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  1. daddysAtPlay

    Supporting Co-Worker(Bruno Max,Sir Peter)

    Description : What happens when business is good and you’re asked to work long hours with little time to rest and relax? Sir Peter is tired when fellow driver Bruno Max finds him in the employee lounge. Bruno understands all too well; he’s been putting in the hours too - but he also knows how to...
  2. Jk193

    Biggest cock you bottomed for

    What’s the biggest cock you’ve taken? Did you enjoy it? The biggest I’ve taken is 12” extremely thick, it really hurt going in took a while to get it in, but the hurt is what made it amazing! The feeling when you’ve got a huge dick inside you, when he starts to thrust and every thrust has you...
  3. turkish gay porn / türk gay porn sex

    turkish gay porn / türk gay porn sex

    IMG_9755 at Tubeload.co IMG_9753 at Tubeload.co Turkish gay porn / Turkish anal / türk gay porno
  4. Q

    big dick guy destroy two amateur teen

    Hi, I'm searching for a video where a big dick guy destroy two amateur teen asses and leave them literally ruined
  5. exhibihusb

    Tips for anal beginners.

    Even if I use small toys and anal plugs I feel some pain and my ass gets dry very fast. Any tips on products, lubricants? I have heard about coconut oil... Any starting position tips? Thanks!
  6. voyeurfan

    How to improve sensation during anal sex ?

    How to improve the sensation for the top during anal sex ? From my experience so far with different partners, once the penis penetrates the hole and the tip goes past the anus , it feels hollow like a cave inside and I have no sensation from it. I have tried different positions such as doggy...
  7. X

    Whoe are them?

    Id like to know names or scene, thank you
  8. 8020

    Realizing I am Gay

    This is a total work of fiction that I hope you enjoy. Realizing I am Gay I am a freshman and renting an apartment off campus. My parents are paying the rent as it was their idea that I live off campus so that I have a quiet place to study. I'm a nerd. I admit it. I don't care. I’m a...
  9. P


    Help me find the full video of this please, can't find where I found it anymore lol.
  10. D


    anyone subscribed to him?
  11. AtticusHuynh

    My Bi-Curious Frat Brother (Real Story)

    This just happened a few days ago, and I think it is worth sharing. I'm a graduating senior at a small liberal arts school in the Midwest. Mike is a freshman from the West Coast, and he just joined our fraternity in the fall. Mike is tall, blonde, with pale skin and a lean, slightly muscular...
  12. CyanZach

    ID this video please?

    Is there any topic focused on people asking for video ID? If so I would love to see it, thanks
  13. C

    Advice and tips for bottoming

    Hi there, I've been in a long distance relationship with my bf for 4 months and I'm planning to visit him next month. At first I was scared of the thought of doing anal but as time progresses I feel like I'm just giving him the bare minimum and it feels awful. So I'm gonna surprise him later...
  14. I

    Are you lucky?

    Send me your Skype and get an chance with me. I’m a 21 male who likes to use dildos on himself and actually is using during this post. I’m going to randomly select a account and you’ll get my pics and vid’s of me being a little slut. I can’t do it to often but will send when I can cause I live...
  15. J

    Denver Colorado

    First post here I’ll be traveling to DENVER Colorado Thursday April 28th-may 1st I’ll be staying at the Staybridge hotel 8101 E Northfield Blvd Denver, CO 80238 United States looking for someone to fool around with, suck/fuck anything tbh 25….5’10…..200lbs….bi I arrive Thursday early...
  16. K

    Video ID - Huge Dick Gaping Bareback Video

    Anyone know who these guys are/have a link to the full video?
  17. W

    Athens, GA Trans looking (25)

    Hi, feel free to message me if you're in or around Athens. I have been wanting to rim a nice ass lately and put my face in the crease of someone's underwear. I am vers. I look forward to meeting you. Black, Trans, 6'1", 180, 25
  18. B

    Any bi guys out there that love cock but hate butt stuff?

    I love sucking dick, looking at dick, touching and jerking dick, but I've never been into buttstuff. Tried it a couple of times and it's not for me. Would much rather suck each other off or rub cocks. Anyone else?
  19. D

    help id this guy

    I know if this kind of an old video from boyfriendtv, anyone know? thank you
  20. F

    Hands free cumming

    Hi guys I’m a total top and my boyfriend is a total bottom I really really want to give him hands free orgasms….any advice?
  21. tyfromtexas

    okay so

    my bf is kind of big, like i’d say 7.5 if not 8 or that’s what it feels like. so my issue is that after i douche and we start getting hot and heavy he goes to put it in and it almost always takes us a second or well rather it takes me a second to loosen up (i usually use my dildo to loosen me or...
  22. Ridin11solo

    New toy!!

    When I saw in person I was a lil terrified but instantly wet... can't take it all yet but I think u can tell I'm in love...
  23. I

    i want someone to watch me

    im a guy whos super horney and im using a dildo on myself. i need someone to watch me please, male or female can join live:.cid.38a5c8d9f2c03aa4 heres my skype man. all are welcome to watch my slutty hole.
  24. krisz80

    Photos & Videos Bit of Everything

    Bit of Everything Oral...Anal..Solo...Black...White...Big...Dick...Twink...Bareback...Cum...Fuck...And More
  25. hotwife56

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  26. hotwife56

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  27. G

    Someone know who they are?

    Someone know them? I really cant find the names...
  28. hotwife56

    Horny Pornhub Model Loves Anal

  29. hotwife56

    Who Wants To Try Some Anal Play With Me?

  30. hotwife56

    Kinky Slut Loves Anal