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  1. G

    “Gay”, but not wanting to interact with a penis. How to reconcile?

    Want to keep this brief… A few days ago I had the most perfect sex. It was a twinkish guy with a fit build, we hooked up twice before, but this time I had zero interaction with his penis. I had sucked it and jerked it the two times we hooked up. But after our meeting I came to this really...
  2. G

    Please Help Me What Is My Sexual Identity??

    I am a guy in my 40s now but i have always been confused sexually and not known my identity it started when i was 21 i lost my virginity but i never came it was all a bit of a joke really lasted about 4 months when i was about 31 i started seeing another woman but again intercourse was too big...
  3. LikesBoys

    Ya’ll Help - My Best Friend Confusing Af

    Hey guys , I need advice . Me and this guy been best friends for 6 yrs. We met at his job , I was a customer and we exchanged numbers on the basis that I would help him find another job , but I literally was so breath taken by him , he’s beautiful , and the way he looked at me and ignored every...
  4. datbroccoliandbooty

    My sexuality (curiosity) complex

    Hi everyone, I have had this question on my mind for a while now about my sexuality, and as I get older and meet new people it's more in my forefront. If I think I'm straight and I love women but I also fantasize, and lust over big penises but not really men.... what does that mean for me? I...