1. H

    Help picking a penis pump

    Hey everyone, I'm kinda new to penis pumping and I really want some girth gain. I just wanna see which one I should get out of these. All experienced inputs would be greatly appreciated
  2. RippedHungMuscleGod

    New Vac-Hanger (Almost) on the Market

    Stealth Vac-Hanger Pro
  3. M

    Questions with ProExtender

    So i got the proextender yesterday and I started wearing it. I understand that its normal to have some discomfort wearing it at the beginning, because i obviously need to adapt to it, but i have some questions. 1) Is it normal for the tip of the penis to get cold when i put it on? Is it because...
  4. erik the viking

    Aussie Boy In Blue

    Hi all, 50yo MWM career police officer from Sydney, Australia. Not sure if I qualify for the (L)PSG but I'm working on it! 18cm and thick. Would be good to share some stories with men and women around the world, not just those on the thin blue line. I'll post some pics when I get a chance...
  5. HunterGreen

    What's Your Routine?

    I've never really stuck to a routine for very long. When I do pump its usually for about 30-45 minutes at a time. The way I learnt to do it was: Use crisco to make a good seal around the rim and on my cock. Use a heating pad to warm up the sleeve one you establish a good pressure, wrap the...
  6. H

    Nipple Pumping Questions

    Hi guys, so I love pumping my nipples. Wanted to get that extruded nipple look but hasn't been too successful. So what are some tips and tricks you guys use to achieve that look? how long does it take? Also to nipple pumpping enthusiasts, when you have the nipple sucker on for too long, does...
  7. solomebabes

    About Penis Enlargement

    hey guys I’m new here and I have questions lol. I’ve been wandering on this forum like a ghost for months now and this is crazy how you guys are hung. I’ve always had problems with sex cause I wasn’t confident about my body and all. I’m not sure if I need that but I was wondering if any of you...
  8. A

    I Think I Want To Quit Pe.

    I've been obsessed with trying to grow my penis for over 10 years now, hell I even kept a paper journal when I started. I've been getting depressed lately, in a funk. I've done everything I could think of from pumping to pills to jelqing to weird stuff. I believe I've stayed about the same size...
  9. sizeking87

    Ideal Daily Pumping And Weight-hanging

    Looking for advice to refine my loose daily regimen... Got a nice Thickwall Cylinder pump (Penis Pump Enlargement Kit - Thickwall Cylinders Ltd), with two tubes: main one is length-focused: 9" long with about 1/8" clearance all around my shaft (easily pack the girth). second is girth-focus: 9"...
  10. M

    Grower vs. shower vs. pe "abuse"

    How have you found being a grower vs. a shower has impacted your PE? I am an extreme grower going from 2" to over 7.5", so I have found over 20 years of PE that my penis can take a whole lot more "abuse" than most can endure. For example, most PE sites post significant warnings about guys...
  11. 9

    Find chat partners

    Hi, I registered on this site once in the past but I haven't used this site yet. So, I came back. :) I've finished university, I've started working at a company etc. but now I have more free time. I want to start building my muscles and bulge too. I am totally beginner in both things, so I'd...
  12. olinguito88

    How far would you be willing to go to make your penis bigger?

    My biggest interest is penis enlargement. I have used penis pump and gotten a hyaluronic acid filler in the past. I am also considering getting a surgical procedure in the future. I was just wondering how far the other fellows are willing go to enlarge their penis. Would you ever get...