1. 22cyclist22

    Multi faceted fondness for spandex / lycra, advice-stories etc…

    It’s always a bit tricky for me to balance my liking for how people (mostly guys) look in spandex with the fact that I grew up wearing it a lot for sports. I still wear it because I love how tights and compression shorts make me feel – like I could jump across any gap, run any distance, or fit...
  2. Izariel

    Most mortifying sexual experience

    I just had my most mortifying sexual experience in my life...and I am 40. I was in bed with a cute Brazilian guy with a nice body and we were in a sixty nice (both sucking each other off). I am uncut and so have a very sensitive head. He had the skin pulled back and was just going back and forth...
  3. S

    Photos & Videos Tv chartoon male nudity

    Check videos below for reference 0:42 Regular Show Naked Benson 1:39 The Road to El Dorado (2000) - The Trail We Blaze (3/10) | Movieclips 25:59 George of the Jungle 2015: An Experience 0:34 A Pete Scorned | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts 1:57 Spongebob the masterpiece part 3
  4. J

    Video Light Embarrassment: Young Dudes getting Pee Shy, Premature Cum, Small Penis, but NO shame

    So I might be the only one with this strange fetish, but I get totally turned on by young hot guys being a little embarrassed or vulnerable. Even though I really like that, I am totally turned off by "shaming" like we see with SPH sometimes. What does it for me is a guy sort of recognizing he's...
  5. Harambae

    Guys Showing Off Swampey Holes

    Didn't even know there was a whole ass 'nother thing for me to go mad over in relation to dudes and that sexy AF uncontrollable flooding out of them man panties after hard workouts with the rest of the team! There's something about possibly being embarrassed about noticeably soaking up that...
  6. Pantsdownbitsout

    Enm - Featuring Me!

    So I recently modelled for my Twitter friend (all credit to @particolarguy) for an ENM (Embarrassed Naked Male) story. Here’s part 1… hope you like! Part 2 coming soon! My Twitter is @PDBO6 if you want to follow :)
  7. E

    Looking for men to expose and embarrass

    Hello all, I run an ENM (embarrassed naked men) themed video challenge; previously lived on my popular Tumblr account, but is now just anywhere on the internet. I am always looking for exhibitionists, dare lovers, show-offs, and exposure enthusiasts to participate. I think there are about a...