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  1. stealthmens

    Chris Pratt fakes

    here are some pratt fakes I made. I like it when fakes take the original image and edit a dick onto the body instead of putting the face on another body. If anyone has fakes please reply.
  2. Hung_in_DC

    Stuffed? IG: @scaybay39

    Compared to some of his earlier posts, this hottie may have decided to start stuffing that bulge… Login • Instagram
  3. B

    identification help

    I am in contact with a guy on kik who claims to be the one in the pics attached and I am almost sure he's faking. Pics are blurry and it seems to good to be true. Anyone knows him? Tineye and reverse image search by Google got me one match for a Pinterest thread but nothing further. The...
  4. A

    How to Edit?

    Was wanting to hear some tips about editing Fakes. I know simple ones like head onto body, but was wondering if anyone had tips on editing to convert clothed pictures into nude ones, keeping the photo the same but making them nude. Aswell as how to edit a fake bulge into a photo lmao, cuz bulge...
  5. J

    Links Thesultann - Fake account?

    There is this hot guy I found on reddit who has an onlyfans under the same name "thesultann"(The Sultan (u/Thesultannn) - Reddit - OnlyFans) He's super hot however I've beem observing/interacting with him(on reddit) for a little over a month, His onlyfans has had 1 new thing up(didn't sub but...
  6. H

    Photo Fakes (of Men You Know)

    So does anyone have any fakes of people they know IRL? A friend of mine had fakes she made back in the day of our hot male teacher that we would both drool over. It was the hottest thing and kicked off a fantasy of editing myself in the photos too lol :oops:o_O
  7. SomedoodeMe

    Story Time

    So I decided to write a story its not a true story nor is it based on anyone just a fantasy let me know if its any good or if there's mistakes I don't have a lot of experience so I kinda just went with what I thought was hot. Be honest :) hope you enjoy Luca's Awakening part 1 My names...
  8. D

    The Next Step Cast Fake Nudes

    A thread for fake nudes of the cast from the Canadian TV show "The Next Step".
  9. Rican84

    Anyone Else Tired Of Photoshopped Pics?

    so many photoshopped pics in these threads. Most of them you can tell are blatant edits. Some are done so well but I can tell. I find it corny.
  10. C

    Is It Fake ? Anything On Him? Help

    Hello guys does anyone know him or have anything on him? I’m wondering if it’s a fake acc and would like to know who the real person is...
  11. 1

    Male Celeb Fakers

    i dont know a lot of people who do fakes of male celebs and wanted to know if anyone has any recomendations?
  12. KengoNaininchi

    Fake Pic Requests

    I have a lot of fun making “photoshop” fake pics for people. I especially like putting people in porn scenes. If anyone has a fantasy they’d like to see themselves in then send me a private message and I’ll be happy to share it back with you. I won’t share it with anyone else but I will collect...
  13. L

    Fraud Users On Kik

    A thread about fakes. Ill start... There's a fake on kik with the username @kimsou.d that says he hung to get you interested ... Then saves all your things and content and use to get fake nudes from so guy that post a lot from somewhere.. If you come across @kimsou.d DO NOT SPEAK TO HIM HES...
  14. V

    Want To Stroke/jerk My Bwc And Talk Dirty About Your Wife/gf

    I've had a few fun conversations with LPSG members about this in the past and am looking for new people to talk to. Want to show me pictures of your wife and hear about how hard she makes my big cock? Want to chat/roleplay about your girl fooling around with a hung guy? maybe you'd like to...
  15. semface

    Photo Do You Guys Think His Dick Is Real?

    Or he is using a sort of dildo? GrowingMuscleBro (@BroGrowing) | Twitter
  16. m4ss1ved000d

    Please stop posting pics of your “wife”

    You guys aren’t fooling anyone. Especially when the pics aren’t even taken from a similar device with similar quality. Fishing for views isn’t attractive and let’s face it...people are more inclined to view your profile if they think you’re being truthful rather than lying.
  17. E

    Someone needs to call out this guy for his fake penis!

    Lauri Salonen Usually don't care about guys faking online but this guy is a fucking joke and scammer. Wearing one of those prosthetic sheaths that he never fully shows and when you call him out he'll send you a paragraph basically about how his penis is a gift from God, then block you. It's...