The Soundtrack of our Lives

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    The Soundtrack of our Lives

    This is just a Killer band that i have been a fan of for about 10 years now.They seem to get little attention.....and i don't know why.
    The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    They are a Swedish rock music band that play very well chosen instruments from my favorite era of music. The 60's and 70's. Fuzz- guitars,Backwards tracked-guitars,harpsichords,harmoniums,xylophones,mellotrons,early model synths.
    All played very organically and by hand. These guys can play. A beuatifull blissed out sound that is informed by the best psych era music. The lyrics are sung in english as filtered through a swedish perspective, which leads to "Interesting" results.
    Any way....i have all of there cd's.....and you can't go wrong with any of em'.
    There latest release is called Communion {Nov.08'}, and is a FAB record. Check em' out if you dig good music.

    Some tracks:

    Mantra Slider:
    YouTube - Mantra Slider - Soundtrack of our lives

    Sister surround:
    YouTube - TSOOL - Sister Surround - Musicvideo

    Big Time
    YouTube - TSOOL - bigtime

    Firmament Vacation
    YouTube - TSOOL - Firmament Vacation - Musicvideo
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    Wow, thanks for the link. I've heard great things about these guys, but never checked them out before despite a six-month stint living in Sweden.
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