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  1. D


    i’m interested in hearing your roomate stories. like ones about catching each other jerking, or with morning wood, drunken nights together, etc etc really any hot stories are welcome!
  2. M

    Casualy Nudity Among Adult Male Family Members

    Is it common in your family that all male adults (dad / brothers) are nude in front each other daily ? Do you also see each other erected ?
  3. johnnyunitas

    Big Bulge Gifs

    There don't seem to be a lot of purely GIF related threads on here (or maybe I just don't know how to look). I like GIFs of big soft dicks and big soft bulges. Here's some to get it started:
  4. eletrand

    How To Tell If A Woman Is Truly Interested

    I'm asking this question to women because I've gotten a lot of mixed signals lately from many women. I get a lot of compliments, so while I'm not trying to brag I certainly don't think it's me being ugly. How can I tell if a woman is truly interested in sex, a connection, or a relationship...