This is what they discussed ?

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    Unequivocal support, amongst other things, but I'm sure finding a way to make this debt go away was one of the highest on the list of concessions and terms of surrender. May have come up as an "oh, btw, there's a little issue HRC has, you know, the $ 30 million one" from the aftermath of all of this ? The AP worked it into that article that way. Nice little severance package for the last 18 months ?

    Perhaps the equivalent of being foreclosed or bankrupt politically ? Wonder how this is going to spread across the products and services we are already being drilled with in inflation ? And you know it's one we all have to bear. Pretty expensive to find a candidate for the $ 400K/year job ?

    Excite News - Clinton to deliver on vow to strongly back Obama

    [FONT=Verdana,Sans-serif]Clinton was expected to campaign for Obama and to help with fundraising, while seeking his assistance in retiring her $30 million campaign debt.[/FONT]
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