hairy chest

  1. T

    Quinn Fehrenbacher

    One of the hottest bodybuilders on Instagram is this massive hairy muscle man, Quinn Fehrenbacher! He's an up and coming bodybuilder who's competed in shows and it's about time he got his own thread.
  2. W

    Links Can You Identify Him

    I’ve only ever seen this gifs from tumblr on this guy and a video from and now some screenshots from here but I never see the name. Does anyone have any extra pictures or videos?
  3. H

    Photos & Videos @Lucaarelli on IG and OF

    Anything on him? Not sure how long he has been on OF or what the content is like. The chest is something else. @lucaarelli
  4. A

    outdoor shower guy on tiktok

    can someone please help me identify this guy? i used to see him on tiktok, but i cant find him anymore. he used to make thirst traps in his outdoor shower
  5. P


    German Bodybuilder and Fitness Influencer
  6. EnkiEa432

    The Hairy Male Figure I Adore

    Looking for guys who wanna send me their shirtless pix ;) ;) Hairy Chests are very welcomed! no matter the body type. Who wants to flex some muscles for me?
  7. W

    Mr Caked on twitter

    Does anybody have anything on him? His twitter(x) handle is @MrCaked and he's got a really nice body and ass. He also has a fansly but I don't know how much he charges for paid content.
  8. blueblink2

    Eli Roth is so fucking sexy

    That is all.
  9. P

    Photo Handsome Slovakian model _krystian_ch

    Sexy Slovakian model _krystian_ch Love seeing more hot guy
  10. CityBoyPedrino

    Show your hairy chest

    I‘ll go first
  11. Ray3

    Photo Lucas Parker - Muscular Hairy Crossfit Guy

    Here's some pics of Lucas Parker, a pretty well known Crossfit athlete. He's a perfect combination of hairy, muscular and ginger. I think it's only fair that he gets his own thread here. If you have any other pics of him (ideally good quality) post them here. Enjoy :heart:
  12. WiccanBoyKaplan

    Photo Please can someone help me identify this guy

  13. Krolath

    Anyone know who this guy is?

    I need to find this hot guy. i found this pic from:
  14. hisbodyhair

    can anyone identify him?? man from nipple play video

    found him in this nipple play video and he's so hot and has a beautiful chest. if anyone knows who he is please let me know.
  15. hisbodyhair

    Jaylen Brown (NBA player)

    anyone have any hot bulge/shirtless pictures of jaylen? i can't seem to find any lol
  16. AlexHefnerLover

    Filippo De Carli (Italian actor)

    Take a look at this 26-year-old Italian hunk!
  17. M

    Ryan Chmelik

    I have no words. This man is just a dream.
  18. M

    Photo Help: ID these guys?

    Does anyone know who any of these guys are? 1: 2. 3: 4: 5:
  19. W

    Photos & Videos badboybrad

    OF: OnlyFans Twitter: Anyone have anything on this guy?
  20. Y

    Ferdinand Seebacher, German actor

  21. G


    Anything on this guy? With or without his wig. He’s very narcissistic so I’m sure he will have some nudes out there somewhere.
  22. ThatOneThing

    Photos & Videos big_dan_can Instagram

    I'm pretty surprised to see that big_dan_can doesn't have a thread here, as the man is absolutely gorgeous and sexy. So I figured someone should remedy that. ;)
  23. L

    Photos & Videos Hairiest Skinny Guys

    I've seen a couple threads of people finding really hairy muscle men and buff/bigger guys. But I haven't really seen one for offensively hairy guys who are skinny. And I mean like super hairy, even love seeing back hair. One of my biggest crushes right now is Petey_usa who has long hair, is...
  24. D

    Joey Wellness / Joey Roselli

    Recently I started following this man that uploads recipes and wellness tips, but i just can’t stop thinking about how hot he is, that hairy chest and that beard drive me crazy
  25. Hairy Chested Men: Carl Hardwick

    Hairy Chested Men: Carl Hardwick

    Movie cover / promotional photos
  26. Hairy Chested Men: Carl Hardwick

    Hairy Chested Men: Carl Hardwick

    Some more promotional photos from the movie
  27. Hairy Chested Men: Carl Hardwick

    Hairy Chested Men: Carl Hardwick

    Some promotional photos from the movie
  28. Danter11


  29. L

    ID Male pornstar

    Does anybody know him? I was looking for pornstar Billy Hart, and his photos were wrongly attached on somewebsites. Tried looking for him, could not find anything.
  30. Danter11

    Cody Larose @gainzbruh