Too Many Parties? What to do?

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    Okay Gang -

    Here is the question of the moment: Is it possible to have too many parties to attend? Do you tire of endless parties? Is this exhausting to you and do you just hope for a quiet evening in with the phones off?
    I ask this because I am invited to a great number of parties and since I am in PR I frequently attend parties as part of work on behalf of clients.
    Then I am invited to many other parties as a result and for years have attended them both for work and for pleasure but for crying out loud,
    even being the ubiquitous party boy that I am I get so tired of partying it up and acting like I would love to be nowhere else.
    The problem I have encountered is that when I cut back on the party schedule, I receive fewer invitations to other parties which I may or may not like to attend. However if I am aware of a party and I do want to go but was not specifically invited owing to prior party absences I am able to attend anyway with no ill effects.
    What is your take on such a conundrum? Go to them anyway or just forget about it? Thanks.
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