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    Luke Knight (male Model)

    @lknight_fl He shot with Bruce Weber and Rick Day, but I can only find this nude picture so far! Classic American Beauty
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    Erection Fascination

    On a serious of forum posts on fascination (check here, and here), I have asked guys (regardless of sexual orientation) what and why they find fascination in some traits other guys possess. Now I want to draw attention the the fascination a man may have regarding penis erections. A stiff...
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    Bulge Fascination

    After an interesting thread on fascination in another forum, I think this can be a good one to talk about a fascination some of us guys may have towards a visible bulge on a mate's pants, underwear, or shorts. What is it that attracts us, what goes through our minds when we see one (being...
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    Semen Fascination

    Here's to the guys that are fascinated by a mate's semen. Especially if he is hung. Why is it that attracts some guys to another mate's sperm so much? Regardless of sexual orientation.