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  1. D


    How important is it to see a guy ejaculating when having sexual play? And does this put you off if the guy doesn't ejaculate? Happy to discuss this in private messages if you prefer.
  2. R

    How to shoot...

    So, like since I started wankin as a teen whenever I cum I just dribble. Sometimes it's just a little other times it's a decent amount. My question is does anyone else have this problem and has anyone managed to learn how to shoot a load out or am I just stuck with this disappointing ending...
  3. N

    Straight Guys Into Cumshots

    I've always wondered if it was leaning towards bi/gay if a guy wanted to see cumshots. Things like cumpilations. I was always into seeing cum (shoot, dribble, ooze...whatever) but that was me taking my time accepting my sexuality. I REALLY enjoy it now, you get that feeling of 'reward' when you...
  4. D

    Is It Disgusting Licking Cum Up From The Floor?

    What's your opinion
  5. ukdamon

    Orgasm Too Scary

    Hi I have autism and in my past, I was sexually abused. Ever since I’ve been to scared to ejaculate. I have a great dick and I like sex, but I never climax .
  6. Shofixti

    Photo Just Cum, Precum, Semen And Ejaculate

    I know I'm not the best at finding things using the forum search function. But there seems to be a lack of any thread dedicated just to this: to jizz General spatter:
  7. 1

    Ever Cum In Your Pants At The Sight Of A Complete Stranger?

    This has happened to me a few times and always after a period of abstinence followed by edging and cum denial. There was one day in late afternoon in summer while out bike riding. I’ve spent most of the day before edging a 2 day load. Was horny as fuck so went for a ride and saw this mature...
  8. G

    Let's See Your Cum Loads!

    Here is one I just shot. http://cdn4-s-ha-e5.xtube.com/m=eaSaaWcWh/videos/201811/05/55gu9-G143-/original/14.jpg
  9. U

    Ejaculation Concern (serious Answers Only)

    Hey guys, I'm in my mid 30's , decent shape, and uncut. Workout ( cardio ) about 4 days a week ( 45 min -1 hr). My diet is mostly healthy.. not 100%. But I am on a few medications for a disorder since age of 12, and they have been changed up quiet a few times. My concern is...
  10. goander

    Seen You Cum

    How many people have seen you spurt your load in real life? I believe 13 for me. 2 guys & 11 girls.
  11. deine_huendin

    When Cumming Inside A Man's Anus, Hold Still ?

    hold still ? or continue deep thrusting ? or giving more speed ?
  12. T

    How Many Minutes Before You Cum?

    How many minutes before you usually cum? Are there exercises to prolong and extend the ejaculation?
  13. 1

    What volume do you cum?

    The amount of semen ejected during ejaculation varies between 0.1 and 10 ml (a teaspoon is 5 ml and a tablespoon holds 15 ml). Source: Wikipedia. here’s my honest amount. Was a 2 day load. I’d estimate it was at least half a tablespoon.
  14. d4242

    Lets uncork this thing.....happy new year!!

    Here's a quick video showing some festive activity...Cheers !! Comments are of course welcum