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  1. A

    When I pee in a row urinal...

    Forum rule - only straight men answer please! Everyone talks about this, with his own assumption how much straight guys are curious (or not) about comparison. Would be great to take advantage of the forum rule to have a straight-only poll / discussion to understand what straight guys really...
  2. M

    Why Do Some Guys Blame Others For Their Sexual Curiosity?

    If I had to have a label put on me, it would be closeted but curious. A few years ago, an ex-coworker and I were chatting on social media. He was like 19–20 at the time. I was older. But were legit close friends. We’d joke around about various things. But the gay subject was always off limits...
  3. 2

    I’m always was curious about living with a penis!

    Hello dear wonderful lovely straight Men how is that with a Penis? I’m a 100% straight woman, love my curvy body, my sexuality. But I always wondered how is that to wake up and feel as first your cock hard? I mean I love sex and so yes I think also, it is great to pee where ever you want? Touch...
  4. Logancapo

    Ever try male enhancement?

    The stigma with being black is that our cocks are "huge". Honestly I don't feel that way, maybe some guys do have HUGE ones but I've always been on the average side of things. After a random fool around with an old friend of mines (in the locker rooms during gym we sorta wiggled and grabs each...
  5. D

    Genuine Buddy/Wank Buddy

    Hey, Looking for a genuine person to chat with, and hopefully wank with - personally, mostly str8 here but with curious tendencies - bit of a nerd and not into anything too "out there" Someone similar would be great - who is genuine and in and around UK time zone as UK based here. 36 m UK - so...
  6. D

    Finding Your "g-spot" As A Straight Cis Male

    At some point when growing up, all cis male have figured out that jerking off is good fun, easy to access and very effective, a no brainer. But the prostate is more elusive and requires intent. Have you ever been curious and considered to explore, locate and/or stimulate your prostate? This...
  7. P

    South Irish Lads - Anyone About?

    I'm 30 from north cork area. Looking to meet other people from my area about my age. Give or take 10 years. Im a heavy set guy. Currently working out trying to lose weight. I'm good with chatting. Easy to get along with and like my movies, video games and music etc. Love the occasional pint but...
  8. JayPR

    Gay For Pay: Thoughts? (video)

    Just curious about what are your thoughts on straight men who have sex with men in porn for $$$. Do you think a straight man, who's not attracted to men at all, can have sex with another man just because he's getting paid? Just watched this short documentary and it is very interesting to listen...
  9. Lost cover

    Brotherly Love

    Hi All If you have or had a Brother round the same age as you, did you do any experimenting with them such as jerk off together or had a 3way with the partner etc. What were your highlights in these moments and would do it again. i would imagine it would be a good brother bonding moment...
  10. 3

    Hot Hunks Snap Chat Group

    Add me at ezmas92 on snap chat and let’s make a straight, straight curious, bi fun loving snap group. Comment ur snap below and add me.
  11. S

    What to do about a crush

    Hi all, As a st8 guy (mostly!) I lived with a gay guy who had a lot of cool friends. We'd hang out a little but never on his scene. I did however meet one of his friends who at the time developed a little bit of a crush on. I didn't do anything about it - other than trying to strike up a...
  12. mephsson

    Sucking a/being fucked by straight guy.

    Hi. I always have been wondering if that kind of craving is even real. Considering the fact that straight guys are kinda meh or disgusted towards gay guys, is that even possible? Or is it only me that haven’t experienced that yet. And yes, I’d like to experience that with very good looking...