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  1. B

    Controlling your cum

    Anyone else love to cum without fully cumming all the way?
  2. T

    23m bi black guy looking for chill jo buds to stroke with here in Nashville

    23m here. Been looking for other bros here who are down to have some hot stroke sessions. Watching porn,edging, mutual stroking, giving each other a hand. Can’t host but I’m down for carplay. I’m in north nash. DM me bros
  3. C

    im 19, smooth, submissive, and home alone! i want to go on cam for you :P

    i like edging, joi, porn, daddy/son, dom/sub, and toys! add me on skype if you want to talk more about it, maybe i could go on cam for like 2-3 people :P if u know any groups, let me know as well :) im slim, smooth, a little hung i guess, and can be very submissive Join conversation
  4. M

    Solosexual - chats, stories, photos, videos, etc.

    Noticed that we have dedicated forums for straight, gay, bi, trans, and even asexual, but not solosexual. Only a thread that’s been dead for 5 years. Maybe this thread can act like a common room for all things solosexual related (chats, photos, videos, ads, etc.). I’ve seen people reduce...
  5. H

    Video Asian Cumcontrol/Edging

    Been seeing many videos of VN cumcontrol around, but its all short clips. All the full videos are required to purchase. Anyone have luck finding where to watch the full videos?
  6. twinkish92

    Norway #1 onlyfans

    Hello, we are two hung dudes traveling the world And making content. By now we have close to 200 + videos. Come check out the content HUNG MARRIED BASTARDS ONLYFANS -3some -public -edging -toys -bdsm -dom/sub
  7. A

    Vivid description of an auto-sexual gooner’s bate session

    First real attempt at erotic writing. Excuse some of the subpar punctuation. If it adds to your enjoyment, I typed most of this one handed on my phonebecause my dick was in my other hand. Here we go. I didn’t plan on having a wank when I got home. I had so much to do still before bed. But there...
  8. B

    Edging coach wanted

    25m Hung Edge/CumControl SUB Looking for an experienced, older (30+) master/coach for LONG edging sessions Available daily this week for coaching/training Stats: 7inch, slim, smooth, blonde - huge loads (12+ shots) Into: edging, underwear, ruined orgasms, big loads, timed edges, targets...
  9. M

    Mistress looking for a long time sub boy

    Submissive loyal sub boy needed to train and dominate for a very long time Kinks:humiliation,pegging,chastity,ass worship,rope play,toilet play,feet worship, CBT,anal,bondage,joi,cei,cum,edging, sissy training if you ready Kik me at miss6025
  10. WillTheMassive

    Multiple days of edging

    Do you guys also edge for multiple days without cumming? For me it's a great feeling to get increasingly hornier and feel the tension. My balls sometimes start to hurt a little bit from the amount of cum accumulated in them. It really takes practice and a lot of focus to hold yourself back...
  11. N

    Couple fun ones for tonight.

  12. impregnator364

    Cumming after a long time

    I recently realized I love seeing guys cum after a long time (more than 10 days, for example after No Nut November) because they seem extra horny and normally cum massive loads so I was wondering if you had any videos/guys to share (bonus points if the loads are particularly big) :) I...
  13. B

    No Nut November 2022

    I’m so excited… I get to edge this beast for all of November!! I can’t wait to make it so full and heavy. Anything you guys want me to try??
  14. D

    Who is ready to blow your load?

    I’m so close to exploding!! Been edging since yesterday (I mean I slept, and kept going this morning) I know I will cum so much
  15. C

    19 submissive, smooth, slim twink with webcam wanting to play for older on skype :p

    hey i'm really into showing off and doing things on cam that turn you on. i like older too ^-^ you don't need a webcam! just be nice? my skype is: alexmatthewsixx_1 or.. Join conversation
  16. E

    Why has bating, edging, gooning, solosexuality, etc, become so popular?

    Where 5, 10 years ago they would have been considered taboo.
  17. A


    Hi ! I just start Edging and I really love it. I Always use edgemeplease.com But it’s too repetitive. Would you have any edging instructions for me without ballbusting or just punishing pleasure? If you do your instructions, post a video here to excite viewers
  18. N


    I love his vids on Twitter, He edge the guys and makes them moan and begging to cum. He even edge this black dude with muscles and I just want to know if anyone subscribed to his onlyfans?
  19. S

    Dubai Wank Buds

    Hi, looking for wank buds in Dubai, get naked and chill edging to porn for long sessions. Would love to find a regular wank bud. Send me your snapchats to chat!
  20. Mj11xxx

    Chicago area- kinksters. Edging, bdsm, cbt, cum control and more.

    Hey LPSG, I am 28 y.o. guy/ a professional who lives around Chicago. I am interested to get to know anyone nearby who share the common interest such as bdsm, edging, cum control, some cbt. I am very open and would like to meet anyone 18-30 yo. I am fun with multiple personalities. Love...
  21. Mj11xxx

    Chicago Kink/cum control, bdsm, and more.

    Hey LPSG, I am 28 y.o. guy/ a professional who lives around Chicago. I am interested to get to know anyone nearby who share the common interest such as bdsm, edging, cum control, some cbt. I am very open and would like to meet anyone 18-30 yo. I am fun with multiple personalities. Love...
  22. Mj11xxx


    Are you an athletic guy who craves attention? and down to be trained in submission control/edging sessions. I am looking for long-term or short-term who can commit to exhausting and draining edging sessions with some cbt and bdsm. I am a verbal coach who will totally guide you on how to play and...
  23. XxSherlockxX

    Massive Cumshots

    Hi! (^-^) I wanted to start a thread on huge loads, edging etc. Like this guy. :)
  24. P

    Skype Bating/edging groups link

    Is there anyone to share links to Bating/edging group on Skype, please?
  25. C

    Wood7man appreciation post

    Please feel free to add more vids of him cumming
  26. P

    Links Please Help ID Twitter Bondage

    I came across this video a while ago and have been obsessed!! Does anyone know who the actor is or the name of the video itself?? Video
  27. K

    Kensington VA Fun?

    Just moved here, looking for some fun in Kensington - joined Virgin Active, gym/fuck buddies?
  28. D

    New Edging member

    Hey, new here and looking forward to being part of this community. Main kink, edging myself and nipple play. Free spirited and open to learn things.
  29. H

    Mimic Game

    I love imitation game on cam, copy the way like others guys jerking off and watch who can hold it more time without cumming. With differents way to jerk off and changing the pace, or making countdowns. Interchanging who control the jerk off during the session. What do you think about it? Are...
  30. B

    Looking for gay (mm) chastity and cum denial videos/stories

    Hi all, I'm trying to find some hot videos or stories involving mm guys being edged and teased and then locked back up without being allowed to cum. Even better if there is bondage involved. Any suggestions would be awesome!