1. S

    1 on 1 looking for big bro | 5'10 6.5 Inch Black Bi curious

    Hey everyone, Looking for a chill big bro or dad to bond and chill with my snap is salzicky 1. Be under 30 2. Be chill about pretty much anything 3. Im down to explore any kinks
  2. thebussyinvader

    Good ways to bond with my boyfriends? We just started dating.

    I need to give some context. I have 2 partners, and we date long distance. That may change next week, because I'm moving to Nebraska (which is closer to their locations). So it might be easier to meet them in person. They're also both wealthy, and they don't judge my financial situation (I get...
  3. ChocolateExhibitionist91

    Did You Grow Up Where Male Nudity was Commonplace With Your Dad/Brothers/Uncles/Cousins?

    I've seen threads like this posted before, but they've all ended so long ago and I kinda wanted to start it up again, so let's get it! I grew up in a very conservative family, parents are divorced, and I have one sibling who's my older brother. My mother raised us cause our dad wasn't around...
  4. tyfromtexas

    gay friend(s)

    so i made a gay/straight of this thread but i wanna make a straight/gay one. my question is do you have a gay friend that you can talk to about anything? be it sex, relationships, anything! and how did that relationship come to be? were they nervous to talk about more gay stuff with you? i’m...
  5. tyfromtexas

    straight friend(s)

    hi so i was wondering if you have a straight friend you can talk to like your gay friend or something. like that and how? i’m cool with this one guy from a previous job but i know there’s thing i couldn’t talk to him about that i could with my gays. so basically i would like to know is how...
  6. B

    Looking For Jerk Off Buddies, Bromance, Bators On Skype C2c

    Hairy bi beefy dude into casual nudity, chatting while naked (even soft or partially clothed), CMNM, bonding, bromance, bate buddies, watching porn together and commenting on it, couples having sex on Skype. Mostly love kicking it back, chilling and getting to know other bate buds over penis...
  7. B

    Bi Looking For Jerk Off Buddies To Bond With, Read Description :)

    Looking for bate buddies into various things, you can be solo or couple (bonus points haha), bromance would be nice too. 22 beefy hairy dude looking for guys around my age (21+). I'm mainly into armpits a lot, hairy or smooth idc, but love armpit play. Other kinks include: Nipple play...
  8. B

    Beefy College Guy Looking For Jerk Off Buddies, Circle Jerk Groups, Couples, On Snapchat

    Hey bators, I'm a 20 yo horny guy that likes bonding with other guys over wanking, I love group settings, couples, circle jerks, friends, roommates, the more the merrier, I like nudes on snap but I occasionally cam. Kinky and open-minded, just no taboos and nothing illegal lol. I love...
  9. hunglad94

    London city lads group

    Hey, are there any curious London City guys here that would like to meet like-minded people? Thought to create this thread for curious young lads working in the City, like myself, who would be interested in meeting after a busy day at work or on a weekend for a circle jerk. Could also just go...