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  1. 2

    Phil Spencer From Xbox

    Always found this guy pretty hot. There's something about his muscular dad bod that turns me on. Anyone else get the same feeling?
  2. H

    Gay Internet Games?

    Does anyone know of any good free gay games on the computer? There used to be so many before flash died… there’s still nutaku but you have to make in game purchases to be able to actually progress. Thanks!
  3. Pseudo-Pside

    Stop Making White/colored Characters!

    I wish game developers and show directors would stop making characters who's only personality trait is their race, and make characters with an actual character with unique personalities, who just happen to be a specific race. Stop making *insert race* characters, and make characters that just...
  4. SeeTheDifference

    Game: Cock Pic “uno”

    Thought this would fun to try. I’ll start. First poster posts their dick pic and each subsequent poster has to be larger than the last. If you aren’t larger, say “reverse” and each poster has to be smaller than the last. We keep going as such. I’ll be interesting to see the longest...
  5. LucBry

    Does Anyone Play Apex Legends? Or Any On Cod? If So, Let’s Play!

    Hey there! I’m looking for mates to add on games; mainly Apex Legends but if you have any other recommended games please do share so we can play together. Although you might have to show me the ropes haha. I’m on PS5- but that shouldn’t matter because there’s crossplay on all platforms. Cheers!
  6. kresnik04

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm Al, I hope to meet friends with common interests, fun, chatting moments, everything is welcome with a good attitude!
  7. SkinnyGamer

    Hi! Young Gamer Here!

    Hi! I’m kinda new but not really “new“ here since I used to lurk in the forums and video chat before. But I guess I’ve just mustered enough confidence to really make an account and be more “out“ there. :emoji_sweat_smile: A little something about me, I am 20+, I look smooth and very young...
  8. 8

    How To Fix My Sexual Cravings Without Cheating On My Partner?

    I'm 20 and I have a partner. I discovered a few years ago that I like being a slave or a master and that I'm into a bit of CBT, BDSM you know. I know my partner doesn't feel the same way about it. I used to go on omegle for example and find slaves or masters. I also like to do challenges or...
  9. R

    Snapchat Group: Dick Games / Goofing Off

    Starting a new SC Group in a similar vein to this one. Str8, gay, bi, curious - all welcome. This isn't a group jerk, it's just for a laugh. In short: "Think dares, jizz contests, taking leaks, goofy dick pics, nustack pics, snapchat editing to make the snaps even stupider/funnier, making fun...
  10. R

    Porn Games

    Felt like sharing these Adult Porn Games for those who want to enjoy Sex Emulator - Redirecting More - Rude Gamers (7 links)
  11. 5

    Would You Rather: Rhyming Edition

    Answer which scenario you would rather do, then give two scenarios that rhyme with one another. Your new scenarios do not have to rhyme with the previous poster's rhyme. Here, I'll start: Would you rather, Eat one rat or Always have to wear a tin-foil hat?
  12. lustyk


    This was a popular thread on SF so here goes. Banned everyone for not already having set up a banned thread.
  13. D

    Change One Letter To Make A New Word

    So for example, fire could become file. I'll start with: Like
  14. lustyk

    Scrabble - 5 Letters - Replace 1

    Well, why not? I'll start: Begin - Hinge
  15. agcs888

    Anyone Still Plays Ps Vita. Looking For Friends

    Just got ps vita and would like to play online with others and have friends. If you have Vita add me, MY ID: thriftyarek888 thanks
  16. Stratavos

    Magic: The Gathering

    so I've been playing since kamigawa came out, and I'm generally a casual player, so I play constructed, commander and I'm looking into Oathbreaker (got 6 decks made for it) and I love playing pentacle and twinheaded and archenemy. I find the lore to be quite interesting, and absolutely love...
  17. Lou37

    Wood hawker (beatemups)

    Does anyone have something on youtuber Wood Hawker?