1. 129JOHN

    Men eating food naked

  2. M

    Kinky Onlyfans Models

    Looking for male kinky onlyfans model suggestions. Want to reach out to guys who are interested in food play, in particular cake/pie fucking who will also jerk off with and smear the food over their chest and abs.
  3. C

    Oli Paterson (Elburritomonster)

    English guy who posts crazy food content. I think he’s so hot. These are stills from just a view of his videos. insta: @elburritomonster
  4. D

    Kyle Istook @kyleistook

    How does this hotte not have his own thread
  5. S

    Anyone know who this naked man grilling meat is?

    Trying to narrow down where this is from or what his name is. Anyone know?
  6. D

    For lovers of erotic, sensual and porn food.

    Thread for lovers of erotic, sensual and porn food. :emoji_eggplant::emoji_banana::emoji_peach::emoji_strawberry::emoji_wine_glass::emoji_shallow_pan_of_food::emoji_pizza::emoji_doughnut::emoji_champagne::emoji_champagne_glass::emoji_hotdog::emoji_icecream::emoji_ice_cream::emoji_popcorn: You...
  7. S

    What to eat after ejaculation(s)?

    Hi, I just want to know what could be the general or specific food to eat, after ejaculate 2 or 3 times in a row… Sometimes I feel that I really lost energy when I jerked and cum, for example 1 time at morning. Or I lost the previous state of mind after ejaculate… it is obvious so I think...
  8. P

    Fist, food, piss - kinky

    Hi guys, looking for a guy to be my slave. I like to watch food play, food fisting, watersports, kinky fun. You have to be under 45yo. Im 29yo. Add me on skype: Join conversation
  9. T

    Gay Food-Related Stories and Recommendations

    This picture turns me on so much! I love innuendos, metaphor, and anything that can have double meaning. Anyone have any gay anecdotes or story recs that are centered around food? Please note this is NOT the place for those with a feeder fetish, as that is something different.
  10. Cut9801

    Favorite food

    Which is your favorite food?
  11. D

    Cum Omelete

    Which would be the best way to make a cum omelet ? Do I put eggs in a bowl then add my cum and whisk before cooking or add my cum to the eggs once in the pan. Also thinking of adding to melted chocolate
  12. N

    Lollipop collection

    Post whoever you want eating a lollipop.
  13. D

    Hardboiled egg

    If I wanted a warm hardboiled egg for lunch but had no where to make it at work, do you think it would be ok to boil one in the morning before I leave and slip it inside my ass, still in shell, to keep warm then take it out later to peel and have with a salad and dressing
  14. X

    I'm A 20yo Slave Boy Into Anal Food Stuffing

    I'm looking for doms who like this fetish to instruct me and make me a bitch. Add me on Skype: X0j2 You don't necessarily need to have a mic or cam.
  15. AlextheRedhead

    Cock And Food

    Photos of cock and food It just all looks so delicious
  16. T

    Post What's For Dinner (with Photos)

    Show something yummy you had recently, with pics if you can. I'll start with mine. Over the weekend I had beef bulgogi: Before: ready to go. I thinly sliced ribeye and marinated it in gochujang, soy sauce, garlic, and pureed Asian pear overnight, with sides Clockwise from top: ponzu...
  17. T

    Fucking Your Food/adding Cum To Food.

    A thread to discuss having sex with food and posting your favourite pics/vids. Occasionally when I get very horny/hungover I get the urge to fuck some food and cum on it. Does anyone else have any advice on this? Which foods are good and how you go about it? Do you eat the food after? I'm not...
  18. Cut9801

    Favorite Food

    Which is your favorite food? Mine: steak, burger and pizza
  19. dongalong

    Viagra-like Food And Drinks

    Have you ever had surprisingly hard and long lasting erections after eating or drinking something specific? Please share your experience. This video gives some examples. In my own experience, I once had an amazing, long lasting, rock hard boner after eating some rather spicy, crystallised...
  20. 5

    Best Meal You Have Ever Had

    What is the best meal you've ever had? The best food item? The best dish you've ever eaten. Share it with us all. Share the juicy details. Pictures and descriptions of the dish referred. I'll start. One of my favorite top 5 dishes and favorite meals is from a place in North Carolina, US. It...
  21. 3

    Food Porn

    Hey guys, this is an idea I've always wanted to promote - food porn, I mean literally food porn. Cocks and donuts, cocks and fruits, cocks and vegetables....anything edible goes :emoji_fork_knife_plate: So if you have some nice shots of your nice cocks and some food and never had the opportunity...
  22. F

    Id The Models

    Any info on the models and what magazine is this? ty:)
  23. 9

    Man Vs Food

    Supposing hunger wasn't a thing
  24. mikebm4wm

    Food with " extra " seasoning

    Have not done it yet but eating food like pizza with cum on it intrigues me...anyone else ?
  25. W

    Tanner decosta aka versacepoptarts

    149052514905261490527149052814905301490531149053214905331490534149053514905361490537149053814905391490540 Hot guy who fucks food. I love him and I wish I could see all his vids (with sound)
  26. 1

    Food fetish porn

    Do yall have any videos where a guy lickin or eatin food off a guys dick, or and vids where a guy is fuckin with food. That type of thing turns me on for some reason lol.