goings at United and had a great deal of stories to tell.

    John was, to his knowledge, the only gay footballer left at United. He maintained the pretence of being straight, had a casual girlfriend, but always had excuses for missing their dates.

    John had hoped that the lack of silverware would at least mean an influx of fresh young blood into the team. However, when he turned up at the training ground at the begining of July, he was a little disappointed at the lack of new talent.

    A lot of the players were still at the World Cup, but he was bored at sneaking a glance at the dick's of his current team members. He had developed a good technic of be-friending the new players at training thus giving him an excuse to be stood next to them in the showers. He would 'forget' his shower gel and lean over to borrow his new friend's cream, getting a good look at the bulge in the process.

    In actual fact this technic wasn't really needed. Most of the straight players snook quick glances at their new colleagues when they arrived. Guess it was just to see who they had to compete with in the Manchester clubs later that evening. John being gay, was compelled to be less obvious than his straight friends.

    Over the years, John has compiled an almost perfect library of his colleagues penises and balls in his mind, he even kept a journal to ensure he didn't forget any details. He could get accurately tell the length and girth of a flacid penis (sometimes he'd see a semi and note down the growth ratio). He'd also note down whether the player shaved, had any moles or markings, low or high hanging balls, penis shape and, of course, foreskin coverage.

    He remembered fondly the excitment he felt last summer when United signed Michael Owen. He couldn't sleep with the excitment at the thought of what his idol would look like in the shower. That was a glorious day. As usual, he be-friended the newcomer and virtually frog-marched him into the changing room. John remembered Michael taking off his sweaty training top whilst he tried to make conversation about something or other. His toned body was hairless, except for a thin trail that went from his belly button to below his waist band. Next Michael removed his boots and socks bending down away from John to do so. John looked mouth-open at the sight of Michael's arse just 3 feet and two-layers of material away from his mouth.

    John, was himself, down to his shorts, ready to drop them and his underwear in one movement, but he didnt want to get too far ahead of Michael in case he was forced to move first. He always needed to be 3 seconds behind so he could follow his prey and stand next to him. If he went first, there was a chance Michael would end up on the other side of the showers.

    Having found an excuse to pause, by looking in his bag, John looked across at Michael only to see he was sitting on the bench and had picked up his phone and started texting. John very nearly exploded at this point and was about to give up for the day when in one clinical move Michael laughed at a text, put down his phone and pulled down his shorts and underwear.

    The super-efficient move took John by surprise but he quickly composed himself and managed a 'what's so funny comment'. Whilst Michael replayed the joke and fumbled for his towel, John siezed the chance to catch a glimpse of the prize as he 'accidently' fumbled his shower-gel. As his eyes met Michael's flesh he could barely believe he was about to fuflill a long-held dream. The first thing he noticed was that Michael had a reasonable bush. It wasn't unkept, but most of the footballer's these days trimmed pretty close to flesh, so this was quite unusual. Then his eyes were drawn to the penis. He immediatley noticed that, whilst Michael didn't have a long penis, about 3.5 inches flacid, it was pretty thick, almost as thick as it was long. The penis was one of those that didn't hang down, but seemed to stick out, sitting on a reasonable set of balls that hung high. The final thing he noticed in this brief glimpse was that Michael had good foreskin coveage. It overhung the bell-end a little, but there was by no means as much as Nemanjai Vidic, who had almost 2 penises worth of skin.

    John had wanted more details, but couldn't let his eyes linger any longer and he knew he'd get another chance in the showers. He picked up his shower-gel and moved it into the bag so that he would forget to take it with him. He faced away from Michael whilst he pulled down his shorts, in case he had a hard-on. He waited long enough to go down to usual flacid length then pulled his underwear down and turned around to get his towel. He was surprised to see Michael now sitting on the bench again in a towel looking at his phone. Michael looked up as John turned around and John's penis was about 10 inches away from Michaels face as he did this. Michael just jumped up, put his phone away and said, "blimey mate, you're going to be popular with the ladies" and walked towards the showers.

    John loved and hated the comment in one fell swoop. He hated the fact that straight men felt comfortable enough to comment about other mens pensises in a casual manner, when John found it so difficult in case he was caught out. Of course, he loved the fact that Michael was very complimentary about his own penis. He knew he was big, 6.1 inches flacid and 5.2 inches girth. He remembered seeing only three bigger flacid penises at the club during his 11 years as a pro.

    John quickly gathered his composure, grabbed his towel and marched to the showers to catch up with Michael. Luckily he was in time to grab the shower next to Michael, but it was a close run thing with Wes Brown who nearly beat him to it.

    John started another conversation so that Michael would know he was next to him and hoped to get him to comment more about his own penis. This would have been a bonus and happened all to rarely for his liking. Anyway, he couldn't swing the conversation back, so John settled for putting his usual plan into place. He thought he'd seen a mark on the end of Michael's penis in the first glance, but wanted to double check. He also wanted to see if michael retracted the foreskin when showering. John didn't retract, but only because it created a boner in 3 seconds flat.

    As he borrowed the shower gel and glanced over he noticed that Michael was slightly bigger than before, not unusual when showering as the cleaning process often encourages some growth. Michael was now about 4 inches long and the foreskin had retracted slightly so that he could see the very tip of Michael's bell-end. He also confirmed that michael had a small mole on his penis, about half-way down his shaft.

    He looked away to ensure no suspicion and carried on showering. He might get a third look as Michael towelled down, but it wasn't vital. He could always verify the details tomorrow.

    Anyway, back to 2010 and John had no such anticipation for the first training session of the season. As he arrived on the pitch, he saw Sir Alex in the distance stood next to a tall man. As he got closer he saw a figure he just about recognised and then Sir Alex introduced Chris Smalling to the team. At that point John's heart missed a beat and he realised he had just found another prey for later.
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 2 – Smalling by name?

    John couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed how attractive Chris was before. He’d played against him twice last season when he was at Fulham, but with both of them being defenders he didn’t really come in contact with him. He thought that Chris had done some growing since he’d last seen him and his 6ft 4 inch frame had definitely bulked up. He seemed to remember reading that he was 21 years old, which would explain why he looked so nervous.

    Chris Smalling was tall, had short, almost shaved, hair and was mixed-race. John loved the fact that the kid still hadn’t grown into his face, his ears and nose were bigger than average, but despite this, Chris was a good looking boy. He had a cute half-smile, that lifted up on one side of his face and really nice eyes that were darker than any he’d seen in ages.

    It was a really hot day, so all the players were wearing the bare-minimum; shorts, and sleeveless t-shirts. This allowed John to get a good look at Chris’ legs. He couldn’t believe how his legs started so slim and delicate at the ankle and grew to thunderous great thighs at the top. John just wanted to go over and rip down his shorts right now. He was certain that Chris would have a great long thick penis wrapped around his underwear.

    As it happens, Sir Alex paired the two together in training, so John didn’t have to make much of an effort to be-friend him. They trained hard that first day, but Chris was fitter, he’d kept himself in shape ready for his first season at United. As John struggled up the last of the hills Chris was already at the top and offered out his long, ripped arm to John as he struggled to make the top. John grabbed it with joy and he knew he wanted this boy more than any.

    John was tired, but on the way back to the changing room he wanted to keep the conversation going so that he could stand next to him. As they walked along, Michael Owen came over to introduce himself, which annoyed John immensely. Michael started chatting about a player that they both knew and were suddenly in deep conversation. He had just thought of a way to get back into this conversation when he heard a shout from behind. It was Sir Alex. John tried to pretend he hadn’t heard him, but Chris helpfully told John about the call.

    As John walked over to Sir Alex he looked back to see Michael and Chris entering the changing room together. He cursed Sir Alex under his breath.

    “What’s the problem boss?”
    “You’ve met the new lad, getting on OK?” Alex said in his broad Scottish accent.
    “Yes, seems like a good kid, a little nervous”
    “He’s a Londoner and this is long way from home. I’m concerned about him being on his own and not really knowing anyone. I don’t want him getting into any trouble”
    John was getting bored with this conversation now, but managed a “sure” at a suitable point.
    “He’s living in a hotel room at the moment, which isn’t good for anyone, let alone a kid, so I was wondering, could he stay with you for a few weeks?”
    At this point he loved Sir Alex.
    “No problem boss” The Irishman said, never having been happier with his boss.
    “Make sure you take him for one or two drinks tonight, not many, just enough to get him to let his hair down”
    “Will do” and with that John turned on his heal and headed to the showers. He still hoped to catch Chris coming out of the showers as he was going in.

    As he arrived he was surprised to notice that Chris was already changed and sitting on a bench. John thought he hadn’t been that long, but shrugged off the disappointment. John found a place, stripped down and headed into the showers. Most of the players were wondering out, but John found a place next to Ryan Giggs. Despite being 36, Ryan had aged well, except for a bit of grey and John had always been fascinated by one of the hairiest men in football.

    He’d seen Ryan naked hundreds of times, but always liked to have a peek to make sure nothing had changed. John had categorized Ryan as a show’er rather than grower. On the face of it he had a relatively long dick, about 4.75 inches flaccid, but it was quite thin. He’d heard from numerous girls that Ryan didn’t manage more than 6 inches when erect and he’d concurred with this view on the occasions he’d seen Ryan with a semi in the showers. On this occasion he noted that Ryan had pulled his foreskin back to clean the gland. He was prone to do this more than most, it also made his dick look thicker, which is why John thought he did it. A second glance and John notice that the foreskin was back in place, although Ryan’s never fully covered the gland, leaving about one-third exposed.

    John arrived at lunch slightly later than the rest. Chris was already sat on a table with a couple of the younger players, so John sat on the end of another table opposite Michael Owen.

    Before John could say anything, Michael leaned forward towards John and started whispering.

    “Chris didn’t shower today” Michael said.
    John faked no interest, but was intrigued.
    Michael continued. “It was bloody hot out there, why wouldn’t you shower?”
    “Maybe he’ll do it when he gets home” John said.
    “But why not here?” Michael was building up for something and strangely this was turning John on.
    Michael looked over at Chris and then looked back at John. “I think he might be Smalling by name, Small by nature”. Michael smirked as he said it.
    “Don’t be ridiculous. Who pays attention to things like that anyway”? John said innocently.
    “We all look to see who’s biggest don’t we”. John shrugged, but was getting nervous and excited at the same time.
    “Now you mention it, I seem to remember a comment you made to me last year”. John was teasing with this and wanted to see if Michael took the bait.
    “Sure, well your meat was about 2 inches from my face. So I couldn’t really avoid seeing it. Anyway, it gives you stature in a place like this. I’m not the biggest but it doesn’t bother me. Some people would be intimidated changing next to you.”
    Yes, John thought, but not for the reasons he was thinking!

    John wanted to steer the conversation back to Chris. “What’s your point about Chris anyway?”
    “My point is that he’s worried about people seeing his little fella, probably more so because of his surname. He’ll end up with some embarrassing nickname.
    “OK, see your point, but sure there’s nothing to it”.
    “We’ll see” Michael said and returned to his pasta. Yes we will (with any luck) John thought.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 3 – Goofing around.
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 3 – Goofing around

    John had known he was gay from as long ago as he could remember. Some people just know. There isn’t this big discovery on a day when they see a naked man and the thought just hits them. For John it had always been there. However, growing up in Ireland, you don’t just come out with it. The word’s, “Mum, Dad, I’m gay” just aren’t uttered. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to stay quiet, then being a professional footballer was. Not one of the players in the Premier League has ever come out. He knew he wasn’t the only gay footballer, but theirs was a separate club and no one ever watched them play. He was 29 years old and still wouldn’t tell anyone. Anyone that was straight, anyway.

    Over the years he had developed a very good sense of whether people were gay or not. He wasn’t one of these people that hoped to turn straight players, or read too much into it when penises were discussed. Straight men talked about dicks, at times they even compared sizes, but this didn’t mean they were gay.

    John had the ability to tell within a few days if someone was potentially gay. He had four categories that he ranked people in;

    • Super Straight. John wasted no time exploring opportunities with these. He’d just take a peek in the showers, make his notes and move on.
    • Straight (leaning). John left these as well. Often these are the hardest to read. Either, they are straight guys that like to tease the gay ones or they are in so much denial, you can never get through.
    • Probably Bi. Time has to be right, usually after lots of alcohol, but you can get through.
    • Probably Gay. Still a challenge because of the footballer’s code, but exceptional results possible.

    On the drive back from the first training session of the season, John contemplated the conversation he’d just had with Michael Owen. John refused to believe that Chris Smalling lived up to his name. Men that tall, built and good looking couldn’t have small dicks could they? If John was right, then there was another possibility. One he dare only dream of. John had only met Chris for the first time that morning, but he considered where he might sit on his gay rankings. He’d put Chris as a Number 1 (Super Straight) when he first met him, but John did that with almost all new people he met. He’d promote them up the rankings later if he could.

    John started to think about Chris’s body again. He dreamt of his toned, hairless torso with sweat running off of it, lying on top of him as Chris licked his nipples and worked his way down John’s own hairless abs to the belly button. The car in front braked and John had to slam hard to avoid crashing into the back. Ok, he thought, lets save those thoughts for later.

    John got home and had about an hour before he needed to pick Chris up from the hotel. He’d rung his housekeeper to get the spare room ready, so John had nothing to do for a whole hour by himself except to dream about Chris and his body. He quickly went upstairs, pulled down his tracksuit bottoms, grabbed the tissues off the sideboard and lay down on his bed. As he thought about his new friend, he reached inside his underwear to grab his meat as it throbbed and begged to be let out.

    He contemplated what Chris would do to him if he was gay and imagined Chris taking him from behind in the dirty changing rooms of the training ground. John released the beast from its cage, as the magnificent, almost perfect muscle, came into view. In seconds, his penis was at its full length, exactly 8 inches long and 6.2 inches in girth. It was perfectly straight and went out at a 90 degree angle from his body. John hated those dicks that hugged the chest or bent out at an odd angle. Of all the dicks he’d seen in his life, John had rarely seen a better one than his own. He reached into the draw beside his bed to get some lube and ripped it open with his teeth. His only regret with his own meat was that he had been circumcised when he was younger. His foreskin got too tight, and he had it removed when he was twelve. This was very rare in Ireland and he often noticed other people checking him out in the showers, unsure whether it was this or the size they were intrigued by.

    He applied the lube to his pulsating gland and worked his hand slowly up and down the shaft; he was in dreamland thinking of how Chris was working his butt. Before he knew it, the image had caused an earlier than expecting result and his penis throbbed violently before it shot out lashings of warm cum. He was too late to grab the tissues and instead the juice hit his tracksuit, t-shirt and bedding. He cursed, jumped up and started to clean himself off.

    He threw his clothes in the laundry bin and jumped straight into the shower. His dick was still in a semi-hard state as he wondered into the bathroom and he even knocked over a lamp with it on his way. He quickly lathered his body, paying special attention to his penis, making sure he cleaned away all of the evidence. He moved his hand back and forth to scrub away the cum. His circumcision had been loose, which meant when he pulled the shaft hard he could create a small amount of skin for his gland. He liked to do this sometimes to see what his dick would look like if he hadn’t been cut, but the skin always retracted back when he let go. He remembered the time a couple of years ago when the young right-back, Rafael, joined the first team and (as usual) John had stood next to him in the showers. The young lad, who was straighter than straight, kept looking down at John’s dick. In the end, Rio Ferdinand spotted him doing this and asked him what was the problem. Rafael said there was something wrong with John’s dick as the end had fallen off. The whole team laughed as Rio explained to the young lad what circumcision was and the lad has never lived it down.

    John finished in the shower, removed the excess water and walked naked from the bathroom to his wardrobe. As he stood deciding what to wear for his trip to collect Chris he heard a noise downstairs, which sounded like the breaking of a vase. Without thinking, he ran from his room, still naked, and down the wide staircase into the hallway. He couldn’t see anyone, but noticed the door was slightly ajar. Thinking he was being robbed, he grabbed a golf club from the bag that was resting by the staircase and charged into the lounge. His large penis was swinging wildly as he moved swiftly room from room to see who was there. As he reached the snooker room he heard two people speaking a different language, he burst through the door to see Rafael and his brother, Fabio, cue’s in hand, playing a game.

    Fabio looked up, saw John was butt-naked and turned to his twin brother, hey Rafael, looks like a bit of John’s dick has fallen off again, why don’t you help him find it.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 4 – A shock to cum for John
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 4 – A shock to cum for John

    The embarrassment of being stood naked in front of two of his team mates had warn off and John was angry at these two youngsters having broken in to his house.

    Rafael still couldn’t speak, and looked more embarrassed than John because of the reminder about the dick comment. But Fabio could see that John had suddenly become annoyed
    “Sorry man” he said in a sweet Portuguese accent. “You said last season we could come over and learn snooker anytime. We knocked on the door but there was no answer”.
    “So you just broke in” John responded.
    “No, the door was unlocked, so we knew you must be around, we found the snooker room and just started playing. Sorry.”.
    John wanted to give them a dressing down, but seeing the two little brothers stood in front of him looking pathetic and lost, his heart melted and he just said “Ok, carry on”.
    Then John remembered he was still naked, so he excused himself and half-closed the door behind him. As he left he heard a comment from Fabio to his brother that made him stop, he was sure he heard him say “That guy has one massive dick”. Intrigued as to where the conversation was going, he paused and stood behind the door. He hoped they would carry on in English so that he could understand and they didn’t disappoint.

    Rafael was quick to respond, “no kidding, I can’t believe the size of that thing. The girls must be all over him”.
    “Yes, but he has to make progress for them to find out and he’s not a great looking guy”
    “That’s true, but then you managed to find a wife little bro”
    “what do you mean little, I was born 2 minutes before you”
    “I wasn’t referring to your age” Rafael said with a smirk on his face.
    “I think you’ll find we’re the same size and anyway, at least mine gets some use”
    “You’re definitely smaller, Mum told me you were so small she thought you were a little girl!”
    “At least I know what a foreskin is, you dope” Rafael looked embarrassed again. This was the trump card that everyone could play on him. He still couldn’t believe he was that naïve, but growing up in Rio de Janeiro, you didn’t see circumcised men.

    The conversation moved on and John took the opportunity to slip upstairs. The twins’ conversation had made him horny again, but he didn’t have time to deal with that, so he carefully selected his best clothes and got ready to leave.

    He popped his head around the door of the snooker room and asked boys to be gone by the time he got back. He promised to teach them the rules of snooker the next time they came over.

    As he approached Chris’ hotel in his car he started to become more nervous, was he about to meet a guy who shared his desire? Still unlikely, but he hoped. In the process of considering the reason for Chris not showering, he had moved him up on his ranking from a 1 (Super straight) to a 2 (Leaning straight). It still wouldn’t be enough for him to make a move, but it opened the door a little.

    He arrived at the hotel, but Chris wasn’t down yet. He called him and Chris asked to him to come up to his room to help with the bags. As he arrived at the door, John thought it was too much to hope that he’d be half-dressed or better. As it happened, he was fully dressed, wearing the latest jeans and t-shirt fashions, looking extremely cool and relaxed. This is the first time he’d seen him looking at ease, he really wanted to do him right there.

    While he was waiting for Chris to finish packing his wash-bag in the bathroom, John realized he could smell a very familiar odor, one that he’d smelt just an hour before. As he moved over to the bedside table he noticed a pile of used tissues, he bent over to confirm and he got a whiff of the unmistakable smell of warm cum. John smiled. He wondered if Chris had been thinking the same thoughts as they both jacked-off together, just 4 miles apart.

    John had a massive boner as he grabbed a couple of Chris’ suitcases and headed to the door. I’ll meet you in car park. It seemed to take an eternity for Chris to emerge from the hotel, looking ready to eat in the ripped jeans, and dark glasses. He jumped into the car and John sped away.

    John hoped that the twins had gone so he had Chris all to himself for the afternoon. He parked the cases in the hall and showed Chris around the ground floor. The young man was impressed by the amount of space in this luxury house and to John’s relief the twins had left.

    “I’ll show you to your room”. John said and the two men made their way up the stairs.
    “Here you go”.
    “Cool man, I like it”. Young Chris was nodding his head in approval.
    “You’ve got your own bathroom, dressing room and TV”.
    “Cheers for letting me stay mate. I’ll find somewhere soon”.
    “No rush” John said and he meant it.
    John told Chris about their planned night out “be ready by seven” and he left him to get settled in.

    Their rooms were next to each other and as John got ready for the evening he imagined what Chris was doing the other side of the wall. Then he thought he heard a groan. He must have imagined it, the horny little fucker can’t be jerking off again? He checked his watch, nearly seven, would he be able to burst in on the assumption the guy would be ready? It was a risk, but what a great opportunity to see the goods. John grabbed his jacket and marched for Chris’ room. He paused briefly outside the door, then with a combined knock and opening move, opened Chris’ door and said “you ready mate”.

    John got exactly what he wanted, but not quite what he expected. As he flung the door open, a line of cum splashed over his new shirt. Chris had been standing in front of the mirror by the door with his jeans around his ankles and dick in hand.
    “What the fuck” John exclaimed, and in that split second he meant it. Chris looked shell shocked and couldn’t move. John regained his composure enough to get a good look at Chris’ package and he was amazed.

    John estimated, in that split second, that Chris’ penis was approximately 9 inches long. He couldn’t quite see the base because of where his hand was holding it. But it was longer than his. However, he also couldn’t believe how thin it was. It couldn’t have been more than three inches around. He’d seen dick’s that thin, but not when they were so long, John wondered how it could even stand straight. Chris’ balls were low hanging and huge, which accounted for the large package John had seen in Chris’ shorts at training. Like most sportsmen, he’d shaved his pubes almost completely. Because Chris was fully erect, it was difficult for John to tell how much foreskin he had. There was certainly no coverage over the erect penis, but this didn’t mean he was circumcised. He would need another look to confirm that.

    After a few frozen seconds of Chris looking in shock and John looking at his dick, Chris just pulled up his trousers and started apologizing franticly. John managed a few fake comments around “what the hell are you doing”, but he was delighted with what he’d seen, even if he did have to change his shirt.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 5 – The Aftermath
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 5 – The aftermath

    A few minutes after Chris had shot his load, John was changing his shirt. There was a knock on his bedroom door. Chris appeared sheepishly from behind it.
    “So sorry about that, I didn’t realize it was time to go”
    “What’s the issue that means you need to knock one out every five minutes?”
    “Sorry. I’m 21, which means I get horny, very quickly, very often”.
    John remembered being that age and the kid had a point.
    “We need to get you a girlfriend. That should stop this behavior”.
    “I think you’re right” Chris said nervously.

    “Ok, we’ll say no more about it” John managed in a reasonable tone.
    “Will you tell any of the lads?” Chris said quietly.
    “No. I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy. If I told them, you’d never live it down”.
    “Thanks mate”.

    Then John realized he had an opportunity to work Michael’s shower question into the conversation.

    “One thing Chris.” And Chris turned round to see John as he was buttoning up his shirt.
    “Do you have any problems you want to talk about?”
    “What do you mean?” Chris said innocently.
    “Well, Michael mentioned something this morning and I wondered if it was connected to what just happened.”
    “I don’t follow. What did Michael say?”
    “Maybe it was nothing, forget I said anything” John paused; he hoped he said enough for Chris to want the conversation to keep going. It worked.
    “I can’t forget it. What did he say?”
    “It’s probably not connected, but Michael said that after training you didn’t shower. He thought you may be shy or embarrassed”
    Chris blushed and didn’t speak for a moment.
    John continued “Look, it’s none of my business, but if you want to talk, I’m here. I’m not going to say anything to anyone, and I’ve seen more of you than most people now!”
    John could tell Chris wanted to say something. There was a pause.
    “OK, it’s silly really” Chris started. “I am a bit self conscious about my size”.
    “I don’t understand, you didn’t look small from where I was standing with your jizz all over me”
    “It’s not when I’m, well, you know, happy. I’m a grower. I grow a lot. This means that I’m really quite small when I’m not happy. If you get my meaning”.
    “Why worry about that” John said. At this point he had a massive boner in his jeans.
    “Well with my name, Smalling, a Small dick can cause a problem. Nicknames, jokes and the like. I was stood next to Jonny Evans and when he dropped his pants I felt a little bit inadequate.”

    John smiled. Yes Jonny was quite a big boy. He’d recorded him at about 5 inches long flaccid and 4inches girth when he’d first met him. Not quite the size of himself, but Jonny was definitely in the top 5 at the club. One thing unique about Jonny that John had remembered was that he had quite a small set of balls for the size of his dick. They tended to sit quite high, but didn’t obstruct his dick from dropping down because it was so long and thick. Along with Ryan, Jonny was the only other member of the team that regularly wore the foreskin pulled back even when not showering. When Rio had commented on this, Jonny said it was because it was more comfortable that way, although John had heard from Jonny’s girlfriend it was because he had a tight foreskin.

    Anyway, Chris was silent in front of him, so John decided to pick up the conversation.

    “You can’t worry about people being bigger than you. At the end of the day it’s what you do with it that counts”.
    “I know, but it still annoying when the jokes start”.
    “OK, but next time, shower next to Fabio. He’s got the smallest dick in the team and he’s not embarrassed. Although the rumor was started by his brother”.
    Chris giggled. “You’re right, and thanks for this mate. I really appreciate it”.
    “No worries, now let’s go get you some pussy”.

    As they headed into town John thought about what had just happened. Something about what Chris had said just didn’t stack up in his mind. OK, Jonny Evans was a big lad, but Michael was changing the other side of him and he certainly isn’t a show’er. Moreover, no dick that grows to 9 inches when erect can possibly be that small when flaccid, biology just wouldn’t allow for it. John needed to see Chris’ dick in its flaccid state, so he started to formulate a plan.

    They arrived at a new bar in town, having reserved a private booth at the back. Jonny Evans and Michael Owen were already at the table as they sat down. Michael welcomed them, “don’t sit down Chris. Club rules, the new boy has to buy all the drinks on his first day. The bar’s that way”. Chris looked a little shocked but obeyed and took the order.

    Michael leaned over as John sat down. “I was discussing with Jonny about Chris’ bathroom habits this morning”. Jonny piped up “seems very strange. He had a good look at my package then seemed to get dressed”.
    “Maybe you intimidated him” Michael added.
    “It’s a good job he wasn’t stood next to John then” Jonny added whilst pointing over to him. Michael and Jonny both laughed.
    “No no” Michael added, “Maybe it’s because you were wearing your foreskin back and he thought a bit had fallen off”. All three started laughing. Poor Rafael. John would definitely never tell anyone what happened at the house earlier.

    “Ssshhh” Michael said, as Chris came back with four beers.
    “What you guys laughing about”
    “Rafael. It’s a long story, but we’ll tell you another time”. John said this, to put Chris at ease. He didn’t want him to think he was discussing the size issue and put his trust in jeopardy.
    “Three drink max today. I don’t want Sir Alex breathing down my neck because the new boy has a hangover” John said with authority.

    The four of them had an enjoyable few hours in the bar and John could barely take his eyes off of the gorgeous new boy for the whole night. All he could think about was his thighs, ass and dick. He hadn’t even seen his body yet and wanted to lick it from nipple to nipple. As they were getting to the end of their third drinks John suggested they should go. It was time for John to put his plan in place. He told the guys he thought him and Chris should walk back, to clear their heads for the morning. Chris agreed and they followed Jonny and Michael to entrance. As they got through to the front, John announced he’d better go for a piss if it was going to take 40 minutes to walk back. This was the moment of truth. It worked. “Yes, I’d better go as well. See you guys tomorrow”. With that, Chris followed John up the stairs to where to toilets were. The final trick John had to pull was to get Chris to go in before him, so he held the door open for him. This meant Chris had to pick a urinal first and John could follow in next to him.

    As John joined Chris, his heart started racing. If his hunch was right, he would be able to push Chris up his ranking from a 2 (Straight leaning) to a 3 (Bi). Chris had started peeing and John casually started a conversation about tomorrows training. As Chris looked down to check his own progress, John used the opportunity to have a look at the dick. There is was. Perfectly normal, about 4.5 inches flaccid, quite thin, maybe 2.5 inches around. But normal. John was able to catch the other details he needed. Chris had a full coverage of foreskin. No overhang, but leaving none of the gland exposed either. He noticed Chris’ finishing technique was to yank on the foreskin, rather than shake the whole penis. John, re-focused back on his own penis, shook thoroughly and replaced the meat in its home.

    As John left the bar with Chris he contemplated what he just confirmed. Chris did have a normal sized penis, so his reason for not showering was false. Why would any man admit to having a small penis when they didn’t? It must mean that the real reason was far more embarrassing. However, Chris had made no attempt in the urinal to check out John. If he was gay or bi, surely he would have been tempted? As he walked home he vowed to find out once and for all.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 6 – The Morning After
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 6 – The morning after

    The alarm rang at 7am and John fumbled to turn it off. He hadn’t slept well with thoughts of Chris washing around his head. The pile of used tissues on the table was a tell tale sign of a busy night and he still had morning wood! He tried to relieve himself again, but a few rubs later, he was sore from over-use, so gave up for now.

    He could hardly believe that less than 24 hours ago he hadn’t known Chris and now he’d seen him in various states of arousal, jerking off and had his cum on his shirt. He hadn’t updated his logbook from yesterday so started the day by filling in the details. He created a fresh page for Chris and smiled to himself as he thought about the details. He even updated the page on Ryan Giggs having had another good look yesterday. He’d nearly finished when he there was a knock at the door. He put away the book and stood up. ‘Come in’ he shouted.

    John was wearing only his boxers meaning his toned and tanned body was showing. He shaved his chest hair, but left enough of a teasing trail below his belly button. The door opened and Chris came in with a cup of tea in hand. “Morning mate, sorry don’t know if you take milk so brought you two”. John was speechless for a brief second. Chris was stood before him wearing only a tight fitting pair of white jersey boxers that hugged his groin. His body was just as John has hoped, toned, ripped and smooth. He had a birthmark just below one of his nipples, but John was convinced the body standing before him was perfection.

    “Cheers mate” John managed as Chris walked over towards him. As he handed him the cup Chris noticed John’s wood wrestling with his boxers. “Jesus man, thought it was just us young ones who got morning wood”. John looked down, realizing he’d not properly dealt with that earlier. He recovered and managed a retort “Not seen the girlfriend for a few nights. Think I’d better call her over”. Chris smiled that same half smile that made John fall for him yesterday “think you better had” and with that Chris was gone again.

    After Chris had left his room, John realized that his boxers were covered in cum and Chris would have been blind not to spot it. After the lecture about needing a girl he’d given Chris yesterday, he was a little embarrassed he’d been caught out today. John took a cold shower to calm himself down. If that kid is gay, I’m going to destroy his ass one day, he said to himself.

    On the drive in, Chris was far chattier than he’d been the previous day. Neither mentioned the shower issue that was going to be facing Chris later, but John was looking forward to see what happened.

    It was another hot day in training and after a few beers last night, John was even more tired, at 29 he shouldn’t be hurting this much. He was annoyed that 21 year old Chris still seemed to be full of life when training finished. However, John was determined to get a front row seat for what was about the happen in the showers. Would Chris bottle it again? Michael and Jonny Evans had been spreading the word and so it was actually becoming a bit of an event.

    Chris was almost running towards the showers when they’d finished training and it became obvious to John what Chris’ plan was. He was going to try and get in and past the watching hordes before anyone else was there. Good idea mate he thought, but Michael was wise to it and he’d made a move for a front row seat with John.

    As John and Michael arrived in the changing room, they caught a glimpse of Chris’ naked butt just before he wrapped his crown jewels safely in a towel. The sight of his butt really turned John on and he had to work hard to keep his dick down. Michael and John undressed next to where Chris had left his stuff and then Jonny came over and whispered something in Michael’s ear that John couldn’t hear.

    John dropped his underwear, grabbed his towel and headed for the showers. He decided to give Chris some space so opted for a shower on the other side. In fact, it was only seconds later before Chris had his towel around him. No other players had even made it into the showers yet! John was just finishing off in the shower when he heard a commotion from the changing area; he grabbed a towel and headed round to see what was going on.

    He saw Chris standing by his bag, towel still around him. “Come on guys, give me my clothes back”. John smiled to himself. So that’s what Jonny was up to. “Very funny, I guess you do this to all the new boys”. Chris added.
    Suddenly, from nowhere, a naked Jonny appeared and whipped Chris’ towel away, leaving him stood butt naked in the middle of the changing room. Jonny laughed and shouted “come and look at Small Smalling”. He’d said this before he’d actually looked himself and when he did, he got a bit of shock. There was Chris’ 4.5 inch flaccid penis hanging down between his thick thighs.

    Ryan Giggs, who considered himself beyond the boyish pranks, looked over and said “nothing wrong with that, same size as mine”. Now Jonny felt foolish, he was stood in the middle of the room butt-naked pointing at a dick that was only marginally smaller than his. Michael, Rafael and Fabio appeared from the showers to join in the fun and Jonny quickly retreated back to his locker. Michael brought over Chris’ wet clothes that had been dumped in the shower and, looking quite guilty at the trouble, offered to lend him some bottoms. Chris grabbed them swiftly and put on a t-shirt that John gave him.

    Chris said very little over lunch and on the way back to the house. John could tell something was bothering him, but didn’t know when to start a conversation. Finally he broke the silence. “You alright mate?”
    “Fine” Chris shot back.
    “Jonny was only having a laugh with you”.
    “I know, I can take it”
    “You sure, you’re pretty quiet”.
    “I’m just waiting for you to ask me the question you’re dying to ask”
    John pretended he didn’t know what Chris was talking about, but of course he did.
    “What do you mean?”
    “You want to know why I told you I had a small dick, when I don’t”.
    “Mate, that’s your business”. He paused, and then continued. “It is a bit strange though. I mean, most men talk up the size of their meat, not pretend its small”.
    “It was the only thing I could think of to put you off the scent”.
    “What scent?” John’s heart was pounding. Was he about to confirm a 4!
    There was another pause.
    “You can tell me” John said. “Whatever it is stays between the two of us”
    “Okay. The reason I didn’t want to strip for the showers is…” He paused and John wanted to slap him at this point. “Go on”,
    “The only reason I didn’t want to shower with you guys is, because I think I’m gay”.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 7 – Tears of a queer
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 7 – Tears of a queer.

    The light turned green, but John didn’t move. He was shocked at this confession and was trying to gather his thoughts. Then the car behind beeped and John recovered to pull away, he quickly found a side-street and parked-up.

    He looked towards Chris and he could see a few tears starting to trickle down his beautifully smooth face. The guy had very little stubble and probably only started shaving a couple of years ago. God he wanted him. He wanted him more than anything and now he could have him! But, a sense of guilt crept across John, the guy was an emotional wreck and Sir Alex had asked him to look after Chris. Would he be taking advantage of this kid if he made a move?

    John decided to play it cool to start with. He turned to Chris who was looking towards the floor, with tears still coming down his face.
    “How long have you had these thoughts?”
    Chris shook his head “not sure.”
    “Have you ever been with a man?”
    Chris shook his head again. “No. Well not really”
    Now it was getting interesting for John. “What does that mean?”
    “Well, last season at Fulham, I’d only just started in the first team and this guy was being really friendly with me, helping me settle in, showing me around and all that”. John was a little embarrassed. He knew this routine perfectly well.
    “Anyway, he suggested we stay after training to work on fitness as he’d just come back from injury and I was new to the Premier League”.
    “Ok, what happened?” John’s dick was already trying to fight it’s way out of his pants.
    “Well, after we’d finished the training we both went to the showers. We were stood next to each other chatting, but I noticed he kept looking down at my dick. Anyway, I asked him what he was looking at and he just turned around, grabbed my face with his hands and starting kissing me”.

    John was convinced he was about to cum in his underwear. He put a reassuring hand on Chris’ shoulder. “It’s alright mate, take your time.”
    “I was mortified and pulled myself away from him. He said he’d known I was bent from the first time he’d met me and he just had to confirm it. He smiled, and pointed down at my dick. I was shocked when I looked down. I’d got a massive boner”.

    “So that was the first time you felt something for another man?” John wanted to wrap the conversation up and get Chris into bed.
    “Yes. It seemed to awaken something within me. I was horrified. I’d had girlfriends, but never been interested in taking it beyond a kiss and cuddle. It just hadn’t occurred to me being gay could be the reason”.
    “And that’s why you left Fulham?”
    “Yes. I asked the boss for a transfer. I hoped that by moving away I could get rid of the thoughts. But when I arrived at training yesterday I saw all these good–looking guys and I spent the whole day with a hard-on”.

    John hoped and prayed that one of the guys that gave Chris a boner was him.
    There was one more question he wanted to know the answer to. “Who was the player?”
    “I’m not sure I should tell you”.
    “I’m not going to say anything, promise”. And with that, John gave Chris a little wink.
    “Well, it was, Damien Duff”.

    The dirty old pervert, John thought to himself. He knew Damien very well, but didn’t like him at all. They played together for Ireland and to his knowledge he was the only other gay Irish Player, although Damien maintained he was bi-curious. In fact, Damien had gone as far as marrying his girlfriend this summer to keep up the pretence. John hated Damien more than ever now. He was 31, a good ten years older than this kid, and he turned his world inside out for the sake of a quick kiss.

    John remembered his first encounter with Damien. He was two years older than John and had been established in the Ireland first-team before John emerged on the scene. OK, John was different to Chris, he knew he was gay from an early age and had certainly had experience long before he met Damien, but that prick didn’t know it.

    John made his debut for Ireland as a 20 year old, in a friendly against Croatia. Damien had managed to arrange it with management that he would room with John, but John didn’t know this at the time. After completing the first training session in Dublin, the players had to go back to their rooms to shower because there was no hot water in the changing rooms (Looking back, John was still not convinced Damien had nothing to with this).

    Damien insisted on going in first, left the door open while he showered and emerged 5 minutes later totally naked. At the time John thought he was quite cute. He was only 5ft 9, but had a great body and short spiked blonde hair. John was wearing his boxers only because he was waiting to go in the shower, so it was easy for Damien to see that his naked walk-past had caused John to get a hard-on.

    Embarrassed, John turned away quickly and ran to the bathroom. He shut the door and jumped straight into the shower. He really wanted to make sure that Damien was fully dressed when he emerged, so he spent 15 minutes in there. He emerged with his towel wrapped tightly around his waist and was planning on trying to put his boxers on under his towel to avoid being seen, but Damien had other ideas. John turned out of the bathroom to head to his suitcase, but from behind him Damien grabbed his body, twisted him around and removed the towel.

    At this point John was stood butt-naked in front of Damien who had only progressed to put on boxers.
    “You’re a queer” Damien shouted at him.
    “No I’m not”, John could think of nothing better to say.
    “Yes you are. I was testing when I walked out the bathroom. You had a boner, I saw it”.
    “What the fuck are you doing looking at my dick? It doesn’t bode well for your heterosexuality”.
    “Well I’m not gay. I take it upon myself to try and ‘out’ all you fucking queers. If that means a bit of a sacrifice for me, then I’ll do it”. With that, he pushed John backwards hard onto the bed and jumped on the bed with him. John was stunned and could barely move as this point. Damien, who had clearly done this before, positioned himself on top of John, locking lips with his new apprentice. John remembered how rough Damien was, thinking at one point that he’d bitten his lip off.

    Damien moved down John’s young body. At this age John didn’t shave his chest and had a few sprouts of hair around his nipples and on his belly. Damien gobbled his chest up as he licked one nipple, then the next before moving down the chest towards the belly button. Having worked around that, he gradually made his way down to the groin, which John also hadn’t got around to trimming yet.
    “Jesus man, you need to get the scissors down here” Damien said as he moved to the shaft.
    “Fuck man, you’ve got a big dick” and with that he planted his mouth right around John’s 8 inch meat. With the first thrust, he only got down about 5 inches, he moved back, caught his breath before getting down to about 6.5 inches. “This is fucking hard work” and with that grabbed John’s balls and yanked them down hard.

    John Yelped. “What the hell did you do that for?”
    “Wanted to make you pay for the effort I’m making here, you fucking queer.”
    Damien then continued to work the monster, occasionally coming up for breath. “Don’t you fucking cum in my mouth, queer. You fucking tell me when you’re ready” A few more jerks later and John was fit to burst. “Shit man, I’m Cumming” Damien withdrew from John’s throbbing meat and knelt on the bed next to him as he shot his white juice. The first batch hitting as far as the TV and the rest landing over John’s own body and the bed.

    “Now queer, deal with this” Damien said as he grabbed into his boxers and pulled out his dick. John remembered being very disappointed with what Damien had just presented him, as he sat in the car nine years later. He even laughed to himself. Damien had pulled out the palest dick he’d ever seen, it barely looked alive and although Damien was clearly erect, there was very little there. About 4.5 inches, including foreskin overhang, probably about 4.2 inches of actual muscle. To this day, with Chris sat sobbing in front of him, John had rarely seen a smaller dick than Damien’s.

    Chris looked up at John. “Why you laughing, this isn’t funny”
    John looked back at Chris, “No it wasn’t you. I was thinking of someone else”.
    John put the car in gear, “I think we’d better get home. We can have a talk and I’ve got something to tell you about Damien that will cheer you up”.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 8 – This is our moment
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 8 – This is our moment

    John opened the front door. They’d driven back in complete silence, although Chris still had tears rolling down his cheeks. John ushered Chris to the snooker room, where he had a full-sized bar, grabbed two glasses and poured in 2 large shots of Jack Daniels. He handed one to Chris and they sat down next to each other on a red leather sofa in the corner of the room.

    John’s heart was racing. He didn’t really wanted this kid, but he still felt a sense of responsibility and he sure as hell wasn’t Damien. John was about to start, when Chris blurted out; “I expect you’ll want me to move out?”
    “Why would you think that?”
    “Don’t all straight men think gay men are going to jump them?”
    John reached up and put a reassuring hand on Chris’ shoulder. “No they don’t. I told Sir Alex as I was going to look after you and that is what I’m going to do.”
    Chris looked up; his gloriously dark eyes were begging John to take him. He had the lost-puppy-dog face down to a tee and John suspected Chris knew it himself.
    “Cheers mate”.

    There was a little more silence. John continued “So on the basis you don’t fancy every man in Manchester, is there anyone in particular you fancy?”
    Chris smiled a little. “Of course, but I don’t want to say”.
    “You can tell me. For god sakes I know it’s not going to be me, I’m an ugly fucker” John liked a little self-deprecation and wanted a response in the positive from Chris.
    “Know you’re not. I don’t know why people would say that. You’re kind, gentle, tall and I think, a little handsome. OK, you’ll maybe not get the plaudits of Ronaldo or Michael Owen, but it doesn’t mean you haven’t got qualities”.

    John’s knees went and if he’d have been standing, he felt sure he’d have fallen over. In the two days he known this kid, that was the longest sentence the kid had said, and it was all positives about him!
    “So you like Ronaldo and Michael?”
    “They’re good looking guys, but I don’t know them. I actually think Michael’s a bit of a prick now for the things he said”.
    John suddenly had a realization; “That was the reason you didn’t shower, it wasn’t because you saw Jonny’s big dick, it was because you saw Michael’s and it gave you a hard-on”
    “Yep” Chris looked a little ashamed then he continued. “Ever since that day with Damien in the showers and I started to have these feelings, I started looking at players on the TV and thinking about the ones I’d really like to get with”
    “And Michael was on your list?” John knew that feeling
    “Yes. So I could barely contain myself when I was stood next to him and he dropped his shorts. I just got this big hard-on. I didn’t even look at this dick; it was just the thought of him naked next to me. I turned towards Jonny to try and stop the boner and then the size issue started”. He paused, looked up at John and smiled; “I’m kind of gutted I was stood next to a naked Michael Owen and I didn’t check him out!”

    John joined in with the smiling. His hard-on was actually hurting as it tried to force its way out. He also noticed that Chris was sporting a boner in his tight jeans. This could be the moment. John picked up on the Michael comment “You would probably be disappointed, Michael only has a 3.5 inch dick, nothing to write home about.”
    Chris looked up and John. “You straight guys annoy me, the way you can talk about dicks openly, compare sizes with team mates and it doesn’t mean anything. I’d love to be able to check the whole team out and compare sizes”.

    John gazed into Chris’ beautiful eyes and then just started reciting;
    “Michael Owen: 3.5inches flaccid, uncut. Jonny Evans: 5 inches flaccid, uncut but wears his skin back most of the time. Ryan Giggs: 4.75 inches flaccid, 6 inches hard, uncut. Paul Scholes: 3 inches flaccid, uncut. Rafael & Fabio; 2.75 and 2.6 inches respectively, both uncut. Rio Ferdinand: 5.5 inches flaccid, 7.5 inches erect, cut”.
    John, eyes still gazing straight into Chris’ grabbed his right arm, moved it onto his dick and said “Me; 6.1 inches flaccid, exactly 8 inches erect, cut. Gay” And with that, John moved his face right up to Chris’ and ever-so gently started kissing his lips.

    Chris didn’t flinch, move away or recoil in horror. He took his time, but ever so slowly started responding. He turned his body slightly towards John and with more meaning than John has started with, responded with his kiss. The two spent a few seconds exploring each other’s lips before John move his left hand to support the back of Chris’ head. John had decided he was going to move at Chris’ pace. If he tried too much too quickly, Chris could get the jitters and move away.

    After a few more seconds of kissing, Chris seemed to remember his right hand was on John’s crotch and slowly started massaging it from the outside of the trousers. However, because Chris had turned towards John, it made this movement uncomfortable, so he pulled his hand away and tried to re-adjust position. This broke this kiss, with both just staring at each other.

    John smiled “Are you OK with this?” Chris smiled back “Are you kidding, what do you think I was jerking-off about in my room when you found me?” With that, Chris moved forward towards John and he fell back onto the sofa, so that Chris was lying on top of him. They started resumed the kissing as Chris started massaging John’s groin again. He fumbled a little as he tried to unzip John’s jeans with his left hand, the type of fumble John had expected from the young virgin. Eventually he succeeded and reached into the jeans to grab John’s dick that was still inside his underwear. As Chris worked on the underwear, John placed both hands on the back of Chris’ head and gradually moved both hands down his neck to his back and finally around to his front, where he started ripping at Chris’ shirt.

    Chris eventually found an opening and unleashed John’s 8 inch monster. “Fuck this is thick” he said as he tried to get his hand all the way around John’s meat. He gradually worked his hand from the bottom of John’s shaft right up to the top, creating enough movement to pull forward a little of John’s remaining skin. Then he yanked his hand down quite hard, in a movement that made John, shudder back. “Sorry” he said before continuing his second movement up, this time he grabbed as much of John’s skin as possible which meant he had enough to cover one-third of John’s gland by the time his hand reached the top of John’s dick. This time he was gentler as he moved back down the shaft, to John’s obvious relief.

    Meanwhile, John, having opened up Chris shirt, had stopped kissing Chris’ face and gradually moves down to his hairless chest, working on his left nipple with his tongue before moving across to the other. He continued slowly as far down Chris’ chest as he could comfortably muster, before he moved back to continuing working on Chris’ mouth. Having released his right hand, John moved it in onto Chris’ ass, sliding his hand under Chris’ jeans and underwear so that he came in contact with his flesh. Ever-so gradually he moved his hand around waist until he reached the stubble of Chris’ shaved pubes. Chris had jerked his butt backwards a little in anticipation of what was about to happen but continued to work on John’s cock.

    Having paused briefly, John continued, moving his hand until it reached Chris’ long dick. He grabbed it from the base and thought that he’d been a little unkind in thinking Chris was only 3 inches in girth from what he’d seen yesterday. Based on what he was holding in his hand, he guessed it was actually just closer to 4 inches. However, the 9 inches in length still made for an interesting contrast to his own, thick meat. Without removing his right hand from Chris’ shaft, he used his left to open Chris jeans and wrestled the tool out his boxers.

    Now both men were lying there, kissing, whilst holding each others dicks in hand. John started moving his hand up and down Chris’ shaft. Christ he loved having a dick in his hand, with spare skin to ease the movement. He cursed his own circumcision again. He gently worked on Chris’ dick for a few moments before Chris Jerked back and shouted “Shit man”. Before John knew what had happened, Chris squirted lashing of hot cum all of the both of them. John smiled at the kid, who looked embarrassed, “Don’t worry, it happens”. He grabbed the kids head, moved it onto his own chest and the two just lay there for a while as John thought about what had happened that afternoon. He was disappointed he wasn’t able to fulfill his desire this time, but he’d have every opportunity to do it later.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 9 – A long afternoon
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 9 – A long afternoon

    They talked for a while on the red leather sofa as they both absorbed what had just happened to them. They learnt a little more about each others past and what each other hoped for the future. Chris was eager to learn more about John’s past relationships and he was dizzy at the prospect of discovering which players were also gay. His over-eagerness to talk about other men annoyed John slightly but he could understand this from the kid.

    They exchanged kisses and hugged as they talked, but it only took a matter of 15 minutes for Chris to be hard again. Oh to be 21, John thought. Chris moved his hand back on to John’s cock, which was still semi-hard from earlier and within seconds, John was back to the full 8 inches. “I’ll make sure you cum this time” Chris uttered between kisses. John enjoyed being with the kid, but he wanted more.
    ”That’s fine, but is there anything else you’d like to do?”

    “I’m quite happy here with you” Chris said innocently.
    “No, I mean, anything else with me?”
    Chris looked a little nervous. “You mean sex?”
    “Well we don’t have to if you don’t want to” John didn’t want to frighten the kid, but really wanted the action.
    “I do, but I’m not sure how” He paused, then continued “And the thought of taking that thing makes me wince”.

    John smiled. The kid wouldn’t be the first to wince and probably not the last. He remembered a time with Andy Cole, 9 years ago, when they first started seeing each other. Andy was more experienced than Chris is now, but he actually started crying as John slowly maneuvered his dick up Andy’s tight ass. Andy was a true bi-sexual, he would see 20 year-old John in the afternoon and go back to his girlfriend in the evening. John remembered being a bit disappointed at the size of Andy’s dick. He’d been the first black man he’d slept with and although Andy measured 6.5 inches erect, John was expecting more. John also remembered Andy being a bit sensitive about a white blotch he had on his foreskin, he heard later from a friend that Andy had been circumcised so that it didn’t show, although he’d never confirmed this.

    John looked into Chris’ eyes and his heart melted again. What was it about this kid that made him go weak at the knees? “I’ll teach you and take it slowly, but only when you’re ready. No rush” John said.
    Chris smiled at John again. “But there is some stuff I can try” and with that, Chris moved his head down to John’s groin, and whilst keeping his hand at the base of John’s dick, planted his lips around John’s bell-end. John was pleasantly surprised by this and adjusted his back and butt to give Chris the best possible position. He then placed both his hands on the back of Chris’ head as he was working his groin.

    Chris initially only managed to get his mouth down as far a John’s circumcision scar, but quickly improved so that within a minute he could take all but half an inch of John’s massive boner in his mouth. This impressed John, although on a couple of occasions Chris caught John’s gland with his teeth which caused him to jerk backwards and got an apology from the apprentice. Chris proved his stamina and worked John’s dick hard and fast for about 10 minutes before John declared he was about to cum. To his delight, Chris continued to work John’s meat until his dick jerked violently and squirted mountains of hot cum into the kid’s mouth. John let out a small scream of joy as this happened and Chris removed his mouth from John’s dick looked up and smiled as a line of John’s cum seeped out of the corner of his mouth. Chris then gulped back the cum and said “Hmm yummy” before smiling that cute smile again.

    John was breathless but knew he needed to repay the kid so shot up and pushed the kid onto his own back, removed Chris’ open jeans and grabbed his dick. He started kissing Chris’ lips, whilst moving his right-hand up and down his dick. He then started to kiss down Chris’ neck to his bare chest, around each nipple and further down to his belly button. With his tongue sticking out, he licked around Chris’ belly button before moving slowly down his body to pubes line. Having worked around the base of Chris’ cock, he lifted up his dick and started on his large balls. John was amazed at the size of Chris’ balls; he could barely get one in his mouth at a time. His balls hung really low and John had to work hard as he munched his way around. The kid was as hard as could be, his dick hugged closer to the body, whilst John’s dick stuck out at exactly 90 degrees when erect. John planted his hand on the base of Chris’ dick, which John could now confirm was 4 inches girth at the base, dropping to only 3inches at the top.

    John knew he would have trouble getting the whole 9.1 inches length in his mouth, but didn’t want to be second best after the kid had just done such a good job with his own meat. He paused to admire Chris’ dick again and then with one movement gobbled up 8 inches of Chris’ meat, leaving just 1 inch remaining. Chris moaned and John knew based on the early experience that Chris wouldn’t last very long. With the second thrust he took in fewer inches than the first time and cursed himself but with the third one he gobbled up the whole lot. John could still taste the cum on Chris’ dick from earlier and worked his bell-end particularly hard. After a few moments, Chris screamed, giving John just enough time to withdraw before he shot another wave of cum over John. This kid needed to learn some self control, John thought.

    Having finished Chris off, John jumped up, planted another kiss on Chris’ lips and then suggested they shower and change. It was still only 5pm and they both knew they still had a long day ahead of them.

    John was preparing a light meal in the kitchen as Chris emerged from upstairs, wearing a super-tight T-shirt and his favorite ripped jeans. He poured them both a small glass of white wine, laid out the food and they both sat down, gazing into each others eyes as they munched on the salad.

    John could tell Chris was still giddy with his new found sexuality and wanted to know more from his teacher.
    “How did I do this afternoon?”
    “Not bad for starters, not bad at all” John wasn’t lying, especially about the blow-job. He hadn’t expected that from the twenty-one year-old.
    “You’ve got a great dick, so long and fat” Chris Said. “Although I’ve not seen that many circumcised men before. Are you Jewish?” He added.
    John laughed. “No. I was twelve and the skin was tight, which made it difficult to pee.”
    “Oh. Sorry about that”. Chris said.
    ”Can’t be helped, it needed to be done. Anyway I’m not the only one at the club. Rio was done when he was about eight for the same reason and Ji-Sung Park is South Korean and they are all circumcised over there”

    Chris seemed very interested in the conversation and was keen to add to it. “Of the ones I saw at Fulham I think only Clint Dempsey & Eddie Johnson were cut. As I said, I haven’t seen that many that have been cut, I haven’t seen that many dicks at all.

    Whilst John was happy to swap war stories of other players with Chris he really wanted the kid to focus on the relationship with him. Not that he wanted it to get heavy. Christ, the kid was discovering this stuff for the first time. What he really wanted was to take the kid to his bedroom and work on his ass. All in good time he thought.

    They finished dinner at about 8pm and whilst John was clearing the plates at the sink, Chris walked up behind him and put his arms around his waste. “Shall we leave those and go to bed”. John wanted him so badly, but although it wasn't late, he was knackered and knew they had to be up early for training. He also knew he wasn’t going to be able to get into the kids ass, so decided to play it cool. He turned around, hugged Chris around the waste, kissed him on the lips and said “We’ve been busy today and we’re up early tomorrow. I think we should go to our own beds tonight and pick up tomorrow after training.

    Chris looked very disappointed and John could tell from his hug that Chris was hard again. Not wanting to leave the kid with that boner, John pushed him hard back against the wall. With one hand, he grabbed his face and started kissing him roughly and with the other undid the kid’s flies. He pulled out Chris’ hard dick again and gave it a couple of rough jerks, he made sure to yank the skin as hard as he could so it went up to the tip of his dick with every jerk. After a few more jerks, the kid moaned and his dick pulsated before he released another round of cum, although far less this time, but what did come out, seemed to land on John’s shirt again.

    John pulled away as Chris caught his breath. “We’ll pick up tomorrow after training” John said. Chris looked at him with those eyes again and responded “Definitely. And I think you might have to teach me the next step”.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 10 – Tomorrow after training
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 10 – Tomorrow after training

    Chris appeared at John’s bedroom door in his boxers with a cup of tea in his hand, as he had done the day before. He put the tea down and John made room on the bed, Chris kissed him as he jumped on. “Comfy” Chris declared then bounced up and down a few times like a young kid does when he’s allowed in his parent’s bed. They both sat-up on the bed and talked for a few minutes. They both had a hard-on and whilst John desperately wanted the kid, he really didn’t want to be late for training. Chris declared he slept well in his own room, but would have slept better with John next to him. John doubted that any sleep would have been achieved if they’d been together last night, but he let the thought linger.

    They both worked hard in training, but it was a very hot day and John could barely stand by the end of the session. They all headed to the showers when they’d done and Chris worked his trick of being in and out super-quick. When Chris had safely got his jeans on, John noticed that he was more willing to cast his eye about and got a good look at Michael Owen’s dick. It was evident to John that Michael had been doing some serious cleaning on his meat in the shower, because it had grown by more than 50% of it usual size, a definite semi. John estimated that it was around 5 inches long and 4 inches wide, hanging out quite a lot from the body. The penis growth had pushed his foreskin halfway back on his bell-end. Based on the growth, John guessed that Michael must be around 6.5 inches erect, more than he had originally thought. His logbook would need updating later.

    Over lunch, all John could think about was what he was going to be doing to Chris’ ass in a short while. He could barely eat anything. As he was finishing, Sir Alex came up to him. “You’re looking a bit tired in training at the moment”.
    ”I’m alright boss” John shot back.

    “As you get older, this time of year gets harder”.
    “Guess so”. John didn’t like where this was going. Then Alex dropped the bombshell:
    “I’ve had a chat with one of our trainers and we think you should stay behind and do a double session”
    John’s face dropped. He wanted to smack Sir Alex in the mouth.
    “I’ll be alright boss”.
    “That wasn’t a request. Get changed and be out there in ten minutes”.

    Chris could tell that John was upset when he went over to him. “I’ve got to stay for another training session”.
    “What? Oh for fucks sake”
    “You’ll need to get a taxi home, let me find a number”.
    Fabio and Rafael heard this and came over. “We’ll drive you back, then we can practice our snooker. You know how to play don’t you Chris?”
    Chris was shell-shocked and without thinking replied “Sure, I’m pretty good actually” He could tell by the look on John’s face that he’d made a mistake but it was difficult to back-track.
    Chris jumped in with the twins and John walked off glum-faced to get changed again.

    John felt worse after the second session than he had after the first. It seemed to be the hottest day of the year and the sweat was pouring off of him. Despite that, he passed on a shower and jumped straight into his car. Paul Scholes, who had also stayed behind, looked at him oddly, but John just wanted to get back to his prize. He drove quickly and rode some red lights, it was nearly 4pm and he wanted Chris’ ass more than anything. He prayed that the annoying twins would be gone as he arrived at his front door but he heard the familiar high-pitched giggle from one of them and knew his plans would have to be re-thought.

    He walked into the snooker room to see Chris, in his tight jeans and white T-shirt bent right over the table ready to take a shot. This was torture! Chris turned and winked at his lover. “Welcome back. Shit you look knackered”.
    “It was a hard session” John managed, his tone was hard.
    Fabio looked up at John “You could have showered mate, the smell is bad”. Rafael giggled.
    Without thinking John shot back. “It’s a hot day, so I thought I’d come straight back and jump in the pool” He motioned out of the window and as he did he realized he’d made a big error.

    “You’ve got a pool?” Rafael said and shot up to look out of the window.
    “Why didn’t you mention it before? It’s so hot, I could really do with a swim” Fabio added.
    “Sorry guys, I haven’t got any spare trunks” John was desperate now.
    “What does that matter” Rafael added “come on” and with that one of the twins grabbed Chris’ arm and the other grabbed John’s. The two tall men were dragged by the Da Silva twins, who barely came up to John’s shoulders.
    “Fantastic” Fabio declared as whipped off his t-shirt and threw it on a lounger. Chris looked as dumbfounded as John at what was happening, but started to make an effort to get undressed and took off his shoes.

    Fabio was down to his boxers first and whilst John assumed he would leave these on, he was quickly corrected as Fabio pulled them down and stood by the edge of the pool ready to dive in. John looked at the little man as he stood there naked. He was 1.72m tall, thin and had smooth Latin skin. Unlike his brother, he had an annoying mop of curly hair that flopped around as he bounced near the pool. He shaved his pubes, no doubt to make his 2.6 inch dick look bigger. It stuck out like a wart on top of a rather small set of balls. His foreskin covered slightly more than the length of his penis, sprouting out at the end. John couldn’t believe how this guy wasn’t the slightest bit self-conscious about having a small dick. He admired him for it.

    His now-naked twin brother walked up behind him and pushed him in the pool causing everyone to laugh. Now John was looking at Rafael, stood in exactly the same position as his brother was a few seconds earlier. Rafael was very slightly taller and slightly more built than his brother. He also had a little more hair on his chest. To his credit, he’d dispensed with the mop of hair, which made him look older than his twin brother, but still no older than his twenty-one years. His cock was slightly bigger, at about 2.75 inches, not counting the foreskin which overhung the bell-end by a good half an inch. He too shaved his pubes, but if anything his balls were smaller than his brothers.

    Chris appeared at the side of the pool in his boxers, seemed to hesitate a minute, but then dropped his underwear and jumped straight in, followed quickly by Rafael. The three young men were splashing around in the pool as John continued to undress. As he moved to the side of the pool in his boxers, Fabio started a drum role “Get ready to unleash the beast” he said, and his brother laughed. John played to the audience kissed the guns and then dropped his boxers. He put his hands on his waist and wiggled his hips, causing his 6.2 inch flaccid monster to fly about. This show caused the twins to yelp with joy. John jumped in as Fabio recanted the circumcision comment from Rafael and they all laughed again. Fabio’s phone rang and he jumped out of the pool, no growth in length, which John had not expected. Annoying as it was, these two brothers were straight, they just enjoyed the play. Fabio uttered something in Portuguese and then declared his wife was getting impatient and they needed to leave. Rafael moaned and declared it would be at least ten years before he got married.

    John and Chris remained in the pool as the twins put on their clothes whilst still wet and left through the side gate. As the gate closed John swam up to Chris, felt down to his dick, which was rock hard and said “shall we deal with that”. Chris nodded “I’m ready”.

    They left a trail of wet footprints from the pool, through the kitchen, up the stairs and into John’s bedroom. As they arrived at the bed, they embraced whilst still standing. John hugged Chris and whispered “are sure about this?”

    Chris nodded and then smiled that glorious half smile again. John pushed him gently onto the bed and they spent a few minutes kissing and working their hands around each others naked bodies. Both men were as hard as they had ever been and with 17 inches between them, at times their dicks got in the way. After working on Chris’ dick with his hand, John whispered for Chris to turn around and position himself on all-fours. At this point Chris’ bare ass was right in front of him and to get him in the mood, John started licking around his cheeks. He then opened some lube, leaned forward, put his left hand on Chris’ dick and with his right hand rubbed in the lube, first on his own dick and then around Chris’ ass.

    “OK this is going to hurt a little, I’ll be gentle”
    John started very slowly. Firstly teasing his bell-end around Chris’ ass and then gradually inserting his dick. He almost got his bell-end in before Chris screamed the first time. “You alright mate?”
    “Yes, keep going, it needs to be done” Chris said bravely. With this, John worked in a little more and then a little more. It was tough on Chris, his first shag and it was from a guy with and 8 x 6 inch cock. He almost regretted not taking up Damien Duff’s offer. At least that would have been a gentle start.

    John was now in about 5 inches and he remembered to keep working on Chris’ own dick, so he started to pump that harder. Chris was moaning heavily but was taking it better than expected as John inserted his 6th and 7th inches. Eventually John got the final inch in and left it there for a few seconds whilst Chris adjusted to the unit inside him. Then, still gently, John started to work Chris’ ass. He moved his dick out about half way, then in again, gradually harder and harder each time.

    Whilst working on the ass, John was pounding Chris’ dick with his hand and after a few minutes he felt the hot sensation of Chris’ pre-cum. Determined they were going to reach the peak together, John withdrew his hand and moved it to the back of Chris’ neck to support him as he rode his ass. Chris was screaming louder and louder as his ass took that beating of its life and then John himself realized he was close. He replaced his hand on Chris’ cock and gave it a few more rubs before they both shot simultaneously, Chris over the bed sheets and John in Chris’ young, smooth ass.

    Coming soon: A second series of episodes from United’s training ground as another new recruit causes friction between the new lovers and the world cup players return to training.
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    The next series of episodes begins on Wednesday.

    Chris and John's relationship is threatened by the arrival of Hernandez, The Da Silva twins challenge John and Tomasz to a bet, the World Cup players return to training and a mystery player wants a piece of Chris.
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    Great story. Great imagination. How long did that take to write?
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 11 – Another new recruit

    John was stood in at the bathroom door watching Chris take a shower. He loved looking at this beautiful young man. He loved his dark, toned, hairless body. He loved his long legs that rose up to a thick set of thighs. He loved the oversized ears and nose on his face and he really loved that cute smile that cracked up on one-side of his face.

    Chris was tall, about 3cm taller than John. He had a slim frame, but was well toned and he shaved the little hair that he had on his chest. He shaved his head and he shaved his pubes. There was, in fact, very little hair on his body. Chris was mixed-race, which gave him his fantastic skin tone that seemed to get darker around his thighs & groin.

    They had just had sex again that morning and Chris was showering methodically to clean off all the evidence. John noticed that he’d peeled back his foreskin to ensure he’d gotten every little bit clean. His dick was 4.5 inches flaccid, quite thin and usually had enough skin to just cover his gland without any overhang. The highlight was his balls, which were huge and hung down eight inches from his body.

    It had been two-weeks since they’d first met. 12 days since they’d first discovered each-others bodies and 11 days since John had taken Chris’ virginity. Having been asked by Sir Alex to be a guardian to Chris, John still felt a little guilty but he didn’t regret a thing.

    There was a sense of anticipation as the two drove to training that morning. Because the world cup was just finishing, there had only been a small group of players at training for the last two weeks. Today, those players from the teams that went out of the tournament early would return to training. This included the English players who had crashed out so abysmally against Germany. John, of course, was eager to see if there was any fresh blood to eye-up but regardless he was happy to have more players to ogle at. He suspected that Chris was even more excited at the prospect of seeing some of these players naked for the first time.

    Chris and John arrived early, got changed and ran out onto the training pitch. They met up with the Da Silva twins, who were eager to impress Sir Alex, and chatted as they waited for the others to arrive. Gradually the players arrived and Sir Alex broke the group into two, those that had been training for two weeks and those only just back. John looked over to the other group; Patrice Evra, Ji-Sung Park, Wayne Rooney and the lovely Michael Carrick, but no new faces.

    John’s group finished first and headed back to the showers. He’d been training with Nemanja Vidic, the Serbian defender so the two ended back at the changing room together and carried on talking. Nemanja was a bruiser, not much of a face to look at, but tall, built and athletic. He took off his top, revealing his white, toned body. He didn’t bother with shaving his chest like most of the other players and had a small patch of hair on his chest that filtered down to a line below his shorts. Like Chris, he had amazing thighs that became evident as he took off his shorts.

    The two carried on talking with the Serbian stood in just white briefs as John fumbled around for his towel. Nemanja wasn’t shy but didn’t openly flaunt his goods; he would whip down his underwear and cover with the towel pretty quickly. This meant it had taken John a long time to get a look his dick when the Serbian had first joined. And my how the wait had been worth it. This time, however, his moved had been so quick that John hadn’t gotten to see it again. He quickly undressed and followed Nemanja into the showers, with the aim of poaching a glance as he was stood next to him. As it happens, since returning to training this summer, Nemanja’s was the only dick (of the non-world cup players) that he hadn’t reviewed and he needed to update his logbook!

    They chatted some more in the showers and as John pretended to struggle with the shower gel, he glanced across at Nemanja’s meat. He could see the untrimmed bush that surrounded the base of his dick and the meaty set of balls that hung down below it. Nemanja had a 3.75 inch flaccid dick, about average for the team. However, he had the most extraordinary amount of foreskin overhang that extended his penis to about 5.5 inches. Almost 2 inches of overhang! It never failed to amaze John every time he saw it and as Nemanja was turning his body to wash off the soap, the skin was flying in all directions. John thought that Nemanja was a little self-conscious about it, which is why he never openly walked around naked. If you wanted to see his dick, he made you work for it, but my, it was worth it!

    Chris had caught a glimpse of Nemanja’s dick for the first time last week and talked non-stop about it as they returned home in the car. Nemanja left to towel-down and Chris appeared from the changing rooms and stood next to John in the shower. “Did you get a view of the anteater?” Chris said under his breath. John just nodded and smiled. Then the little Ecuadorian winger, Antonio Valencia, appeared on the other side of John. Stood next to these two tall, built men, Antonio was a fantastic contrast, shorter and thin. Although he was Latino, his skin was darker than Chris’ and he had slightly longer black hair.

    John started talking to Antonio, although he realized he couldn’t spend much longer in the shower without raising suspicion. He did notice that Antonio was staring down at his dick, so he decided to call him on it “I’m thinking of selling tickets”. Antonio didn’t look the slightest bit embarrassed, straight men don’t. “I don’t know why I shower next to you mate, that thing is monstrous”. John used the opportunity to obviously look down at Antonio’s again. He had trimmed his bush a little, but not completely, had balls that were of average size, but tended to sit higher, rather than hang down. He was another show’er, John thought. His dick was about 4.25 inches long, and quite thin. He, like Nemanja, had a generous amount of foreskin overhang, about half an inch, but Antonio couldn’t compete with the Serbian if it was a competition.

    “You’re not that bad” John said whilst looking down.
    “It doesn’t look like an adult’s dick, with this thing” He shot back as he tugged on the foreskin overhang with his fingers.
    John was starting to get a hard-on and used all his self control to keep it in check. Then Antonio continued; “I was maybe thinking of getting myself cut” then he nodded towards John’s dick. “Did it hurt?”
    “Like you wouldn’t believe mate. I wouldn’t recommend it” John was telling the truth with that. He still remembered the searing pain that followed him around for days.
    “Maybe I’ll leave it. Although my girlfriend has said she’d give me more head if I had it done”.
    “Well in that case, you may have to consider it. But make sure she signs a contract first!” Then they all laughed.
    John hadn’t noticed that Chris has left the showers during the conversation with Antonio, but he suspected it was because the kid had far less self control than he did.

    As they sat having lunch they saw the other group of players walking back to the showers, looking as knackered as they had two weeks earlier. A few players pointed and laughed at them and Rooney responded with his middle finger. Then Sir Alex appeared in the door-way with a young guy dressed casually in jeans and a very tight t-shirt. “Hello chaps, let me introduce our new signing, Javier Hernandez”. John looked up and immediately felt the same feeling he’d felt two weeks earlier.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 12 – The Competition
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 12 – The competition

    John just stared at the new Kid as Sir Alex introduced him; Javier Hernandez, 22 year old Mexican striker. Signed for £10m from a Mexican team that John quickly forgot the name of. He was only 5ft 9, very slim, you could say the polar opposite of Chris. Yet for some reason, John was equally attracted to him. What was it? Ah yes, his cheeky little smile and bulging eyes. He had the same facial expressions and giggled a little when Sir Alex recited some of the details.

    As he watched him being introduced to the team, he noticed that his super-tight jeans were bulging at the groin. This little kid couldn’t have a big packet could he? He’d expected a large bulge off of Chris, but not little Javier. Unlike Chris, this kid seemed really confident as he was introduced to the new group. A self confidence that seemed to say he was the best (or biggest!) and he knew it. Usually John hated this, but it seemed to sit well with the small Mexican.

    As Javier got introduced to Chris, Sir Alex said; “Smalling, you’re new, would you mind giving Javier a bit of feel for what it’s like in your first two weeks”
    “Sure boss”, Chris replied eagerly.
    “Better than that, after you’ve taken him around the training ground, take him out for a couple of drinks. Only a couple mind”
    “Will do”
    John couldn’t believe it. He was going to get access to the new kid again, albeit, through Chris this time. Javier sat down next to Chris, who was on the same table as the Da Silva twins, John and Tomasz Kuszczak, the reserve Goalkeeper.
    “Hey, John” Rafeal said “It’s really hot again today, can we come around to your house and go in the pool?”
    John hesitated, he really want some time with Chris and Javier. “Oh, I don’t know, we have to show Javier around and all that”
    “I don’t mind” Javier piped-up in that cute Mexican accent.
    “In fact, why don’t you come over after you’ve been around the training ground with Chris?” Fabio added helpfully
    “Sure. I’ll pop back and tell my girl, can she come?”
    Fabio looked at his brother and laughed then turned to Javier. “That’s fine with me, but we don’t have any swimming trunks”
    It took Javier a couple of seconds to get what that meant. “Oh, probably best to leave her at home then!”

    John left for home without Chris, who was going to get a lift back with Javier after his tour of the training ground. Tomasz, the 28 year old Polish goalkeeper also agreed to come along, so followed John in his own car. The twins had already arrived by the time John got home and had somehow gotten into the back garden. They’d found an old football and were busily kicking about the patio. As John bent down to take off the pool cover, Fabio walked up behind him and pushed him straight it.
    “You fucking idiot” John Cried. The twins just laughed as Tomasz appeared.
    “My phone and wallet are in my pocket”
    “Sorry man” Fabio said.
    John got out and started playing with his phone to try and get it working. As he was doing this he hadn’t noticed Tomasz had grabbed Fabio and was holding him feet-first above the pool. Tomasz was very tall and strong, with a mop of blonde hair that flowed in the breeze. John didn’t know why he didn’t fancy Tomasz, but often still checked him out in the showers.
    “Put me down you fucking nutter”. Fabio was crying. Rafael, on the other hand was loving this, walked up to his brother, undid his belt and pulled down his jeans and underwear. Then he yelled “baby dick” as Fabio’s 2.6 inch penis came into view. Tomasz, who was still holding Fabio’s feet joined in. “Jesus kid that is one small dick. Your wife must be very unhappy. Perhaps I’ll go around later and let her see what she’s been missing”.
    “My dick is perfectly fine when it’s doing its job you Polish idiot” and with that Tomasz let him go.

    By this time, John had stripped down to his underwear and watching this little event from across the poolside.
    “Baby dick, baby dick” Rafael cried again.
    “Yes, when you going to start puberty you midget” Tomasz added.
    Fabio, who was usually the first to have a laugh, had taken this badly and everyone could tell he was getting more and more annoyed.
    “I think he already has started” John added “It just couldn’t make its mind up whether he was a boy or girl” and the three men stood looking at Fabio in the pool and laughed again.
    “Fuck you all. My dick is more than enough for my wife when I’m hard” He said.
    Rafael responded “Why, doesn’t she have a pussy?” and laughed again.
    In anger, Fabio just blurted out “I bet any of you £1,000 that I’m not the smallest when I’m hard”

    Silence suddenly fell on the group and Fabio started to realize he’d set himself up for a fall. Tomasz was the first to respond “Don’t make bets you can’t win kid” and laughed again. This made Fabio more resolute. “Oh yes, fucking worried now aren’t you”. Tomasz walked up to the pool edge and pointed at him “You don’t wanna embarrass yourself kid”.
    “Chicken shit” Fabio shot back and then realized he’d taken it too far.
    “Fine, we’ll do it right now. The smallest has to pay the rest £1,000 each” He looked at Rafael, “You up for it?” Rafael nodded and laughed out loud. Then Tomasz looked at John “You”. John couldn’t believe his luck. “Easiest £1,000 I’m gonna make!”

    Fabio got out of the pool, still wearing nothing below his waste. He looked sheepish and probably knew he’d made the mistake of his life. “I’ll get my tape measure” John said and ran to the garage.
    “Last chance to back down kid” Tomasz said.
    “No fucking way” Fabio responded, although with less confidence than before.
    John returned with the tape measure and then Tomasz set the rules out “OK, we all wack them out at the same time. 2 minutes to get hard then we get the ruler out” John presented the tape measure. “Length is the competition, not girth. We measure from where the base of the dick meets above the groin, not below. Foreskin only counts in the event of a draw, sorry John” John shrugged his shoulder’s, he doubted it would come to that.

    There was a pause as everyone waited for someone else to start, but Tomasz, being the straight-forward Pole, started undoing his flies and pulled out his flaccid dick. Like Nemanja, he didn’t shave and his blonde pubes sprouted out around the base of his dick and his balls. He had a thick 4.5 inch flaccid penis; 4 inches around. His foreskin only covered about two-thirds of his bell-end and John had suspected that with an erection this would leave no coverage. He was now about to find out for real!

    Fabio tugged hard on his already exposed penis, and the 2.6 inches quickly grew to 3.5 and with that his bell-end poked out from under his foreskin. Rafael, removed his 2.75 inches from his underwear, pulled back his long foreskin and shook his penis around loosely with his hand, this caused an instant growth to about 4 inches. John knew he’d have an instant erection, so pretended to work on his dick from within his pants.

    Tomasz was working his dick hard, pulling the foreskin back and forth and was the first to declare and erection. As John had suspected, Tomasz had no foreskin coverage when erect, although his dick did bend slightly to the left. John then pulled out his monster, and presented it to the group “Ready” he shouted.

    Fabio, had worked his hard and it now stood proudly out. His foreskin had pulled back about half way along the bell-end and John was impressed that the growth seemed to have taken him to 5.5 inches.

    Rafael seemed to be struggling to get to a full hard-on and was working it so hard that he almost came. Finally he declared and erection and John got the ruler out. “OK, in order of declaration, Tomasz first” and John put the tape over it. “6.9 inches, very impressive” They didn’t measure girth, but John suspected he was 5 inches around.

    “Now me” John said “8 inches exactly”. John knew this already but had to go through the motions.

    “Ok, now Fabio”. His dick was actually good looking, probably four inches girth, straight and firm. “5.45 inches in length”. Fabio smiled and nodded his head.
    “Now for the moment of truth”.

    John turned to Rafael, who was most uneasy with what was about the happen. John noticed that Rafael had a slight upwards curve in his dick. It was actually not as thick as Fabio’s probably around 3.8 inches, but the agreed measure was length. John noticed that where Rafael had half an inch of foreskin overhang when he was flaccid, he still had a quarter of an inch when erect. “OK, I’m only measuring actual meat, so can you pull back your foreskin”. Rafael obliged and John put the ruler on it. “OK, 5.45 inches erect” John said. Rafael laughed, pulled his foreskin back over his bell-end and said “on a tie-break I win with the foreskin”. This prompted a large scale debate amongst the four of them.

    The guys hadn’t heard the car arrive on the drive, or the gate open as Chris and Javier appeared from the side. They both headed over to where the group was huddled and as they arrived, got the shock of their lives. All four of them were stood in a circle with their erect dicks in hand. Javier turned to Chris and said “Shit man, I see what you mean about not bringing girlfriends”.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 13 – Trouble and Strife
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 13 – Trouble and Strife

    The situation that the four men found themselves in took a great deal of explaining. Rafael, John and Tomasz had replaced their dicks in their pants and Fabio had managed to track down his wet jeans. John wondered what Javier must have thought of his first day at United. The argument about who had lost was still ongoing between the twins;
    “Our dicks were exactly the same length” Fabio kept saying
    “Yes, but the rule was clear in the event of a tie” Rafael responded
    Javier was trying to get his head around it all. “So Fabio and Rafael had exactly 5.45 inches each, but Fabio lost?”
    Tomasz, the rule maker interrupted “Yes, but in the event of a tie, foreskin can be used for extra length”
    Fabio moaned again “But that’s not fair, the skin is nothing, it doesn’t make a difference to the women. Mine was thicker, that’s what counts surely!”
    “Rafael responded “Yours isn’t thicker”
    John stepped in; “We’re not getting the ruler out again. The rules were clear. Fabio lost, but he wasn’t disgraced”.

    The twins and Tomasz left shortly after, with Fabio still moaning about the results. Javier, Chris and John settle down in the garden with some bottles of beer.
    “We’re not normally doing things like this” John said.
    Javier smiled, a very cute smile “Whatever floats your boat” he said.
    They talked for a while but John noticed that Chris was saying very little. He enjoyed his chat with Javier and loved looking at his smooth face that and bulging jeans.

    After an hour, Javier left to meet his girlfriend. John turned to Chris “You alright, you said very little this afternoon”. Chris shrugged.
    “Come on mate, what is it?” John pleaded.
    “It’s just that ‘mate’. We’re not mates, we’re more than that, or at least I think so” Chris was sulking.
    “Of course we are” John moved closer to him and put his arm around his shoulders. Chris moved his body to shake the arm off.
    “If we are more than that, then why did I get back from training to find you jerking off with other men?”
    “You know what that was about, don’t be silly” John said
    “Are you telling me you didn’t tee that up? Or that you’ve not spent the whole day staring at Javier?” Chris was almost crying.
    “Look Mate, er Chris” he corrected himself quickly “We said when this started we didn’t want to tie each other down. Your 21 and I’m 29. I’m the first man you’ve slept with. It’s understandable that you’d want to meet other people and see what’s out there”
    “Yes, but I don’t need to see what’s out there and YOU said we didn’t want to tie each other down and YOU’RE the one whose eyeing up other men, not ME!”
    John couldn’t argue with that, as much as he might like to. He kissed Chris on the forehead, then went into the house alone. He didn’t know why he wanted Javier as well. He longed for someone like Chris to come along and all of sudden he did. So why was he looking around?

    They barely spoke that evening, spent the night in their own beds and drove in silence to training the next day. News of yesterday’s competition had spread around the group and was all they talked about. Wes Brown was quick to comment “So Fabio, did Tomasz go and see your wife last night?”.
    “Fuck off” Fabio shot back
    “Oh temper. You not going to challenge me to a jerk-off competition?”
    Fabio moved to punch him, but was held back by Nemanja.
    John tried to negotiate the peace. “I tell you something, Fabio is perfectly normal and his missus is well fit, so she must be happy with him”.

    Wes Brown, who hadn’t finished goading Fabio, put his hands down his shorts, adjusted himself then pulled down his shorts to reveal nothing! He’d pulled his dick between his legs so that none of it was visible, then in a mock camp voice he said; “Ooohhh look at me, my names Fabio and I’ve got a massive dick” Wes then looked down at his groin “Oh no, I can’t see it, but it is big honest”.
    Nemanja was having to restrain Fabio even more. Wes then opened his legs to reveal his dick, grabbed it between his thumb and index finger and started swinging around, then he pointed at Fabio “This, my friend, is a proper dick. A proper English dick. If your missus wants to experience it I’ll oblige her”.

    John didn’t like Wes, never had. At times he thought Wes had guessed his secret and he felt taunted him with it. In actual fact, Wes had no clue. He just didn’t like John either. At 30, Wes was one of the more experienced players. Not particularly tall, he was quite well built but not very good looking John thought. John was looking at Wes flopping his dick around and had to admit he was quite impressed. It was a good 5 inches flaccid, which was almost as long as Fabio’s erect one. It wasn’t the thickest, around 3 inches girth, but looked like it could grow to a good size with some encouragement. He had almost no foreskin, but had not been circumcised. A small amount covered the very bottom of the bell-end, but if you didn’t know, you’d guess he’d been cut.

    Javier appeared from the changing rooms to see Wes holding his dick and said something in Spanish that John couldn’t understand; although he got the impression he thought all the United players were gay. Sir Alex appeared and Wes quickly put away his meat, although the tension between him and Fabio was still their.

    It was a tough training session and towards the end they merged with the World cup players for a warm down. Great, John thought, an opportunity to get changed with Javier. He struck up a conversation with him on the way to get changed and positioned himself near the young Mexican to see if this bulging package was everything he hoped. The new kid didn’t seem the least but worried about stripping down in front of his teammates. He removed his shoes and socks first whilst sitting on the bench and chatted openly with John and Ryan Giggs, then he stood up again.

    John had expect Javier’s next moved would be to remove his shirt to reveal his torso, but was taken by surprise when, in the middle of a conversation with Ryan, he pulled down his shorts and underwear in a slick single move. For the next minute or two he just stood their, with nothing on the bottom half and his shirt still one, discussing the finer parts of Mexican football with Ryan.

    John’s view was obstructed by Ryan and the kid was wearing a long shirt, but he could swear he could see something swinging about below it. He was in a daze. If that was his dick, how long was it? He moved around Ryan, but still couldn’t see it clearly. As Javier stood their chatting, he put his hand down and played with his dick slightly, John’s view was obscured but the motion implied that he’d pulled back his foreskin, ready for cleaning.

    Javier finished his conversation with Ryan, turned to his bag and whipped off his shirt. This gave John a clear view of Javier’s body from behind. He was very thin, had short legs and a very small tight butt that teased John as he bent over to get a towel. John couldn’t get up from where he was sat because a boner had appeared that was difficult to control. He pretended to have trouble with his laces and worked hard to tease his meat back down.

    Javier left for the showers with his towel wrapped around him but John decided to sit still for a bit. Then he heard a scream from the showers. “Fuck man, look at that” he thought it sounded like Michael Owen. “Jesus fucking Christ have you seen that?” another cry that sounded like Jonny Evans. Then Jonny appeared from the showers and yelled at John; “Hey John, come here quick. Looks like little Javier has taken your crown”.

    To be continued Sunday with Episode 14 – A new number 1
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 14 – A New Number 1

    John’s heart pulsed, he wasn’t sure he could keep his dick down if he was involved in another comparison competition.

    He dropped his shorts, picked up his towel and headed to the showers. As he arrived he could see Jonny, Michael and Ryan gathered around Javier. They waved John over and he made his way past a few naked teammates to where the group had gathered. He tried to act casual “Where’s the fucking fire?” he said. Michael and Jonny parted to let him through and then he saw what they were looking at; Javier’s long dick.

    “Shit man” John said as he stood looking at the naked Mexican kid. He had the longest flaccid dick he’d ever seen and John had seen a lot. It was about 7 inches flaccid and thick, about 4 inches in girth, although the length made it look thinner than it actually was. His bell-end was showing, but John still couldn’t tell if this meant he was cut or not. It wasn’t just the dick though, his balls were huge, possibly bigger than Chris’. They sat their, hanging down from his body like they didn’t belong. It was the strangest thing John had ever seen. OK, the dick was massive and the balls were huge, but it wasn’t that alone that made it weird, It was the fact that they hung from this little Mexican kid, thin, short and looking a lot younger than his 22 years.

    Javier didn’t seem to mind that his teammates were stood around staring at his dick, in fact he was smiling as the water gushed over him. John suspected he was used to the attention. Then Jonny started again. “Well then John, you’re not No1 any more”. John was still in shock, but managed a shrug of the shoulders. Javier looked down at John’s dick, but didn’t say anything. He carried on rubbing the soap off his body and then moved down to clean his groin. He cleaned his bell-end, and then pulled his foreskin forward to confirm that he hadn’t been cut. The skin though was struggling with such a large slab of meat and only managed to cover half of his bell-end.

    More players arrived to take a look and noise. Chris though stood alone at the other end of the showers and said very little. John decided to go shower next to him. “You alright?” He said to Chris.
    “Fine thanks”. A terse response.
    “You not going over to take a look at the new number 1?”
    “No thanks. Not interested” and with that he walked away from John.

    The noise about Javier was the talk of the changing room as the players emerged from the showers and John used the opportunity to check out the rest of his body. He had no hair on his body and wasn’t actually very toned. He was just really thin and quite short. John was falling for this kid and wanted to know if his own ass could take the kids meat, although he doubted the kid’s tiny ass could take his 8 inches.

    Lunch was a rather loud affair with more talk about Javier’s monster and the kid took it all in good spirits, who wouldn’t! John noticed that Fabio was almost as quiet as Chris. It also became obvious that Wes was put out by being relegated down the pecking-order.

    The silence between John and Chris continued in the car on the way home before John finally had enough.
    “Look Chris, I’m sorry if I’ve annoyed you”.
    No response.
    “I don’t know what else to say. I promise that the dick comparing thing was Fabio’s idea and Tomasz called him on it”.
    Still no response.
    “And yes, I have been intrigued by Javier, but who wouldn’t be, you should have seen his dick”.
    “You hadn’t seen it yesterday when you were eyeing him up”. At last a response from Chris, even if it was aimed at starting an argument.
    “True. Look Chris, straight or gay, men look at other people. They see good-looking people and they check them out. It doesn’t mean they fancy them or would do anything, even if they wanted it”.
    “So you think he’s fit?”
    “Actually no. He’s not got a great body but he has a cute face”.

    There was more silence as they arrived back. “Come have a drink with me please Chris” John asked, he said little, but moved in the direction of the bar. John fixed them both a drink and they sat on the red sofa again, reminiscent of the time two weeks ago but oh how the mood has changed.

    Only once before had John felt for someone the way he did about Chris. It was about eight years ago, when he was the same age as Chris was now. It was the most unbelievable 3 week fling that ended as quickly as it had begun. His name was Noel and he had recently become a reality TV pop star. They met at an exclusive bar in Manchester and the two of them had clicked immediately and although neither of them were ‘out’ they both seemed to know what the other wanted.

    Noel wasn’t a sportsmen and he even had a little puppy fat. But he had a cute face and gorgeous smile that melted John’s heart. Noel was staying in a local hotel and on the night they met they both went back to his suite. John could tell that Noel was self-conscious about his weight and wanted to keep his shirt on as the two started to explore each others bodies.

    As Noel moved his hand down on to John’s crotch he yelped with the realization of what was in the boxers. He reached in and unleashed John’s eight inch monster. “What am I supposed to do with that” Noel screamed as he massaged John’s meat. John removed his own shirt and pushed Noel so that he lay on the bed, then he reached in and pulled out Noel’s own dick. It was an unusual shape, bending out at an angle, with a messy circumcision scar that paid no complements to the doctor. It was a good six inches long and 4 inches in girth, but the angle made it almost impossible for John to imagine it could take him. Instead, John turned him over, grabbed some lube and was surprised at how easy Noel’s ass gobbled up his meat.

    They had a glorious few weeks but sadly for the new lovers Noel’s manager stopped their affair because he needed the singer to appear straight for fear of an impact on album sales. Noel moved away and they never met again.

    “Cards on the table, I’ve never felt like this with anyone else before” John said.
    “About Javier?” Chris said.
    “No, you idiot. YOU!” John said impatiently.
    Chris turned towards him as John moved forward for a kiss, but suddenly turned away and John planted the kiss on his cheeks.

    “Okay, what is it?” John said, anger in his voice. “I’ve basically just told you that I love you. How much more committed do you want me to be?”
    Chris started crying.
    “What is it? Please tell me”. John kissed him on the cheek again.
    “I’m so sorry” Chris said.
    “What for?”
    “Yesterday, after you left the training ground, something happened” Chris said, tears still streaming down.
    “What happened?”
    “I ended up sleeping with Javier”.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 15 – Confession
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 15 – Confession

    John froze. He couldn’t say anything. He just looked at Chris, sat on the sofa crying. Chris looked back at him; “I’m so sorry”. John couldn’t compute the information he’d just been give. Chris desperately wanted him to say something, but for a few minutes he absorbed what Chris had just told him.

    Finally John managed to speak; “Why?”
    ”I, I, it just happened”. Chris was struggling. “I don’t know why. It just happened”.

    John started to get his sense back. Anger first; “We’ve been seeing each other for two weeks and you’ve cheated on me already!”
    Chris just looked at him. “I’m sorry”.
    “Sorry! Well, the boys sorry! That makes it all OK then I suppose!” John was shouting now. In that moment Chris flinched, he thought John was going to hit him. When John saw this and those little-boy-lost eyes again, his heart melted a little.

    They sat in silence for a few more moments and John regained a little composure. “Look Chris, I said from the start this should be a casual thing. Not for me. For you. You’re twenty-one years old and been having sex for two weeks. I’m twenty-nine and lost my cherry when I was sixteen. You shouldn’t be tied down to me, as much as I might like you to be”.
    “But I love you too!” Chris blurted out before he realized what he said.
    John shook his head: “You can’t know what love is yet. And if you did you wouldn’t be doing stuff with anyone else”

    “But I don’t even like him” Chris pleaded.
    “Well why did you do it? Tell me what happened”.

    Chris thought for a moment. Adjusted himself, sat-up from his slouched position and started to tell the story.

    “OK, I was showing him around the training ground. He was really chatty, he wouldn’t stop talking about his family, his girlfriend and all that. Kept saying how fit she was. He asked me if I had one and I said I hadn’t” Chris looked at John who was listening intently, then continued.

    ”He said, oh you’re not gay are you? But I was a bit too quick to deny it. He smiled and then winked at me and I spent the next few minutes worrying he was going to tell people. Anyway we arrived at the changing rooms and he started asking who I’d seen naked in there and who had the biggest dick. It was difficult because I thought if I said nothing, he’d know I was gay, but I was uneasy about talking about those other guys. Anyway, I told him I’d seen Michael Owen, Jonny Evans and you”

    Chris looked up again at John, but he gave no response. “He sat down and asked me to describe their dicks, but I refused. He then said, if I didn’t he’d tell everyone I was gay. So I sat next to him and told him about Michael’s average size dick. The fact that Jonny wears his skin back and that you were the biggest. I noticed that whilst I was saying this he had started rubbing his groin. Then he asked me how big you were and I just said I didn’t know. Well, then he just undid his flies and flopped out his penis and asked me if it was bigger than this!”

    Chris took a sip of the Whiskey he was holding. Paused and then continued; “Well, I hadn’t seen anything like it in my life before so I was just staring at it. You saw it flaccid this morning, but he had a hard-on. I’m not lying, it must have been 10 inches long and about 6.5 inches around. He had the fattest head I’ve ever seen, it was the size of Michael Owen’s flaccid penis”. John didn’t want Chris to know, but this story had given him a hard-on.

    “Not only was it long and thick, but it was perfectly straight and shot up diagonally. He turned to me and asked me to lick it. I’m ashamed to say that I was intrigued to see how much I could fit in my mouth so I went down on him. I managed to get about two-thirds in, but he wasn’t happy with that and told me I was shit”. Chris was looking guilty again. “Anyway, I didn’t like the fact that he thought I was shit in bed, so I told him I could take it in my ass if I needed to. A smile appeared across his face and he told me to get on all-fours”

    John interrupted for the first time; “Please tell me you didn’t?” Chris nodded silently, paused for a few moments, then continued “I bent down, he put his arm around my waste and yanked down my jeans. He spent a few minutes caressing my butt through my boxers, then moved his hands around to my groin and worked that from outside the underwear. After giving me a hard-on, he pulled my underwear down and gave my dick a few tugs” John thought about the virgin Chris and how two weeks ago a couple of tugs would have made him cum. Now this Mexican kid was getting the benefits of his efforts.

    “Anyway he told me brace and then he started to stick it in. I was alright to start with because I’ve learnt to take your meat and he was only a little bit thicker, but he got stuck at about eight inches. He told me to pucker up and so I bit my lip and let him all the way in. Fuck it hurt like nothing on earth. He rode me for about 10 minutes and then as he was about to cum, he removed his dick from my ass, flipped me over, stuck his dick in my mouth and shot his load right to the back of my throat. He laughed as he made me swallow it”.

    As much as John was pissed off with the kid for cheating on him his description of the encounter had made him horny and he really wanted to experience this Javier kid first hand. “Anything else” John said in the same tone a teacher uses to a pupil when he confesses to being naughty.

    “Well, he looked down at my dick, which was still hard, then wrapped his lips around it and made me cum in about 2 minutes. He swallowed every last bit of my cum”. Then we put our clothes back on he carried on as if nothing had happened. In the car on the way back here, he told me he was bi-sexual, but if I ever told anyone, he’d ‘out’ me, then kill me”.

    Nice chap, John thought. The smiley little Mexican needed taking down a peg or two. Bet he couldn’t take Fabio’s 5.45 inches in his ass, let alone my 8. Chris apologized again. John put his arm around him and kissed him on the cheek, then started his response; “Look, I don’t want you to feel you can’t have fun. But we’re either together or we’re not. If we’re not, you can still live here and we can be ‘friends with privileges’ when it suites both of us, but in that scenario we’re not a couple. If we are a couple, then we don’t mess around with other people”.
    Chris looked deep in John’s eyes. “I want the second option. The couple option.” John kissed him on lips and then responded “OK. But I want you to promise me one thing”.
    “Sure, what is it?”
    “If you change you’re mind. Don’t spare my feelings, don’t carry on behind my back. Do exactly what you’ve just done and tell me the truth”.
    Chris grabbed John’s chin with one hand and kissed him on the lips. A long and lingering kiss.
    “I take it that’s a yes then?” John said and then Chris reached down into John’s jeans and pulled out his hard dick. “Oh yes” Chris replied.

    To be continued tomorrow with Episode 16 – A phone call
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    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 16 – A phone call

    John and Chris hadn’t moved from the red sofa for over an hour. However, there was a pile of clothes on the floor and white liquid dripping off the cushions. The two men were lying down, wrapped in each others arms, completely naked. Chris was gently stroking John’s head and his lover was staring back into his eyes.

    Chris’ phone rang. “Leave it” John said. He did, but the phone rang for a second, then third time. On the fourth ring, Chris got up from the chair, looked at his phone, but the number was withheld. “Hello”. Silence. “Hello, is anybody there?” Nothing. “Look if this is some kind of joke it’s not funny. Is any body there?” Then a voice appeared that Chris didn’t recognize.

    “You fucking queer. I was at the training ground today. I saw what you were doing with that new kid. You fucking queer” John could see the color drain out of Chris’ face and he started shaking. “What do you want?” he managed. “I want you. Now, if you don’t want your secret exposed to the world I want you to get in your car and drive over to the stadium. Meet me in box 602. Be there in one hour and come alone, queer!”

    Chris was frightened but he was also angry. He tried to fight back; “And if I don’t?” “If you don’t, I’m sending the pictures to the Sunday newspapers. Be here in one hour or don’t bother coming and accept the consequences.”

    John could see Chris was devastated. “What is it? Tell me please”. He sat down and John hugged him. Chris then relayed the exact conversation, twice, so that he made sure he didn’t forget anything.

    John was furious. “Javier it’s got to be Javier!”
    “It didn’t sound like him. Anyway, why would he blackmail me?”
    “He could be using it as an excuse to get into bed with you again”. John wasn’t thinking clearly and obviously had something against this Mexican kid now.
    Chris thought about arguing, but realized it would sound like he was defending Javier, so he just accepted it.

    “That word, queer, I’ve only heard it used by one person before” Chris Said. He looked at John and they both said “Damien Duff” at the same time. Chris thought for a second and shook his head, “but it didn’t sound like him. It didn’t sound like anyone I’ve met”. Chris looked at John and appeared ready to cry. John walked over to him and put his arm around his shoulders, kissed his cheek and then started; “I’ve got a plan.”

    Chris was driving quickly. He only had 15 minutes left to reach Old Trafford. He’d thrown his clothes on, but hadn’t showered and still had patches of cum over his body. He looked in his mirror and saw the comforting sight of John, three cars behind.

    He arrived at Old Trafford with 5 minutes to spare and made his way passed security and towards box 602. He was shaking violently and wanted to vomit, but managed to keep moving. As he got to the door, he got his phone out and text John. Then he switched the voice recorder feature on, just like John had shown, paused again and finally knocked on the door.

    “Come!” The voice he didn’t recognize shouted.
    He slowly opened the door and as he gradually poked his head around it, he saw Javier stood in the middle of the room. He was naked. “You fucking prick” Chris said as he walked in. Javier said nothing, but shook his head and Chris saw tears pouring down his face. The door closed behind Chris and he looked round expecting to see someone behind him. Nobody appeared. Chris walked up to Javier; “What the fuck is this all about?” Javier said nothing and was still crying. His eyes then glanced across the room, which caused Chris to look and see the video camera pointing at the two of them. Then the mystery voice spoke again “This is a silent movie. If you say one word, the photos I took at the training ground today will be in the newspapers this Sunday”. Chris looked at Javier. “Mr. Smalling, I want you to strip naked”. Chris was stunned and didn’t move. “NOW!” the voice barked back and this stunned him into action.

    He took off his T-shirt, shoes, socks, jeans and stood briefly in his boxers. “And the rest” the voice said. Chris obliged and was then stood completely naked next to Javier. The contrast between the two of them was even starker when they were naked. Chris was tall, had a toned, dark body and thick long legs. Javier, the Latino, had a slim small frame, was significantly shorter than Chris and looked five years younger, despite being a year older than the tall man. The biggest similarity was their balls; both had a huge pair that hung down, although Javier’s looked significantly bigger due to the size of his body. Chris’ 4.5 inches looked tiny stood next to Javier’s thick 7 inch flaccid penis.

    “Nice” the voice said. Chris was trying to figure out where it was coming from and having scanned the room, suspected it was box 601, which had a connecting door. “Are you in 601?” Chris said at the top of his voice.
    “Silence, you fucking queer! One more fucking word out of you and it’s the Sunday papers”. The two young men looked at each other. Javier must have been comforted by Chris’ presence as he’d stopped crying.
    “Now, get hard. You have three minutes”.
    Chris, determined not to get reprimanded again, grabbed his dick and yanked his foreskin back and forwards a couple of time. Then he worked his hand up and down his shaft as his dick started to expand from its 2.5 inch girth. Javier stood looking at Chris for a few seconds, and then realized he needed to get going. He pulled his short foreskin back, then starting tugging at the whole shaft. He quickly added inches to his meat as he watched Chris working his meat.

    After a few minutes they both had full erections. “Jesus guys. They are big bits of meat” The voice said. “Now, I want you to measure up. Chris, use the tape measure on the table on Javier. Do length, then girth. Without hesitation, Chris grabbed the tape measure, knelt down in front of Javier’s dick and grabbed it with his left had. He deliberately grabbed it hard and Javier jerked a bit. That’ll teach him for getting us in the mess, he thought. “You are permitted to speak to tell me the statistics only” the voiced shouted. “10.1 inches long and 6.6 inches girth” Chris said without pause. He then stood up and handed the tape measure to Javier who quickly bent down and measured Chris’ meat. “8.9 inches long and 3.8 inches girth” Javier shouted in his Mexican accent.

    “Not bad - 19 Inches between you. Now, from what I saw at the training ground, Chris’ thick ass had to do all the work taking your 10 inches Mr. Hernandez”. Javier nodded and looked across at Chris. “I think it’s only fair then that your scrawny little butt repays the complement”. Javier jumped back; “No fucking way man. I don’t do that. I don’t take dick, especially not that size” and pointed at Chris’ meat.

    “You lose. I warned you. No more speaking.” The voice paused and both the boys moved to protest, but didn’t want to say anything for fear of invoking more failure. After a few more seconds the voice continued. “OK, you’re learning. That truly was your last chance. You have 60 seconds to get all 9 inches of Chris’ meat into Javier’s ass”. Neither moved. “57 seconds, 56 seconds, 55 seconds.”

    Javier looked at Chris and nodded. Then he bent over and grabbed the back of a chair with his hands. Finally he moved his head down and closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to start. Chris grabbed some lube that was conveniently placed on the table and poured it on his dick. “45 seconds, 44 seconds, 43 seconds…”

    Chris moved to Javier and parted both of his legs a bit more. He then grabbed his own dick and started to maneuver it towards Javier’s hole. Having missed a couple of times, he finally got his bell-end in. Javier moaned. “35 seconds, 34 seconds….” Chris panicked; he still had to get 7.5 inches in. He pushed hard, getting a good two inches in, but caused Javier to scream loudly. That scream masked a smashing sound next door and as Chris inserted his fifth inch, he finally heard screams from next door; He quickly withdrew and ran over to the connecting door. Javier joined him as he opened the door to find John on top of a naked man, who was face down on the floor in an arm-lock. John grabbed the man’s hair and pulled his head back to reveal the face of Owen Hargreaves.

    To be continued on Saturday with Episode 17 – The Consequences
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    Amazing writing. I'm looking forward to the next installment.
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    London, UK
    This is a story of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of the people mentioned in this story is meant to be made.

    Episode 17 – The Consequences

    “Let go of me” Owen shouted.
    “What the fuck are you doing you pervert?” John shouted.
    Chris and Javier were stood silent, still naked in the doorway. “Can I ask who the fuck this is?” Chris finally said.
    John looked up at Chris and then down at his prisoner. “Of course, you won’t have met. This is ‘sick note’ or otherwise known as Owen Hargreaves. Spends all of his time on the treatment table”.
    John lifted Owen up and threw him against the wall. He just stood there and put his head in his hands “What have I done?” he cried.

    John looked at the man standing in front of him. He was an ex-England player who had not played for United for 18 months. John hadn’t even remembered that he still played. He had a bandage across his right knee and a large scar across his left knee. He had a mop of curly black hair, and John noticed how hairy his body was. He had a full covering on his chest, legs and arms. Ironically, he had actually bothered to shave his pubes, probably to make his dick look bigger. As he stood looking at the short guy, he noticed that the lack of training had led him to get a bit of a belly, infact he was showing a bit of excess weight all over. John couldn’t have been less attracted to him if he was a girl. His dick was small, less than 3 inches and he was circumcised. His balls were barely noticeable and this made John laugh.

    “Shall we call the police?” Chris said.
    “Yeah” Javier agreed. Both looked at John for approval.
    “I don’t know”. Then he looked at Owen “Why did you do it?”
    There was no response from him.
    “Okay, I’ll get my phone and call the police” John threatened.
    “Okay”, Owen finally said. “I’m a fucking puff. I have been all my life, but no one had ever been interested in me. I saw these two at it in the showers and thought I’d like a bit of the action”.
    There was silence amongst the group. Then Chris laughed and turned to John “This fucking loser should go to prison”.
    John then turned to the two young men, still naked; “Do you two want to be outed? Because this will all come out in the trial. At the moment, I know, because Chris told me he had these feelings. I didn’t know about Javier or Owen being gay. But nobody else in the world knows. I promise I won’t say anything”.
    John had played it very well. He didn’t want Javier and Owen to know he was gay, the fewer that knew the better. He could tell Chris was disappointed that John remained in the closet, but having cheated on him with Javier, he couldn’t take the moral high-ground.

    “So we let this loser off do we?” Javier said.
    “No” John said and with that he walked up to Owen and kicked him as hard as possible in the balls. The scream rebounded across the entire stadium, as Owen was left rolling around on the floor holding his balls. John was wearing steel capped boots and Owen had nothing on at all. Chris was convinced he heard a pop and figured some serious damage must have been done. “That should do it” John said and with that grabbed all of the camera equipment and ushered the two boys into the other box.

    John watched as Javier and Chris started to dress again. His attention was caught by Javier’s tight little ass as he bent down to put on his underwear. “I need to call a cab” Javier said. “I’ll take you back” John replied, wanting to make sure that Chris wasn’t left alone with his love rival again. The boys finished dressing and headed out the door. They heard some moaning from 601 and assumed Owen was going back on the treatment table in the morning.

    “Thanks” Javier said as he was sat in the car with John.
    “No worries. Chris is a mate and when he told me about his feelings and then about this call from Owen, I wanted to help”.
    “You not bothered you’re living with a gay?” Javier said
    “He’s got his own room, own shower, own everything. It doesn’t bother me”.
    “You’re a cool dude” and Javier smiled at his savior.
    After a few minutes of silence, Javier spoke again; “I’m not gay”.
    “Sure looked like it to me” John shot back.
    ”No, I mean, I’m bi-sexual. I like both men and women”.

    “Thanks for that, I wasn’t sure what bi-sexual meant” and they both laughed.

    “Do you mind me asking” John said. “But, have you been with a lot of men?”
    Javier laughed. “I like sex. I really like sex with men, but I prefer the company of girls. So I sleep with men and have relationships with girls”.
    There was more silence. Then Javier asked an inevitable question; “Do you have a girlfriend?”
    John had a stock answer for such a moment. “Yes, we’re fairly casual, but that’s fine. I don’t like being tied down”.
    “Because, after what I saw in the shower this morning, I must admit to being a little attracted to that hunk of meat between your legs”. John nearly crashed the car; the little shit was coming on to him.
    “Sorry mate, that’s not my bag” John said, but was unconvincing.
    “Shame. I wondered if you could take my ten inches in that ass of yours?” John had a boner. They stopped at some lights and then suddenly Javier placed his hand on John’s groin; “Seems like you protest a little too much. You’ve got a hard-on”. John looked at Javier as he smiled at him. God he wanted this little kid. When the lights turned he found the nearest side-street and pulled over.

    “You better not be fucking with me” John said. Javier reached over, grabbed Johns face between his hands and gave him a long and lingering kiss on the lips.
    “I guess not” John said. “Not here though” and he drove to half a mile to the local Holiday Inn.

    The two men wondered anxiously towards the room they’d been given and the tension was obvious. John struggled with the room key, but eventually made it through the door. “Just going to the toilet” he said and locked himself in the bathroom. He splashed some water on his face and stared in the mirror. What was he about to do? Was it really the best thing? He contemplated walking out, but this was a fantastic opportunity to try out the new kid. This was turning out to be the summer of his dreams. Finally he plucked up the courage and wondered out into the bedroom where he saw this cute Mexican lying naked on the bed with his arms behind his head and wearing that gorgeous little smile that just did it for John. He got an instant boner that poked straight through his open fly and little Javier winked at him.

    He walked up to the kid and stroked his slender chest with his own dick. He started at the belly button, working up to the nipples. His eight inches covering a large part of Javier’s little frame as he did this.

    He worked his way around Javier’s neck and then put his dick straight in his mouth. Javier turned to ensure he could gobble up as much of John’s meat as possible and moved his hand to John’s butt to support him as he worked the 8 inches. He thrust his head back and forwards without touching John’s dick with his hand. After 5 minutes when Javier could taste pre-cum he undid John’s jeans and pulled them down with his underwear. John then took his top off and joined Javier on the bed, both now naked.

    “So, do you think you can take this” Javier said as he flicked John with his ultra long dick.
    “No problem. The question is whether you could take mine”.
    “Not a chance, not with that girth. Anyway, I don’t do that”.
    “Well then we have a problem. Because I won’t do it without a promise of a return serve”. John smiled at the kid, but before he knew what had happened, Javier had gone down and grabbed John’s dick, putting it in his mouth. John tried to argue but was enjoying the feeling too much. This time, within two minutes John was shooting his juice into Javier’s mouth. Having received John’s load, he turned away from him and spat John’s goods over the floor, smiled and said “Looks like you won’t be able to deal with a return serve now”.

    John was annoyed that he’d let this little kid get the better of him and then he thought about Chris. Why was he doing this with Javier? He did love Chris.
    “Come on then John, let me get my rocks off”
    John didn’t respond, he just got up, put his clothes on and headed to the car. He barely heard Javier’s protests as he left; all he could think about was Chris.

    To be continued soon with Episode 18 – Video Evidence
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