1. S

    I wanna try first time

    Hey. I’m 29, from California. I’m straight but I wanna try with man But I’m afraid of a first sex
  2. M

    Sex with a guy with a very small penis

    Hey Guys, Maybe the totally wrong place to be asking this, but I think there will be some in the audience with valid experience. I'm going out this weekend with a guy who has told me he has a very small penis. He didn't want to send me a picture and I didn't push it. I have my own insecurities...
  3. M

    The first time I got my dick sucked - and it was amazing !!

    So I wanted to talk about how a few days ago I invited this guy to my house. We were supposed to go to an event together but I was so tired so we just had some chill on my house. As we talked for a few time before, we were already in the talks of a “relationship”, so things weren’t slow to turn...
  4. B

    First Gay Experience

    I have always been curious, and have jerked to gay and bi porn a lot over the years, but never had the nerve to act on anything. Last year I was at a small get together at a friends house and ran into an old friend who just moved back to the area. We talked for a while and agreed to meet to...
  5. L

    Sex with gay couple

    Hi, I'm kind of new in LPSG and I don't perfectly know how does it works, so I'm sorry if I am doing something wrong posting this thread! I recently found out I'm bi, and I am starting making experiences with men, and the few once that I got were all as a top, but I want to try as bottom too. I...
  6. tigerfeet

    First Time

    I was almost 17 and I had just broken up with my long term girlfriend, Jessica. She was all I'd ever known, and I was lonely, angry, and kicking around in the dust for something to do. My parents had booked a holiday - with Jessica, and me - to go to Portugal and stay in my uncle's house, which...
  7. M

    When i began my dick worship

    At a young age, I started a relationship with an older guy who was confident about his body, his intentions, and desires, which was an exciting contrast to my naivety and shy personality. We went on dates, but we hadn’t had sex, until the night we decided to share a bed together... That night...