beta male

  1. Feeling horney

    Feeling horney

    Need an alpha to take control.
  2. C

    Alpha male role reversal

    I'd really like to see content where typical alpha males (dominant, masculine, muscular, hung, secure guys) get put in their place and dominated, whether it's by smaller or bigger guys. Could be just humiliation and submission, or full on getting forced to bottom (for the first time?). Alphas...
  3. MrMoons88

    Photo Rate my Cock

    Rate my Cock!
  4. D

    23yo hairy beta sub boy looking for online domination

    Hi, I am a 23yo Turkish submissive boy with a huge fetish that makes me want to be dominated online (skype). I want to be told what to do, given sexual tasks, and given rewards or punishments accordingly. I really prefer a man who knows how to dominate not only the body but also the mind of his...
  5. R

    Beta Males

    I just started a group called ! Beta Males ! It’s for guys who are weak, passive, or small. Please join so that we can talk more about life as a lesser man. Alphas are welcome to join, too. We welcome your questions and comments.
  6. D

    I Want To Be Humiliated, I'm Tiny

    Hey, I'm 23 years old and my dick is only 4 inches hard, I love being seriously humiliated and laughed at by bigger guys who are younger than me or around my age. I love very rude and nasty comments that will make me feel like shit! Please message me and we can exchange photos
  7. B

    Bottom hungry

    As a bottom male cunt who's hole was made to be used by hung males. It can be hard going long periods without servicing. The hole gets hot. Your mind becomes focused on one task, namely to find a hung man or men to service. Your eyes become drawn to crotches. You look for bulges everything. The...