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  1. Fackityfack

    Photos & Videos Charlie Bushnell (Luke in the new PJO show)

    He turned 18 a few months ago and is going to be playing Luke in the new PJO show. He’s really hot
  2. O

    Photos & Videos Appasart

    Just here to post art from appasart Twitter: https://twitter.com/appasart?t=aFFEv2ofoYmfaIqCfvoU_g&s=09 Patreon: Appasart is creating NSFW Bara /Homoerotic illustrations | Patreon
  3. M

    Does anyone have anything on Samori Dobson?

    Does anyone have anything on Samori Dobson. The Man is Perfection.
  4. L

    Jason Dolley

    Can we start a thread for this beautiful man?
  5. N

    Garren Lake

    Surprised he doesn't have a thread in all honesty Marty from the party really grew up hot:heart:
  6. T

    Photos & Videos Tucker Brown

    He is so cute iamtuckerbrown on tiktok
  7. S

    Photo Jonathan Carlin (jon Super Carlin Bros.)

    I just love Jon Carlin. I find him weirdly very very attractive(even more than ben his brother). just love his arms/biceps. for lack of shirtless material... here's a few good pics (mostly clothed)
  8. P

    Tenzing Norgay Trainor

    anything on him? i believe he has tiktok maybe some bulge on there
  9. J

    Pearce Joza

    Someone has something of him? He's a very hot disney actor.
  10. 1

    Photos & Videos Disney(land/world) Gays

    I was scrolling through a site a few days ago and stumbled upon a post of photos of Disney CMs from California and Florida (TONS of cuties in Cali! Never been to Florida, wouldn't know, LOL). I was wondering what the members of LPSG would be able to cook up. Let's find out!
  11. H

    Parker Queenan

    He played the character reed on Andi Mack and he's been in some short films, he turned 18 in November
  12. L

    Joshua Rush

    So Joshua Rush turned 18 either today or yesterday, but regardless this soft cutie is finally legal, hopefully he starts to get more adventurous in his bisexuality, of course I know it’ll be a little while before we get a nice photo of him to post on here but we can all admire his adorableness
  13. J

    Joshua Bassett

    Anything on him? He’s in the new high school musical series.
  14. Daniel0424

    Luke Mullen

    Found this hot guy while watching some "Tyrus" videos in youtube from the show Andi Mack, go watch those if you want to see more of him. I was surprised he didn't have a thread and then realised it is because he turned 18 last month (september 2019), so be careful with the images you post. Luke...
  15. B

    Cameron Boyce Bulge?

    Want to see him
  16. F

    Thomas doherty

    Ugh so pretty I need to know what he’s packing
  17. F

    Luke benward

    Anything on Luke Benward?