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  1. G

    Video Lyvalvi commercial gray sweatpants guy

    I was watching Hulu (with commercials, because I'm cheap) and glanced up at one of the 400 pharma commercials and did a double-take. Did anyone else catch this guy? I took screenshots but you don't get the full effect of the motion--right around the 30-second mark.
  2. Joshua.Martiny

    Looking for straight show off in Los Angeles CA

    Looking for straight guys who like to show it off. Either through clothing or whip it out and stroke it at a urinal. Outdoor fun would be hot too. Big plus if like to freeball and flash it in public! Open to suggestions!
  3. S

    Aussie Guys Underwear Preference

    Hey guys. Curious to see what other guys are wearing. Age: State: Cut/uncut: Preferred daily underwear: Preferred sexy underwear: Preferred gym underwear: Preferred underwear for trackies: Preferred underwear for boardies: Do you go commando:
  4. D

    David McIntosh

    David McIntosh is a British ex-military and security operative who became a television personality, actor, and fitness model. A former Royal Marines commando, he was a Gladiator on the Sky 1 TV series Gladiators, under the name Tornado. In 2014, he participated in Celebrity Big Brother, United...
  5. fapok

    Self-control To Display A Semi In Public

    Apologies if this may sound repetitive to some of you. I have searched the threads on this site and could not find anything related to what I am going to post now. My question refers to the physical and mental self-control a man has to exercise to display a semi (or a hard-on, for that matter)...
  6. C

    Photos Of Guys Wearing (only) Overalls

    When I was in high school, one day in my English class the guy sitting in the next aisle was wearing overalls over, well, nothing. He was shirtless and I could see only bare skin in between the side buttons meaning he was commando too. Hunched over his desk the front part gapped open but from...
  7. A

    Business Clothes/attire

    I Think It’s Hot When Guys Are Wearing Business Casual Clothes And You Can See Their Visible Dick/Penis Line ;-) Anyone Got Any Pics To Share Or Vids ?
  8. A

    Freeball Pocket Pool

    Have Any Vids Or Vid Links Of Guys Freeballing ? Playing Pocket Pool ? I Think It’s Hot ;)
  9. iluvmen

    Genitals And Summer Heat

    Hi guys. I am in my 30s now and since my teenage years, the only thing I love about summer heat is its effect on our genitals. I always go commando in summer. My lower hanging balls feel heavier, my penis feels fuller and more meaty. I get my manly smells whenever I sit and spread my legs...
  10. A

    Basketball Shorts Bulge

    :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Love Seeing Somethin Swinging Or Bulge From Guys Who Wear Them
  11. A

    Youtube Bulge

    Any YouTube Vid Links That YouTubers Make And Have A Bulge Or VPL ?
  12. A

    Freeballing/commando In Board Shorts

    Hi All, I Think It’s Hot When Guys Are Sporting VPL In Wet Board Shorts ...
  13. 2

    Wanting To Show Off - And How To Do It.

    I’ve been wanting to go commando for a while now, I like the idea of having a bulge for people to look at. I’m wondering if anybody else out there can give me some pointers on how to start doing it. The thing I’m most worried about is getting hair and leaking in my pants! It would definitely...
  14. undielover69

    Underwear Fetish Skype

    Looking for someone with a bulge or underwear fetish to cam with right now. 7inch cock, average body, don't show face and can't mic tonight. Have briefs, jockstraps, can go commando in a few things. Add me on Skype at blow.mehard if you're interested. On now.
  15. G

    Looking 4 London Exhibitionists/ Show Offs

    Hey guys Who’s in london and into showing off? Love to see guys freeballing or flashing in public. Maybe set up a discreet roleplay in north London. I’m bi 20’s and love to watch. Dm me.
  16. [No title]

    [No title]

  17. B

    Videos Of Bulge,freeballing,commando

    any vids please
  18. M

    Commando V Underwear

    I have been considering going commando for the last few months. What are some pros and cons of going commando vs wearing underwear?
  19. D

    Guys going commando in public

    I go crazy for those guys who love to go commando in public, especially in places where it's not offensive or inappropriate, like the gym, bars, AVS and GH places. Guys that are totally in touch with their cocks are heroes to me. To embrace the power of your cock to influence and control is a...
  20. Sweatpants911

    Perfectfit brand armour up cockrings

    Hey guys, Ive been exploring/showing off more of my kinky sexual exhibitions, showing off VPL, freeballing, jeans & joggers in public & cockrings. Just got my first cockring, it’s by PerfectFIT Brand called Jock Armour Up Sport. Being my first cockring, I couldn’t wait to put it on my cock &...
  21. Sweatpants911

    1st cockring, perfect fit armour up sport

    Ordered my first cockring by Perfect Fit, it’s called Armour Up Sport. Can’t wait to get it! So horny thinking about what it’s going to feel like, how it’s going to look when I freeball in joggers or jeans. Anyone have any experience with this type? I’ll post pictures once it arrives. Post yours...
  22. Sweatpants911

    Photo Show your vpl