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  1. 1

    Adonishunk/Razvan Corneliu

    I can’t believe nobody talked about Adonishunk/Razvan Corneliu https://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/adonis-hunk/about.php Watch Adonishunk live on Chaturbate! https://twitter.com/adonishunk1?s=21&t=IzDed4rekUkiYDkKom1pGA
  2. L

    The Pool Party

    It was uncharacteristically hot for late February, even by Australian standards. The whole party was sporting some variety of t-shirts, shorts and thongs. Some were shirtless and a couple had braved budgie smugglers. I was sitting with my back to the pool, sipping on a quickly warming beer when...
  3. Athena Kolva

    Online Gamer Fwb! Gta V, Pubg, Etc!

    Good day! I'm looking for someone to play games with and be horny all the time with lol. I think it would be wonderful to perhaps play GTA V, etc, and talk about sexual things, or even flirt! Open to everyone! IRL or online is great! I can't wait to meet someone to flirt and game with! :)...
  4. spaj8987

    Green Lights That You're Into It.

    What are some green lights that you're into another person flirting with you? I'm notorious for not getting hidden messages (or what seems like hidden messages because i can't spot them personally). Which left me pretty ignorant when it comes to flirting. How to flirt, what flirting is and...
  5. S

    Super horny!

    I am horny a lot. How do I find and talk to a "real" woman as into sex as me? I mean actual face to face, not online.