1. giddy_scarecrow

    My cock, tied-up tight ;P

  2. F

    Glad to be here! Lets masturbate!

    Hey there, just joined. I am horned up way to often and enjoy hosting long stroke sessions with other guys that like stroking. Porn, being verbal and jerking with other guys until sperm starts spraying out of our dicks is heaven.
  3. T

    Can Anyone Help Me Find This Video

    I have been looking everywhere but found nothing, please help fint the video. Source: https://twitter.com/leslie_coo31845/status/1709890671279268144?t=-1oVArUSjWkdYhTqghlxNA&s=19
  4. N

    Edging / cum control master dom on Snapchat

    Hi I am looking for a bottom sub slave or anyone to edge on snap cam and to obey me. I am 21 Arab with blue eyes You must show your face at first and then follow my orders. I can be verbal, mean, kind or whatever u want I just want you to be a good boy Snap : superguyman
  5. newbear

    Edging and Cum Eating

    If I'm not hooking up, I love to hold off on cumming until Friday nights or so when I have time to myself to kick back and edge my horny cock to an explosive and massive cum load. Tonight, for example, I haven't cum since Saturday and have been edging my cock for a few hours now. I am going to...
  6. I

    Crown Helmet?

    Anyone else like to do the crown helmet style? Helps to be a huge precummer.
  7. kapahulu

    Super Shoot

    I recently came across some vids of this guy who posted whimsical cumshot videos of himself, edited, with replay and slo-mo. Whatever happened to him? He used to post as super shoot, or XES, or doctor something or other. I always enjoyed his cumshots and facial expressions.
  8. L

    Snapchat bators and edgers

    Bator/edger here who loves to show off on Snapchat. I’m pretty much horny all the time. A bit of a sub and into poppers too. Looking for guys to bate and snap with. Snapchat: gay_cph
  9. L

    Snapchat varpes and edgers

    Bator/edger here who loves to show off on Snapchat. I’m pretty much horny all the time. A bit of a sub and into poppers too. Looking for guys to bate and snap with. Snapchat: gay_cph
  10. AjEdged

    Milking Therapy

    Leo, A healthy, in shape, clean cut 28 year old young man flicked his thumb through his phone. He spent the past half hour job searching on an app. "Sucks to be laid off. Now what am I supposed to do?" His job had to end up doing some job cuts and he was one of the victims. Finally Leo saw...
  11. kapahulu

    Bate Pics

    I would love to see a thread for bate pics. Men who can really edge. Something like this.
  12. T

    Gay SPH London

    Hey. I'll be visiting London for 2 nights on the 22nd and 23rd Of March. Looking for guys interested in humiliating my dick. Love guys to degrade and make fun of my dick, comparing it to others they've played with, making me feel small, pathetic and worthless. Like to be edged, teased and...
  13. twinkedging

    Warming up my bf for tonight (Video)

    I sent my boyfriend some videos to warm him up for our sex tonight. I'll grant you a look too... enjoy
  14. twinkedging

    Men on Edge

    Hello guys, anyone ever watch the videos of Men on Edge? I often find them very exciting myself. My great fantasy is to one day undergo this myself... These are my favorites: Luke Adams: Luke Adams Hot New Stud Luke Adams Gets Relentlessly Edged A - Gratis Porno Video - Homo Fetisj, Met De...
  15. Y

    Bator Bro - 25th Feb

    Anyone going to the event at Heath Studios?
  16. B

    Is Fambase a thing??

    I’m wondering if I should create one to stream my edging sessions
  17. Josh Boss

    Video Fleshlight Edging and Cum!

    Guys I tried to hold my cum back as long as I could! But I had to give in to my cock
  18. S

    Dubai Wank / Jerk Off Buddy

    Straight here looking for a wank buddies who are into chilling naked and edging/gooning to porn for long sessions. Not looking for rushed encounters, and definitely not looking for anything more that wanking to porn, no oral or sex..etc would be great to find a regular bud! Include your...
  19. edgingfan

    Helston - Cornwall wank mate

    38 cut edging fan looking for a wank mate in the helston area of Cornwall in the next two weeks.
  20. P

    Hello fellow strokers!

    Hello fellow strokers! New and stroking/edging
  21. aning

    college muscle fit cam, 7" cock

    edging and jerking off now Whereby
  22. D

    Too hot not to know who this is. Anyone any ideas?

    Anyone any ideas? No luck anywhere.
  23. D

    Too hot not to know who this is. Help me identify him

    Anyone knows who this might be? Tried different methods of finding out, no luck sadly
  24. D

    Too hot not to know who this is. Help me identify him

    Anyone any ideas? Tried tattoo iafd, not much luck sadly.
  25. AjEdged

    Edged by a man, Ended in DENIAL. Literally didn't let me orgasm at all. His last words were "See you Monday, no cumming"

    Edged polished light cbt with his feet Tickles my feet (I suck w/ angles so hard to see, sorry!) Flicks my Cock & Balls & Denies orgasm. Small ruined leaks out $10 for 40 min vid. No OF's DM for cashapp and I'll send drive link to watch.
  26. Thickguy789

    Photos & Videos Bator cock

    Ok, studs, I wanna see your bator cock! not just another cock shot, but what your cock looks like deep into your bate. Is it leaking or dripping? Is it greased up? Is it rock fucking hard with veins poppin? Cock ring choking your meaty hog? Post up. I’ll start with a few of mine.
  27. I

    Edging orgasm

    Who else love to see to edging orgasm, where the climax is delayed to the utmost. For example: Great slow handjob. At the end the precum is dripping and he can’t hold back the huge cumshot. Sadistische Göttin ruiniert riesigen Cumshot-Orgasmus [Femdom-Handjob]
  28. AjEdged

    Edgers, Milkers, & CumControl Masters, How do you prefer to end a edging session?

    A- Letting the sub build up to 1 big cumshot, happy ending. B- Letting the sub build up to 1 big cumshot, Post cum Polishing C-A ruined orgasm(s), No real satisfaction. D-Several loads milked out throughout E-No orgasm/chastity
  29. Jesse479

    Sex Questions for spicing up a relationship

    I was just wondering if someone knew how to make a guy’s dick throb just by using your tongue and/or mouth or any other sensual ways to do that? I want to try something new with my partner and I want to come at it from a place of sensuality and slow sex… maybe something like tantric… what I...
  30. S

    London edge & measure after work group

    Two masc Discreet guys fit hosting a group after work next week. Looking for 2-5 more hung discreet guys to join. Straight / bi guys welcome. DM with stats to apply and we will organise on Telegram. All guys will strip on arrival, cocks measured soft hard length and girth. Then a group wank edge...