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cum eater

  1. majito2075

    Photos & Videos help me identify this hot bottom of Twitter!

    does anyone know anything about him? his id or OnlyFans or Twitter? it would be very much appreciated!
  2. C

    Who Are These Guys? Breeding Then Feeding

  3. Gingerinskc

    Kansas City Oral Men

    I’m looking to find some guys in KC Metro that need cocksucker to suck them dry on the regular.
  4. B

    Brent Sterling

    Does anyone have some of his stuff? He has a bunch of old cam recordings on flirt4free that I wish I could see.
  5. S

    Massage Swaps

    Looking for guys to swap massages with. happy to include a happy ending
  6. E

    Id Please

  7. J

    Cum Swap / “snowballing”

    I really love when a guy busts his nut and then someone licks it up and kisses another guy and seeing the cum swap between the men. I’d also include spitting a load on an ass to fuck it in The best example I can think of is almost any scene with Dylan James involves him kissing with cum...
  8. 6

    Manchester Uk Bukkake

    26 year old lad in Manchester. Always wanted to be a cum slut and have a load of guys wank over me and cover me. If you're around Manchester, message me and let me know if you would be interested in joining a group of men use me a cum bin. If enough people are interested, I can book a hotel/...
  9. C

    Cum Pig Here In London

    I would like to organise a bukkake party, cum pig here and thirsty. Want to drink from you guys. You can send me a private message and I will share my number then it will be easier. Any questions, feel free to message me too.
  10. S

    Photo Sexy Straight Guy Ty

    i've seen pics and videos of this guy ty (some places i notice people call him nicholas). does anyone have any info on him or any other pics/videos? i'm obsessed with him lol so sexy. there used to be a thread called 'ty ty (famous thread),' but idk what happened to it
  11. giocio

    Video Id Cocksucker

    Does anyone know who the cocksucker is? I saw the watermark and checked, but I doubt it’s anything by them. Homemade Cum Series: Sexy Twink Eating Cum / Sexy Minets Manger Cum Thanks
  12. 1

    Video Please Can Someone Id This Guy....i've Been Trying To Figure Out Who He Is For A While Now

    Please can someone identity this sexy guy
  13. Stuftpouch

    Arizona Cock Worship

    Seeking others who Worship Cock as a Deity. If the words Cock Worship, Servant, Priapus, GodCOCK, PenisGod, Priapian, Phallus-Worship. Penis-Worshiper. GodCOCK, Worship, Cock Diety have any meaning to you, we probably need to chat/connect. Looking for FsWB in AZ, USA who I can be a servant to...
  14. B

    Bottom hungry

    As a bottom male cunt who's hole was made to be used by hung males. It can be hard going long periods without servicing. The hole gets hot. Your mind becomes focused on one task, namely to find a hung man or men to service. Your eyes become drawn to crotches. You look for bulges everything. The...
  15. 1

    I'm a total piss lover

    At one point some years ago I have decided that I wanted to taste piss. So I hooked up with a random stranger from grindr who was up to let me drink his piss. He was a well trained hunk, and he let me drink his piss. It was like a drug. I got hooked immediately. The combination of sucking a hard...
  16. G

    Saving up your cum and freezing it to eat later

    Does anybody do this? I just started doing it about 2 weeks ago and have been beating my cock at least once a day. When I'm about to ejaculate I shoot my load into an old 35 mm film container and put it in the freezer. It's now nearly full and my friend and I are going to have a little...
  17. JDFatHead

    White mouth for black cock

    Sucking off blacks dicks is my passion! https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/fuck-face.185648/