Three Summers

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    I kissed his cheek, the stubble tickling my lips. One blue eye popped open, curious. I dragged my lips to his jawline and a sly smile spread across his face. Another beautiful eye blinked open and a ruffle of bed sheets indicated a muscular, slightly fuzzy arm reaching up and a hand landing upon my bare upper back. Meanwhile, his head turned to face mine, and my lips landed upon his. Our tongues tangled and met once more, sending electricity throughout my whole body. His rough hand slid down my back lower and lower, till it found the waistband of my boxers. His long fingers brushed down to my asscheeks, cupping them and creeping around my hole. I removed my lips from his, savoring his taste, then putting them to the side of his neck. I sucked and kissed his neck, my lips sliding lower and lower to his collarbone. His mouth opened up and a loud moan erupted into my ears, exciting me further. My thick erection pressed against his tight, tan abs, and I felt his long dick pressed against my thigh. As my lips slid down from his collarbone to his pecs, I left his taste and smell take over me. His moans of pleasure and index finger pressing against my hole pushed the lust swirling through me over the edge. I wanted him. I needed him. I looked up from his sculpted body and his enlightening blue eyes met mine. I lightly shook my head and bit my lip. The grin on his face widened even bigger and suddenly it were his lips doing the work. Along the middle of my chest his lips ran, towards my belly button. His hands moved from the back of my boxers, to the front, massaging and giving much needed attention to my dick and balls. His tongue wormed through his lips, licking down my treasure trail...lower...lower...lower until I felt cool breath. "I...I...I love you," I panted, sweat rubbing between, his tongue engulfing me, "Uhh...uhh....ahhhhh!"


    I had loved three guys my whole life. From my first experiments the summer before senior year, to a summer romance before college, to a steamy flame rekindling at a university, to finally deciding on the love of my life. Three different men lit up the sparks, changed my world and helped me become who the hell I am, and I'm going to tell you the whole story.

    Now who the hell am I? My name is Trent and I was 17 years old, skinny, scrawny with long, shaggy blonde hair that hung in my face. I had been spending the summer before senior year at the gym almost daily, trying to bulk up and end my high school experience looking hot. I was mostly naturally smooth, with a dark blonde treasure trail and pubes. My dick was thick and average sized, about seven inches and frequently got embarassed me in the locker rooms. I would see the tight abs, developed pecs and thick, flaccid cocks of the guys around me, and have to hide a boner while changing into my gym shorts or jeans.
    It was while I was putting on my skinny jeans when I heard a cool whisper in my ear, that would fully introduce me into the sexuality I had been shying away from.
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    The First Summer: Austin

    "He's pretty hot, ain't he?"
    I had been staring at a tall, lean, brown haired, boy-banged guy, who couldn't have been more than college aged. He was putting on a flannel t-shirt, and I had wanted nothing more than to rip apart the t-shirt that was separating me from the fuzzy abs and quarter-sized nipples.
    I turned around to face the voice that had caught me, and was surprised to see a boy I knew from school who had recently graduated. His face was filled with freckles and he was grimacing, showing off the cutest dimples. There was a twinkle in his blue eyes, and I instantly was salivating. That was just his head.
    He was showing off a beautiful pale, freckled smooth chest. Impressive pecs, and the tightest, hardest six pack abs, better than I had ever seen on the beach...or even on the web. His lower half was wrapped in a white gym towel, and I instantly wished I could go back a few minutes in time to see him walk out of the shower and put that towel on.
    "What?" I asked, finally interrupting the silence that had occured while I had checked him out.
    "I saw you checking him out..." he said, whispering in my ear once more, then retreating his face back a few feet, like before.
    "Uhh..." I didn't know how to respond. I had recognized him from school, but we didn't have any mutual friends. Would he blab off to all my buds that I was a fag and checking out guys at the gym...or?
    "Don't worry about it," he interrupted my chain of thought, slapping my on the shoulder. I was already harder than I had been daydreaming about the lean college boy. "There's nothing wrong with appreciating the male...specimen." he slapped his abs, obviously proud of his body.
    "Uhh...yeah...." I blurted out, too distracted by the way he was rubbing himself.
    He noticed where my gaze was, and leaned down a little too meet it, "I'm Austin...I think we went to school together?"
    "Oh...yeah." I gulped, trying to play it cool.
    "And you're...?" Austin asked, chuckling a little, but seeming absolutely interested and patient.
    "Trent." I nodded, rocking back and forth.
    "Well Trent," his eyes met mine, and I sensed a little spark within them, "I see you here at the gym all the time, and I figured I oughta introduce myself...that's all. And I saw you checking out that guy," he motioned toward the space where the flannel hottie has been changing, "and thought that we should...hang out sometime."
    "Re-really?" I asked, amazed that such a hot, cool guy would notice a puny teenager at the gym, let alone want to hang out with him.
    "I'm not gay," he quickly clarified, and I felt my shoulders drop a little, "but I'm in between girlfriends right now, and I always figure there's nothing wrong with fooling around with good friends. I mean a dude's gotta get his balls off..." he trailed, this time slapping my bare hip.
    "Oh yeah definitely." I said, not really thinking about what I was saying, but just that a shirtless, hot college student had slapped me and told me he experimented with his buds.
    Austin chuckled, "You're funny man. You remind me of this bud of mine," his never ending smile widened a little, "anyways, all my friends are out of town on vacation and all, since it's the summer. I've been bored out of my mind, just working out and all. I just need to hang with someone," he said, "so I was wondering if you wanted to meet here tomorrow."
    My eyes widened and my erection pulsed. Could he see through my jeans...?
    "How 'bout, about the steam room?" Austin asked.
    "The...the steam room?" I asked, suddenly even more nervous and lust-filled.
    "Yeah...perfect right? See you tomorrow," he smiled, walking past me, then briefly rubbing my ass through my jeans, "And don't bother to bring those either." he winked, before chuckling and walking out of the aisle of lockers I was in.
    I gasped and leaned against the lockers, needing support, "Oh shit."

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    The first thing I did went I got home was satisfy the incredibly huge boner I had in my pants.
    I massaged my upper thighs and slightly hairy crack with my right hand while my left stroked up and down my erect member, Austin's chuckle and chest and abs swimming through my mind.
    Needless to say, within minutes, a pool of cum lay in my pubes and lower chest.

    The rest of the night dragged on incredibly slow. I tried to play some video games in my bedroom, but the prospect of the next day at the gym muddled my mind, and I gave up after I crashed the car on the screen for about the zillionth time.
    I lay in bed and stared at the ceiling, the lights off, but I wasn't tired. Did Austin know I was gay? Was I gay? I rolled my eyes. I wasn't exactly Einstein, but I knew what the hardon in my pants whenever I saw a hot guy must signify. I hadn't admitted it to anyone, and my parents and friends would freak if they had found out.
    But Austin said there's nothing gay about fooling around with good friends. the hopefulness in my mind told me.
    I was slightly scared that it might be some kind of trap, something way too good to be true. I was just an insecure high school student in the closet, and Austin was a sexy popular football star with friends that could bench my weight and with girlfriends with breasts bigger than my head. But he had invited me...and he had slapped my ass...and he had the nicest body I had ever seen.
    I then made up my mind that I was definitely going to go tomorrow, like I wouldn't have gone anyway. I grinned, dreaming about what might happen and fell asleep.

    I got to the gym at 11:45, and I felt like a little kid, just sitting in the locker room waiting. When the minutes had finished slowly ticking away, I took off my shirt and slipped off my pants. I put them into the locker and stood there in just my boxers. I then had to decide if I was going to keep them on, or go into the locker room completely naked. The frightened little boy inside of me got the best of me, and I grabbed a towel and wrapped it over my boxers and around my waist and shut the locker.
    My barefeet trudged to the door of the steam room, and I opened it up to see a few benchs leaned up against the walls and a figure, cross legged, sitting against one, his face unable to be indentified in the steam. I shut the door behind me and just stood there for a second.
    Was the guy Austin? Or was it some guy here to beat me up? Or was it some stranger I didn't know that went to my gym?
    My questions were answered when I heard, in that sweet, sweet voice, "I thought you weren't gonna show."
    I smirked and headed over to the bench, sitting next to Austin. He looked like the angel of sex, the steam floating around his face, making it look like it was resting in the clouds.
    He had a towel wrapped around his waist, like I, except he wore it a million times better. His abs and nipples and muscular arms were glistening with sweat, and his hair was slightly damp.
    "Hey..." I said, breaking the silence of the steam room.
    Austin didn't say anything, he just turned to look at me and slid closer toward me on the bench. Our towel-cladden thighs were touching. Goosebumps popped up on the back of my neck as he leaned in closer and closer.
    "Trent, it's been forever since I've let off a load," he whispered, his lips getting closer to mine, "so I'm going to show you what the fuck I want you to do to me, and you're gonna do it."
    My dick was automatically tenting in my boxers. He soon broke the small gap in between us and crushed his lips into mine. His tongue danced along with mine. His arm raised up and pushed my face closer into his. His other hand stroked my upper chest, getting noticably lower with every carress. I touched his back and felt his firm, hard, sweaty muscles.
    Suddenly, his lips broke away from mine, I looked into eyes, and saw they were looking down at me. His hand had reached the top of my towel, and his fingers pushed it off my legs.
    He gave me that old-fashioned chuckle when he saw my boxers and said, " don't trust me?"
    I moaned at his words and my head hit the back of the wall as he hooked his thumbs against the waistband and pulled my boxers down in a quick swipe. Austin got off the bench and onto his knees right in front of me. My cock was sticking out straight towards his face and he looked right into my eyes, waiting for them to react as he touched the length of my cock.
    My eyes widened and my mouth fell open at the pleasure that accompanied his soft touch. He stroked up and down and I felt like I could orgasm right then and there. His other hand was massaging my balls and the sensitive spots around them.
    I noticed his gaze leave mine and his fingers stop massaging and I wondered in my head for a split second what he was doing. That was when he lowered his head down onto my dick, capturing it inside his mouth.
    The warmth of his mouth, the touch of his tongue as he sucked my dick was incredible. My eyes rolled back into my head as he ran his lips up and down over it, tickling all the right spots on the underside and swirling the tip of his tongue around my sensitive cockhead.
    The pleasure was so overwhelming, after a few minutes of his steady sucking, I knew I was about ready to shoot. I leaned forward to pull his head off, when he pushed me back down on the bench, and started sucking harder. His tongue was working overtime and I felt my dick hit the back of his throat repeatedly as he slammed his mouth into me. A few more seconds, and I was shooting, thick, hot ropes of cum into his mouth. After I was done shooting, he turned around and spit my sperm onto the floor, before returning to my shrinking cock, and sucking the small bit of extra cum off my ultra sensitive dick, and spitting it once more.
    I didn't know what to say or how to thank him. I wanted to scream about the ecstacy he had just provided me with, or kiss his lips and let my horniness engulf me. I didn't have to say or do anything, because Austin stood up, pushed his towel down and exposed his soft, uncut cock to me.
    It was beautiful, resting in a bed of brown pubes, with long, low hanging balls.
    I leaned closer to it, slightly raised above the edge of the bench. I took in the musky, manly scent of sweat and cock. I slowly, and shakily reached for the base of it, and stroked up and down once. I felt the smooth skin and texture of another man's cock and I felt Austin's tool grow as I continued to carress its soft, warmth.
    After a few minutes, I felt the palm of his hand touch the back of my head and slowly guide my lips to his cock. I opened wide as my nose got buried in his pubes and as his thick dick slid into my mouth. I closed my mouth around his base and pulled my head back, my lips sliding asking his skin.
    "Be careful of the teeth," he whispered, as he closed his eyes and threw his head back in pleasure.
    His quiet moans and look of pleasure excited me, and I strived to give him the best blowjob he had ever received.
    My tongue swirled all around his manhood, there was no pore untouched on the length of his cock, as I tried to push that penis as far as it would go down my throat. I massaged his egg-sized balls in my hand, feeling the arousing texture of his sac, and swirled my tongue around his cockhead as he had done to me.
    "I'm gonna shoot," he told me in between gasps and moans.
    I intensified my sucking and swirling and soon reached behind him, grabbed his muscular ass and starting pushing him into me.
    He let out moans of pleasure as dick spasmed out puddles of cum down my throat. I swallowed, enjoying my first taste of cum during my first gay experience. More kept flowing out of his head and to me, his orgasm seemed to last forever.
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    When he had calmed down, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and picked up his towel. He backed away from me, sitting on the bench naked and wrapped the towel around his waist once more.
    "That was amazing." I gasped.
    "Your first time sucking cock?" he asked.
    I nodded, breathing heavily, savoring the taste of his cum.
    "That was good," he sighed, ruffling the hair on top of my head. He turned to leave and walk out of the sweat room.
    "Can that again?" I asked eagerly.
    "Dude, we have all summer." he gave me that chuckle and walked out the door.

    (Gosh these limit things are buggers. hahaha. That's all for now)
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    more please
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    Wow please continue
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    why didn't that happen to me???
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