1. S

    Help me id these guys

    Help me find them
  2. yfnsp

    Inadequate, Chapter 3

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3, Cathy Cathy and I live in a relatively small city where commute times are highly predictable and Cathy, being a punctual person, gets home at 5:30 every day and we eat dinner at 6:00. So, by the time Rex left that afternoon, I had very little time to tidy up...
  3. yfnsp

    Inadequate, Chapter 2

    (Chapter 1) Chapter 2, A Trade I met Rex at the door wearing Cathy's panties, light blue this time, and a lacy shawl of hers that made me feel very soft and vulnerable. I know I looked ridiculous, not the least bit feminine, but it excited me to be seen as weak, unmanly, and sexually...
  4. S

    Photo Trying to find actor who was in Tim Tales

    This is really bugging me, there was a guy who did a few videos with Tim Tales as well as some other videos. I’d say 2019-2020. He was white and toned, and had brown hair. He was always a top from what I remember. I can’t find him on the TT website at all. The only person I can liken his...
  5. P

    Anyone know who this guy is?

    Anyone know who the cowboy bottom is in this video? MUSCULAR TRUCKER COWBOY OFFERS HIS ASS IN THE TOILET
  6. S

    Video Where can I watch (TimTales) Axxl fucks Johnny??

    Does anyone have it or know if it’s online! Thanks!
  7. yfnsp

    A Good Time at the Party

  8. S

    Photo Who is this guy from Bic12xxx

    Does anyone know who this is? And also where to watch the video this is from? Thanks!
  9. G

    Losing my virginity to my Grindr hookup's huge dildo

    I thought you guys may enjoy this, because I sure did
  10. S

    Photo Who is this bottom from Tim Tales?

    He’s called Jake but I’ve always wondered if this was his one and only video? He is beautiful!
  11. P

    Where are these hot interracial gifs from?

    Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone knew where these gifs of this hot interracial couple is from.
  12. S

    Photo Best “Bottoms cummin whilst getting fucked” videos?

    I always to love to see when the bottom is in complete pleasure as they’re about to cum Add yours here!
  13. A

    Photos & Videos SirLeo99/King Leo

    Hey LPSG. I want to find more on this guy… I have a couple of solo videos and photos from twitter but that’s about it. He’s soooooo hot and I can see he probably swings both ways. Anyone got anything on him, maybe some duo content where he’s topping? Or if anyone has subscribed, drop them...
  14. F

    Photos & Videos Anal + Oral pics/videos

    I found this gif a while back and just think its hot as hell. Does anyone have anything similar?
  15. J

    Photos & Videos Holes before and after

    The top showing off their "work" at the end (creampie or not) is always so hot to me! How proud they are of their work. I am not sure how to search for videos like this, they are usually part of interview type videos, I think, but I am not able to find reliably such content. I was also super...
  16. X

    ID these guys

    Can someone ID these two guys Twitter Video
  17. K

    Need help finding Vid

    I need help finding a vid of where I think it’s the stepmom comes home to find her daughter and the daughters boyfriend about to fuck on the sofa.. but stepmom only allows her daughter to be fucked in the ass.. moving into the bedroom.. stepmom lifts her skirt/dress and allows her daughters bf...
  18. J

    Help ID this guy pushing out an orange

    Who is this guy? And is there more of him?
  19. S

    Videos featuring sniffing/sucking balls?

    I really love videos of guys getting their balls licked and sucked, though there isn’t too much out there specifically of that. I was watching this guy who does only fans and he enjoys this and I found it erotic when the he kept sniffing his balls. Anyone know what I mean!? Any suggestions...
  20. LiamCox

    My boyfriend shared me with his straight friend.

    Jason was a good friend of ours. By "ours," I mean myself and my boyfriend Carter, whom I had been dating for over two years. We had started living together after six months of being together. Jason often visited us every weekend to have drinks or dinner with us, particularly because he has been...
  21. S

    Photo Anyone know more of this guy? (Scott Ryder)

    I believe he is called Scott Ryder but can’t really find many of his videos. He’s super hot and loves showing off his hole!
  22. MGart23

    Anyone from Cumbria, cockermouth, Keswick ect

    I’m looking to try my first time at giving a blow job and being fucked
  23. D

    Links Hands Free Prostate Orgasm/cum

    Prostate Orgasm - video 3 - Anyone know who this is supposedly he had a tumblr???
  24. BigDixRule

    My first anal experience

    I'm new here and see a lot of different erotic posts so I hope I'm posting mine in the right area. So, in 2014 I met up with a guy I found online. I was quite nervous at first because at first sight I thought he was crazy. Once I took him back to my place that feeling went away. I was always...
  25. J

    Andy Star

  26. G

    Photos & Videos Wael75 (4) / Wael_habibi75

    He Is on many hot Arab threads but doesn't have one of his own despite being around since 2019 He is Lebanese and works at an hospital near Paris. He is known for dirty sex with ((hot) Black and) Arabs fucking him. That being said most of them are paid or unaware of being recorded. Here is a...
  27. M

    Who is she?

    Who is this Asian woman here with Lex Steele?
  28. SilverDadBottom

    Bottom POV vids in gay porn

    I’ve been looking for gay porn from the bottom’s point of view during sex. I’m surprised how unsuccessful I’ve been finding it over the years. Anyone have favorites. Not a favorite, but this is the category:
  29. D

    Video Who are these young men?

    A young man fucking a young man who wore a cap. Talking from 00:15. The fucker said "I love you, bro". Boyfriends role-playing? Wondered if there are more videos of them?
  30. Nicklikesfeet1

    Nick Garcia ?

    Hey! Can I interest anyone in this hottie? His name is nick Garcia on onlyfans. OnlyFans Very hot