1. D

    Photos & Videos Hugo.hilaire

    Anyone have anything on him? I’m surprised nobody has started a thread yet.
  2. B


    Does anyone have anything on this guy? His insta and tiktok is @notrealboris and mostly does dance covers on his page. Hes so cute though, just wished anyone had something on him???
  3. JameySkin

    TikTok TubeBoy (@belikemilomusic)

    Does @belikemilomusic or Michael Curie have anything spicy (alt/OF)? I find he’s very cute personality, great body, and has a very juicy ass. His TikTok is pretty G rated and he only has one sensual video, but then you get to his Instagram and it gets a little spicier. I feel like he’d have a...
  4. Y

    vinicius barbosa

    Anyone have content from vinicius barbosa / @viniciusbarbos_ from tik tok ? He's so sexy, but I can't get a privacy br account because I'm not from brazil and dont have a cpf. I want to see him dance with less clothing. <blockquote class="tiktok-embed"...
  5. S

    Lorenzo Brock (Azzolini)

    I've noticed there isn't an active thread on this guy.
  6. D

    Bailemos para sacudirnos las penas...

    Cantemos y bailemos ¡A ver, a ver, a menear la colita, si no la mueves se te va a poner malita! (no puse música por aquello del copyright y me quiten el video)
  7. S

    Broadway Bares

    The latest Broadway Bares fundraiser was June 18, 2023. Broadway dancers strip to g-strings to raise money for Broadway Cares, Equity Fights AIDS. Past threads have been deleted, presumably for posting copyrighted material. So here are some links to official images. The Broadway Cares photo...
  8. boysandstuds

    Video Gogo Boys & Male Strippers

    ONLY VIDEOS of the hottest guys NUDE and HARD (dancing preferred). A lot of videos have been lost to time. Feel free to upload the hottest gayest studs dancing the night away! Enjoy:)
  9. T

    Lovely dance!!

  10. Paulorosado


    Alguém tem algo 18+?
  11. K

    Brady Farrar

    Well Brady from season 8 of dance moms recently turned 18 and I thought he should have his own thread cause he’s rather fit
  12. J

    The Next Step Smut

    I love smutty stories of The Next Step cast (especially the boys). So I'm making this thread to post ones I find and to post ones I make myself
  13. Narutokun2

    Male dancers

    I don't know if there is a thread of this sort already, or something like it; I haven't found one that would fit. If so, then I apologize. Anyway, this is Attila Kobori. He is a professional dancer and nature photographer from Vienna, Austria. Maybe you also have dancers that you find...
  14. swallow.ed


    I love how big his bulge is and his teasing, I found him while just trying to find something and I can't find him anymore anywhere, I think he was on twitter live but I can't find his twitter or anything
  15. lopezhornyguy

    Video Naked dance

    I dunno if I'm the only one who likes this kind of vids, but I really love a guy who can dance naked. So I was curious if people here have some nice vids to share~
  16. dfw051980

    Sexual Encounters #1: Making my dick dance.

    I used to go out to clubs and afterhours clubs a fair amount. Was pretty into raving, edm, house music scene but I entered into this scene later in life when I was in my late 20’s and early 30’s, so I tried to be really responsible about what I did and never go off the edge or even come close to...
  17. agus

    Looking 4 a vid

    Of a hot guy dancing joyfully butt naked to the mirror. It was on selfie mode, and he shakes his ass to the music in the end. Sorry but I don't have any more info! Saw it a while algo on instagram and then lost it florecer :pensive:
  18. H

    Does anyone have content of tgis guy?

    Tommy é um modelo e Stripper, ele tem alguns vídeos no YouTube onde ele mostra um pouco, mas se você não encontrar nenhum nude dele na internet, alguém tem alguma foto quente dele?
  19. L

    Who’s the best DJ in Northern California???

    I know LA has a ton of DJ but are there any good ones up here? The LA ones are hot lol
  20. D

    The Next Step

    Does anyone have anythung in The Next Step cast?
  21. KatWeg

    French-canadian Dancer And Performer Sébastien Provencher

    Has anyone seem him perform nude on stage?
  22. J

    Video Who Is This Pleaseee??

    please help me find who this guy is
  23. G

    Video Mystery Dancing Guy

    Alright here is the video fellow sleuths
  24. G

    Links Need Help Iding This Latin Hunk

    I came across this clip and was wondering if anybody can help ID him. The video says his name is Robert. Here is the link. Enjoy ❤❤ - Free Gay Porn Videos - Robert dances for you
  25. Chris Ross

    Isaac Hernandez

    Someone has to die - Netflix
  26. L

    @eo_hugoof Nudes?

    Alguém tem nudes do @eo_hugoof ? REI DO BREGA LENTO (@eo_hugoof) • Instagram photos and videos eo_hugoof (@EHugoof) on Twitter
  27. K

    Video Nightclub Dancing / Twerking On Guy

    Looking for videos of couples dancing, the dirtier the better. I'm looking for Guy/Girl especially.
  28. Scarpin

    Does Anyone Knows The Name Of This Guy? This Is The Only Video I Know From Him... (video)

    If someone knows, please share. Thanks in advance.
  29. H

    Cullen Blue

    Anything on him?
  30. BigBulgeMan

    Dance… In Bulging Suit

    Ukrainian Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin Dancing to “Take Me to Church”! David LaChapelle filmed in 2015 humpy Ukrainian ballet superstar Sergei Polunin. It’s pretty powerful stuff, even WITHOUT the massive, thrusting bulge. But, man oh man, that bulge sure adds another level of enticement to the...