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  1. B

    Photo Can someone ID this cam model?

    Can someone identify the guy in the from the video in the link attached? I believe he's a cam model, so I was hoping to get his name and streaming site. https://thisvid.com/videos/hairy-muscle-dad-cammer/ There's also some pics I've attached from said video.
  2. J

    Carlos T

  3. J

    Francis Bourgeois - TikTok Trainspotter

    i know, i know… i’m a sucker for nerds, geeks and goofballs Luke Magnus Nicolson born 8 July 2000, known by the moniker Francis Bourgeois, is an English trainspotter and social media personality He went through an F-boy phase (solely appearance to fit in) in his young adult hid before...
  4. C

    Conrad Ricamora

    I can't believe we don't have a thread yet dedicated to this hottest cute geeky guy around! I first found out about him from How to Get Away with Murder, and he's also done a bunch of smaller musical productions. I just thought about him again cause he was just announced as one of the leads in...
  5. I

    Video Nerdy, Geeky, Awkward Guys :)

    Share and share alike!
  6. S

    Anyone Remember Brevitas?

    I was thinking about past cam people that I used to watch before OF and stuff and I remember that I really liked Brevitas who was tall, skinny, lean and had that sexy geek vibe. I haven’t seen him post for a few years but wondered if anyone had seen anything or whether he may have changed his...
  7. A

    Id This Sexy Guy With Glasses

    Anyone know who this hottie is? So fucking sexy.
  8. T

    Domingo Gomes (@mingogome)

    Youtuber. YT Channel: NewEsc Twitter: Domingo Gomes (@mingogome) | Twitter
  9. S

    Photos & Videos Kuroshiba Cosplay

    Anybody have any of his full sets?
  10. Indigo20

    Dmv Dicks!

    Hey all, Looking to chat and meet with people in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area! Hit me up! Let's connect! You get a plus if you are a geek or love to workout! On a bodybuilding journey myself!
  11. J

    Mrrepzion/daniel Sulzbach

    Who else loves him?
  12. ca11um

    Compliment The Lpsg Member You Find The Sexiest!

    Which LPSG member do you find the sexiest... And why? :emoji_smiling_imp: Shower them with compliments below and make their day ;)
  13. Avatar ChiChi

    Photo This Twink Needs Our Help!

    This cute boy needs an excuse to show us more.. Check out @TonyChiVo1’s Tweet: TonyChiVo on Twitter
  14. ThickoneSFO

    Justinscarred a youtuber

    There's a YouTuber I watch whose specialty is Disneyland as well as Disney World and Disney Paris but He also does trips on Route 66. I admit I'm a Theme Park geek especially the original Disneyland. He's really cute in a geeky way and well we all know there a lot of Hung Geeks, I wonder ...