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american football

  1. D

    Justin Dior Combs

    Justin Dior Combs played American football in college and has appeared on several reality television shows. Amazing torso to say the least!
  2. H

    Hottest/Favorite NFL players?

    Who do you think is the hottest NFL player? Now or in the past! I think for me... it'd have to Julian Edelman (even if he did play for the Patriots lol).
  3. L

    Carl Nassib—first Out Active Nfl Player

    I think, deep down, some of us expect this to never happen. The Gay Agenda™ has reached full penetration. Happy Pride indeed.
  4. T

    Christian Mccaffrey (american Footballer)

    A perfect specimen! Anyone know if there are any nudes out there...accidental locker room stuff or otherwise?
  5. C

    Aaf (alliance of american football

    This is a new football league that begins its inaugural season tonight. We can expect tons of hot guys so if you find pics post here. Shirtless and other hot pics not just nudes!