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  1. thehottestmenxx

    My First Year in Prison (Erotic gay drama)

    This story is a sequel to My First Year in College which you can read entirely on this thread. The action takes place around 9 years later in a whole different setting. You don’t have to have read the first book to enjoy the story but I would still recommend to do so as it will for sure better...
  2. T

    nipple play

    im in my 20's from Sweden and Im really into nipple play and I find that playing with them is super erotic and I LOVE it. Can my nipples grow bigger from just playing with them. I just use my hands because I don't own any toys for nipple play. Will they get more sensitive and bigger from just...
  3. L

    Best Male Masseur In Ireland!

    Hey, Luis here, I'm a 27 year old college student from Nigeria that lives in Dublin. I'm a gay, trans masseur/exotic dancer/cross dresser and have 2 years massage experience and over 7 years dance experience. I can wear whatever you desire, from lingerie to leather and spandex, you imagine it, I...
  4. britnadian

    Swedish Boy

    I had this experience in Australia. I was living in Sydney when I first moved down under living in a hostel. Now in a hostel you can have upward of 6 strangers in the same room. This one instance I was bunking with 4 girls. That evening this guy stayed in the room with us. He kept to himself...
  5. Gay Erotic Massage in Barcelona

    Gay Erotic Massage in Barcelona

    Erotic massage is a fantastic way to relax, explore pleasure and connect with yourself on an emotional and spiritual level. Relaxation and ecstasy are definitely benefits of getting an erotic massage. What better way to relax while on vacation than a gay erotic massage! Gay Erotic Male to Male...
  6. M

    The Gents Spa

    Anyone here subscribe in the VIP of The Gents Spa website? They feature erotic massage videos. There website is Membership | The Gents Spa twitter aaccount https://twitter.com/thegentsspa
  7. Typhoonbob

    (True Story) Caught By Roommate

    Backstory: My birthday is May 1st. I just graduated high school on May 18th. I will be starting at Baylor University in the spring. I had been openly gay pretty much all throughout HS. My best friend was also openly gay. So we decided after high school, we would take our savings and get a small...
  8. EquusAz

    Ordering In

    Darius snorted. He was jealous. His huge hooves clopped on the golden oak floor under the dining room table as he shifted, two of his thick fingers scratched his pendulous nuts. Yeah, the porno he was watching was hot. The big bull on screen was getting railed by a little corgi who was nipping...
  9. T

    The football coach and his very talented team

    Disclaimer: I’m going to start sharing a story I read a few years ago on the internet. This story is not mine. If someone knows the author, let me know so I can give the corresponding credits or take the appropriate actions. This story is really hot and I didn’t want it to get lost on the...
  10. svetlana loboda

    Photo Sasha Cosmos Photography

    Sasha Kosmos is the most famous Russian male photographer. Now he travels the world as part of Mavrin Studios.
  11. erotic metal work

    erotic metal work

  12. J

    After a long day of Tennis…

    After a long day of being the head tennis coach at Washington Highschool, John was tired. And more importantly he was horny, John was mostly straight he was married with kids and he loved his wife, but he couldn’t help but be enamored with men, he would peek looks at other guys in the lockers...
  13. there a lot in the grain of this erotic pixilation.

    there a lot in the grain of this erotic pixilation.

  14. H

    Iñigo Aguas @inigoaguas

    Iñigo aguas es un modelo y escritor de Pamplona. Ha escrito un poemario y una biología con temática erotica gay. También sale en el videoclip de Los cuerpos de Anna Linares.
  15. J

    I Had Sex With My Teacher

    (i posted this on another thread and it didn’t get much attention so i’m posting it here) last year i had sex with my teacher, he’s probably late 40s and divorced, i was 18 a few months after i was in his class. i immediately was so attracted to him he was chubby but he didn’t have a beer...
  16. C

    Passionate Kissing / Sensual Sex / Erotic Love Making Porn - Straight, Gay/lesbian, Transgender

    this is for the ones who love passionate kissing and some foreplay during a scene. the entire scene doesnt have to be slow and passionate, it could be rough fucking and hardcore, all that matters is that some part of the scene features some kissing, foreplay, massage, slow touching, cunnilingus...
  17. G

    Butts Getting Spanked Or Slapped

    Kudos to the wonderful person who made the Bubble Butts thread, but I am so shocked that theres no thread with a collection of pics and videos of guys getting spanked or having their booties smacked or smacking their own asses.
  18. S

    Hot Creampie Scene

    Does anyone know the name of this scene. I'm pretty sure the actor is Chad White
  19. M

    Fun On The Football Pitch

    I’ve played football (soccer) all my life, this didn’t change after I came out and it led to one of the more interesting and hot hook-up’s of my life (so far). There's plenty of pics of me in Football Shirts on my profile, so you can trust that this happened! This occurred last summer, just as...
  20. N

    Youtube - Bulge And Bulto

  21. N

    Removing Bra During Sex

    This is a bit of an unexpected one, but I was watching this video the other day and my god a certain part of it turned me on! The wife is having sex with another guy while the husband films. She's naked but has her bra on. Then halfway through she gets her own tits out, as though she really...
  22. D

    London Photographers

    I've been wanting to do a photoshoot for a while, a big old mix of fashion, physique, risqué and nude stuff, and am looking for a great photographer to do it. Does anyone follow any awesome male-centric photographers on IG or anywhere that are London-based or not too far? If you are a...
  23. H

    Explicit Gay Erotic Photography Onlyfans

    Wanna share your favorite explicit gay erotica photography from OF and other sources? You know, the photographers who blur the line between art and porn. No porn studio screenshots. We're talking original photography work. Like these... Who are some of the other photographers we should be...
  24. E

    Ta Jersey

    Hi I've been looking for other contents of this "wrestler" named Jersey from ThundersAr. Does anyone know his other appearances other than at TA?
  25. L

    @robsonalmeidarq Nudes?

    @Robsonalmeidarq tem nude?
  26. 1

    Sneaky Peek - Muscle Pubes

    One of my big time kinks is seeing pubes peek up above low rise jeans or undies. I think it's the hint of eroticism that really gets me. This is one of my go-to vids, and an example - fast forward to 1:45ish if you just want the goods:
  27. M

    Video Do You Know Who Is In This Sexy Funny Video

    Please find out who is in this sexy funny video or give me a full video link... www.xvideos.com/video47082175/daddy_teacher
  28. john1953

    Photographer Looking For Male Models

    I'm a retired professional photographer here looking for male models for erotic nude photography. I have ample working experience behind the camera shooting models. Young and mature models are wanted.There's no requirement to have sex in exchange for pictures just get hard and let me do the...
  29. john1953

    Photographer Looking For Male Models

    I'm a retired professional photographer here looking for male models for erotic nude photography. I have ample working experience behind the camera shooting models. Young and mature models are wanted.There's no requirement to have sex in exchange for pictures just get hard and let me do the...
  30. 1

    The Farmhouse (part1)

    Her house was a two-hour drive from Oklahoma City. Despite the peeling paint and curious sloping floors, Olivia fell in love with it the moment she laid eyes on it. In its glory days, it was an elegant early-19th century farmhouse. Now, after years of neglect and weather, it was reduced to a...