1. AverageGayGuy92

    Free 50 Onlyfans trials

    I'm giving away 50 free trials (7 days) to anyone who's like to join my onlyfans! :blush: If you want to get free months as well, refer me to a friend by clicking the share button on my profile! Each friend that subscribes to me will give you another free month. :D Let's have some fun! OnlyFans
  2. T

    Where can I find Chaturbate videos?

    Does anyone know of a free website where I can watch old Chaturbate streams? I've looked through the forums on here and can only find links to websites where you have to pay. Anyone know of a free place to watch them that has an extensive archive? Thanks
  3. T

    Tacoma Gloryhole

    Message me on Snapchat if you want to come to a free gloryhole my username on Snapchat is : Anonfuckonlynew
  4. 1

    Adonishunk/Razvan Corneliu

    I can’t believe nobody talked about Adonishunk/Razvan Corneliu Watch Adonishunk live on Chaturbate!
  5. M

    Mellow7x Onlyfans free

    Ciao a tutti, sono nuovo nel blog. Volevo sapere se qualcuno potesse reperirmi il materiale Onlyfans di questo profilo: Mellow7x. Ho notato che il profilo è libero, ma io non so come funziona onlyfans e non ci sono iscritto. Sono semplicemente fissato con questo ragazzo e vorrei reperire il suo...
  6. A

    Photos & Videos Anyone have his nudes and videos?

    His OF is: OnlyFans im way too broke to see it, but he is so hot on Instagram
  7. kyleljeffreyphx

    Casual legit massage - non-LMT here - Phoenix AZ area

    Looking for fit, clean dudes in Phoenix AZ Metro for legit massage. Not an LMT so free....just like to work on guys that like and need a good massage for health and relaxation. Hit me up with a DM or reply here. Free weekdays and weekends.
  8. B

    Caleb (@cakeborb)

    On TikTok, he promised to do an experiment with his dick and posted it on OF. However, he seems to be uploading a lot more content and, at least for now, it's free. As I don't have a credit card, I can't subscribe to him so, can anyone share his content with us? TikTok, Instagram and OF: @cakeborb
  9. Fit4You

    Straight Free OF

    Found my straight friend on OF. It’s free. He just got out of the Navy. Follow him!!! OnlyFans
  10. N

    I subscribed so you don’t have to! You’re welcome everyone.

    So… I was bored and subscribed to some of the pages you all might be curious about. I gave them all a fair shot in content and here are some of the pages I’ve been with and suggest you don’t waste your money! These OF folks are making a fortune off peoples curiosity. So let’s cut it out. Either...
  11. G

    Photos & Videos @dortchdesigns Onlyfans free access videos

    Hello, Can someone post @dortchdesigns onlyfans videos in this thread ? The access is free, but I don't want to create an OF account (with my credit card info) here is the link OnlyFans For people like me (no OF account), they post "soft" videos on Vimeo : Anthony Dortch In their last video...
  12. TomBacchus

    "Doin' the Town," a naughty nautical novella

    Happy Holidays! "Doin' the Town," my naughty nautical novella, is free on Amazon Kindle, Dec. 21-25. Get your copy now on Gabe, Frankie and Munch are three horny Navy sailors on a 24-hour shore leave in 1990s Manhattan. While they long to see the sights, they’ve also got some urges...
  13. D

    8.6 Inches For Skype :)

    Mostly women please :) I also like very young guys with muscles :) But all of them with cam, otherwise I will block you. Sk:antonio_elchulo 9280161
  14. S

    Tecsavy From Chaturbate

    Can somebody post his pictures and videos from his onlyfans here? His onlyfans is free but I don't have an onlyfans page to view it. OnlyFans
  15. F


    Not sure if that's the right thread to ask but, what happened to Gives me an error and I can't access it now. Do you have the same error on your end? Do you know of a website alternative with the same content? They usually posted content from big gay porn websites but you could...
  16. D

    Virility — Straight Men Of Onlyfans

    In this thread, I'm going to post links to Onlyfans accounts I consider worth supporting and that I wish more people could see and enjoy. Here you're gonna find masculine straight men with a good physique, probably as much body hair as they can naturally grow - because I absolutely love men with...
  17. B

    Nexflix Bulges,dickprints

    Any bulges or freeballing in Netflix movies or shows?
  18. M

    Photos & Videos Scottxxx

    Does anyone know or have any way of obtaining any newer videos from for free? If anyone would be willing to share a Google drive with videos or any good download sites etc that would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you
  19. M

    Looking For Massage In London

    Hi there, I am 29yo, slim/fitbody, looking for whole massage in london. can massage back but very amature... if you need to practice massage, I am here lol... Not interested in massages from old out of shape guys... nor offers from escorts ;) Kik me Paullondon8 I cant host unfortunately. I...
  20. G

    Fiotti- Chaturbate

    any exclusive vids of them that aren’t already on pornhub etc.
  21. mattressjock

    Minnesota Men

    Anyone near the Minneapolis metro that could use a few good long massage? I’m looking to practice more to get my license. Let me know!
  22. J

    Photographer Looking For Male Models

    I'm a retired professional photographer here looking for male models for erotic nude photography. I have ample working experience behind the camera shooting models. Young and mature models are wanted.There's no requirement to have sex in exchange for pictures just get hard and let me do the...
  23. Dropplers

    Well-hung Guy At Party

    I love clips of real guys (not actors) goofing off at parties, pulling their long dicks out for fun, frat guys doing the helicopter, rocker dudes teabagging their drunk friends at festivals, putting their dicks on stuff... that sort of stuff. I thought we could share clips in this thread...
  24. J

    Free Onlyfans

    hey guys just thought I would start a thread where we post about free onlyfans accounts or free trials. That way we a benefit lol
  25. O

    Photographer available for free...

    Hi Guys, A really good portfolio of professionally taken photographs seriously increases your chances of getting cock... I am happy to come round to your place and get you those photographs that make you look mouthwateringly good. Professional service with professional results for free...
  26. G

    Videos where the bottom gets fucked and sucked at the same time

    This is what I'm talking about..