foot fetish

  1. makefundude

    Ai Celeb foot ,soles fetish (rappers,musicians,sport,football)

    I adore Bing Ai . I adore exiting celeb soles pics. Rappers ,footballers ,play and show their soles
  2. 3

    feet pictures/videos

    a dump for hot feet pictures i videos i come across the internet and social media
  3. G

    koresh кореш

    koresh - popular russian streamer. very hairy
  4. XavierLDN

    Women worshiping men’s feet

    Hey, looking for more videos in which the women is licking/ worshipping men’s. Feet. See him fucking is amazing at that.
  5. XavierLDN

    Foot worship London

    If you are interested in relaxing and have me massage your feet and kiss them, and lick them. DM me For London only
  6. heratio

    Photos & Videos Shawn Mendes’ Feet

  7. A

    Photos & Videos SirLeo99/King Leo

    Hey LPSG. I want to find more on this guy… I have a couple of solo videos and photos from twitter but that’s about it. He’s soooooo hot and I can see he probably swings both ways. Anyone got anything on him, maybe some duo content where he’s topping? Or if anyone has subscribed, drop them...
  8. B

    Henry 19 year old UK camboy

    hmu if you have vids or pics
  9. B

    Photo Cam twink ID or vids

    Can anyone ID this UK cam twink? it was maybe Henry something..
  10. G

    Can you ID this foot model?

    This is a model who went by the name “Gustavo” for Brazilian Guys Feet, which is now Studio Fifeety One. He was in two videos produced sometime in or before 2017: there was a tickling video and a teasing video. The teasing video has been located and I’ve linked it here. The tickling video has...
  11. AjEdged

    Andrew Yate Hates Feet

    Andrew Yate sat on the balcony of his mansion. His feet kicked up and a glass on wine in hand. He was very well off. Quite possibly the most well off findom/foot master out there. He built empire off of exploiting others in the fetish community. Inside a few men of his were making fetish videos...
  12. maxdenozo

    Does anyone have this Sean Lawless foot video?

    it's on thisvid but it's a private video and i'm enticed by just the screengrab alone. anyone have it?
  13. B

    Photo Anyone remember the site FootFreakz?

    There was an old site call and I would like to know if anyone has any videos from it. The guys on that site were sexy and so were their feet. I would love to see the full video of them (especially the model called Damon).
  14. voyeurfan

    Could you educate me on the foot fetish ?

    Can somebody explain the foot fetish to me ? In general, the attraction & devotion & adoration of feet and turning them into something sexual, how does that happen ? Does it have to do anything with the sweat / pheromones ? I've noticed that it's something quite prevalent, both in porn but...
  15. T

    ID actors in this foot fetish threesome with chocolate cake amazing bareback threesome with foot worship and chocolate cake play. Curious who they all are and any other similar vids by this production.
  16. M

    Vladislav Kovgard

    Sexy russian bottom Vlad Inst: k_vg_rd
  17. XavierLDN

    For worship

    Looking for someone to worship your feet? You've come to the right place! Are you a true foot enthusiast who enjoys the sensation of soft, delicate feet being adored and cherished? If so, then you've found your perfect match! I am looking for someone who is eager to indulge in all things foot...
  18. G

    Photos & Videos Roman Kurtsyn (Russian actor)

    Roman Kurtsyn is a 38-year-old actor. Sexy Jock, with a well-fed ass and nice legs
  19. AjEdged

    Have you ever recieved a foot pic from a public figure?

    Any celebs, public figures, influences, reality stars, athletes ect ever send a foot pic after a request? I'm curious if any are on a site like feedfinder as well haha
  20. menaregod

    Men in White Socks

    I have a weakness for men who wear white socks. I adore them, every time I see a man in white socks somewhere, it turns me on. Please share your favorite and favorite video and photo under this post. I'll go first
  21. Ipad11111

    Male TikTok/Influencer Feet :)

    Dedicating this thread to all the sexy male influencers/tik tokers out there with sexy feet. Feel free to share some of your favorites! I’ll start. Mine is 100% with out a doubt Josh Richards.
  22. Cockwise

    Photos & Videos Request for Foot Work Studios Movies

    Hi, does anyone have any of the following movies? The titles of these are: Cops, Jocks & Military Feet (1992), Foot Loose (1992), Foot Fetish (1992) All three were released by Foot Work Studios. All I have been able to find so far is this tiny bit from the first movie. I'm willing to trade...
  23. L

    Gay Male Porn Stars with Foot Fetish

    I'm curious to know which gay male porn stars have stated that they have a foot fetish. For example, I know that Chris Damned loves feet.
  24. J

    MasterTravis7 from Twitter

    Does anyone have any videos from this awesome guy? He is a cashmaster from twitter. Those big meaty feet make me so horny
  25. Lulcas


    Hi there! I was surfing the forum and found out a lot of feet pics. No offense but they all suck. Literally all. I don't know why people can't take good photos of legs n feet. This is fucking art, not just a daily selfie. I am starting this thread just to show you good angles and attractive...
  26. E

    Hairy feet lovers

    Hi everyone. how many of you have a passion for hairy feet? I believe they are an extremely exciting element in a man especially on a well-groomed foot with amber skin. Let me know your opinion. If you have hairy feet to show off or find those of a famous person or porn actor, this is the...
  27. J

    My Feet

  28. gayangelito

    Feet pics

    I searched for a feet pics thread but could find one. However because my partner loves my feet I was wondering if I should start a feet pics thread for people to post their own? I’ll start:
  29. L

    HELP: Contacting StudFeet

    Hello. So there's this famous page between the feet community called StudFeet. They have brought some of the best models and videos and showcased them. However, now they seem to have gone MIA. The only place I've found them is on clips4sale, where they have almost no vids. Do you guys know who...
  30. J

    Jayson Tatum NBA

    I’ve become obsessed with Celtics player Jayson Tatum’s Snapchat posts. He posts regularly on IG and Snap but the content on Snap seems more suggestive, shows his body more and I’m sure he has a foot fetish. Or I’m delusional. Anyway, I’m posting the pics I catch here.