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  1. B

    Love Triangle In Porn Industry

    Hi guys, I love watching porns which have the love triangles rumors between the actors. From what I accidentally know, there are 2 triangles in porn that end up breaking - Kane Fox - Trevor Harris - Dallas Preston - Zilv Gudel - Rourke - Kai Sorry if Im such an asshole but hope to see some...
  2. B

    Any Stories About Home-wrecker Or Couple-wrecker?

    Ive been searching for this kind of stories on Nifty, Literotica, Gaydemon... but its hard to find anything. As long as the main character is a seducer, an aggressive seducer, and interest in married/hubby/bf...... then its my type. Hope to see alot of recommendation from you guys.
  3. arnubian

    Cheating Fics

    Anyone else just really get off on stories where a guy cheats on his boyfriend or husband? I don’t know what it is, but they get me so damn horny. And while there are so many cheating wife/gf stories, there just aren’t as many gay stories. Any recs? Here are a couple of my faves: Nifty...
  4. mar111

    The Maury Show Experince And Issue

    Have you ever watch this show and Have you ever been in this situation, confusing about who is the daddy of the new born child. Having affair with a Thot is worth it or what Guys share your experience Here!!!
  5. O

    Reluctant...at first

    Just seen this again, https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.p...wkey=145712498 really would like to see more where the girl starts off reluctant but ends up really enjoying it Log in Register Full Site Top