Where to meet people......?

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    I hung out with friends and had a good time, before most friends went back their countries, I originally from Korea. I just stayed home while most of my friends went school or work, What is it people do about my age, 23? I was in a relationship for almost 2years until October but my ex bf dumped me eventually... so I'm trying to move on and, I guess it's time to looking new people. but I don't really know how to meet new people. I usually hung out with my straight friends. but it's time for I wanna make some gay friends too.

    I'm not really talking about hooking up for sex, but like a good relationship I guess. I don't have many experience with guys, actually I had dating with only 2 guys in my life. after broke up ex bf, I was trying to dating with one guy but it didn't work well, but he left California already, and now I would want to dating a new guy, who care about me and like chilling haha. What are things I can do and new hang out places to my chances of meeting someone new? but I don't have much experience meeting people for relationships. and little nervous.
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