1. Y

    Ben woolliiss mma

    I can’t believe there is no thread for him. Such a hot man Anyone got more?
  2. M

    joe kovacs

    hott bear
  3. frenchboy67

    Young straight guy likes expose themself

    Hey guys! New member here. I'm fascinating by straight guys who expose themself on the Internet lol I saw those 2 young french cyclists show on cam4 like ten years ago and it was so hot. Do u have more from them? Or maybe u have more vids from other straight studs or college guys showing on cam?
  4. wetwetwet20

    Shawn Ali fit hot guy Real hot guy, 19 y.o.
  5. P

    Photo Vittorio Brumotti Italian TV presenter, cyclist, ant trials champion

    Vittorio Brumotti (1980) Italian TV presenter, cyclist, ant trials champion. Insta @brumottistar
  6. CantHelpIt29

    Out of the shadows…

    Hey Everyone! Been lurking around these parts for a while and figured it was finally time to get involved. Have always enjoyed spectating in the forums, and figured it was about time I get in on the action myself. A bit shy still, but curious to explore my exhibitionist side. Hope you guys like...
  7. reigns

    Photos & Videos Twunks, Jocks, and Athletes.

  8. D

    IG: izannsimonn

    Didn’t see a thread for this sexy young bodybuilder so I thought I’d make one.
  9. C

    Help ID - former US pole vaulter

    Afaik this guy (T.) is a 45yo (year of birth 1978) former US athlete (pole vaulter) that for some time lived or is still living in Thailand. Does anybody know who this might be? I'm an athletics fan and remember many pole vaulters but I have no idea.
  10. T

    Jeff Driskel nfl

    HOLY SHIT! look at that dump truck! feel free to post anything you can find on him
  11. johnlong1991

    william scott

    Instagram fitness athlete Login • Instagram very hot
  12. A

    Nedd Brockmann

    Absolute stud who ran across Australia to raise money for homelessness. Anyone got more of him?
  13. Y

    Your next sugar baby

    Hello, i am looking for someone to support me finically throughtout the rest of my college journey here i have attached a 7 day free trail to my onlyfans! Only 20 spots. Give me your best chance and maybe you could be the first to take my man virginity 20 spots left!
  14. B

    Photo Tanoh Kpassagnon NFL Player (IG tanohkp)

    I have on good authority that Tanoh has one of the biggest cocks in the NFL. Plays for the New Orleans Saints and went to Villanova. He’s 6’7, 289 pounds. Anyone else heard anything? His ig is tanohkp
  15. G

    Callum Robinson

    The best fit athlete i ve ever seen
  16. C

    Cross-country skiers

    It's nearly winter on the northern hemisphere which means lots of winter sports to watch and cross-country skiers surely deserve their own thread :yum Let's start with Richard Jouve and his muscular body accompanied by a big bulge
  17. Elijahpark

    Hi! I’m new here!

    Am I your type?
  18. K

    William Emard Gymnist

    Canadian Artistic Gymnast Login • Instagram William Émard | Gymnastics Canada Appreciating his physique and athletic ability. Anyone have anything more on him?
  19. D

    Fred Kerley - track and field athlete

    Fred Kerley is an American track and field star. I personally find him super attractive because he is really tall, masculine, and massive in general. Looks like he fucks real hard. Anyone seen any naked photos?
  20. K

    James | Fitness (@jwarnockk)

    I can't believe, nobody has started thread about this hot guy from Instagram. His IG: Login • Instagram
  21. H

    Joe Scally

    Hes super hot!
  22. hokejka19

    Ice hockey

    Hi there, I am just curious how many Ice hockey players or fans are here on LPSG! Also interested from which country. For me it is the best sport ever and I am proud of my parents to let/push/try me play ice hockey since I was 5. I am pretty sure that's all around ice hockey keep me healthy...
  23. L

    Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy

    QB for the San Francisco 49ers. I think he’s earned his own thread. His religious thing is kind of a turn off but he’s cute and his body is great. Big Cock Brock!
  24. R

    Help ID shy model photoshoot

    came across this on thisvid (of course lol) and i've actually seen this before in its entirety, so this is just a portion of it. the model in the video, from what i can remember, is an athlete and kept trying to cover himself during the shoot. there are several moments where he's obviously so...
  25. K

    Celeb Game - Would You Rather? Celeb Situ

    Hi. Thought this game could be quite fun. So rather than the normal this celeb or that celeb? it would be like two situations involving celebs of your choice. For example: would you rather have ….. spit in your mouth? or …. give you a golden shower? make it kinky, make it fun… the tougher...
  26. L

    Levi Colwill Footballer

    20 year old English footballer for Chelsea FC
  27. L

    Raphael Varane

    Raphael Varane - 30 year old France international and Manchester United footballer
  28. L

    Traditional celebrities then and now: Who's hung?

    I was just thinking about when Colin Farrell did full frontal in "A Home at the End of the World" and test audiences were so distracted by how hung he was, they either cut (or cut back) the scene from the final film. A few years later, the sex tape of Farrell with the Playmate leaked and it was...
  29. Lgold

    jorgeafernandez on IG and tiktok

    THIS HOT CROSSFIT ATHLETE!!!! I'm not looking for his nudes but he is really hot!! Him working out and sweating is just so :heart_eyes:
  30. linebacker69

    Saturdays are for the boys

    For a split moment, Chandler Bretton, standing at 6'5, a college senior, looked at the fraternity pledge paddle hung on the wall near him. Remembering how it stung two years ago, and how great it felt to be using it on the new fraternity’s freshmen in the following years. But it did not hold...