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  1. HungBiDesires

    Hollywood YMCA

    Renovated! Anyone else wanna play basketball or ‘train’ together at the Y?
  2. HungBiDesires

    Newly Bisexual Hung Ginger in Hollywood seeking…

    Seeking playfriends in Hollywood. Prefer stoner chicks & big dicks. Love rimming. Bdsm, kink. Also very open-minded despite seeming straight. Bad boy! Let’s play! Prefer a female partner in crime then men
  3. FemBoyInLA

    Femboy with oral obsession wants masculine man

    Hello I'm a very androgynous slim femboy that gets mistaken for a girl IRL often. I like my complete opposite; masculine, muscular, bearded . I'm 30 but look early 20s or so I'm told, 5'10 130 lbs hiv neg std free and drug free. Vaxxed. I love servicing orally and would love a regular to...
  4. J

    Fan Fiction - The Legend Of Jack And Ray

    Fan Fiction - The Legend Of Jack And Ray This is the story of two Comedians/Actors who met and were attracted to each other and began an illicit kinky sexual relationship that spanned from 1975 to 2035. Ray is MTV and Jack is PBS. This book was written in the Fan Fiction style of a young...
  5. P

    ALEXSUCKS (Alex Alvarez)

  6. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos David Corenswet - New Superman

    ‘Superman: Legacy’: James Gunn Taps David Corenswet And Rachel Brosnahan To Play Clark Kent And Lois Lane In DC Studios Film
  7. Keepitsmooth

    “The Jock” - Taul Bauer Casting Choice

    This is a question for the people who read Tal Bauer’s novel “The Jock”. Personally after Call Me By Your Name, it is my favorite MM romance I had the pleasure to read so far and I would love if they made a movie adaptation of the book. I think it would be a good idea because beside being a very...
  8. D


    Anyone have anything on Hollywoodkxm ?
  9. Marco Tony

    Does The Little Mermaid Have A Chance To Be A Hit ?

    The Little Mermaid remake is getting tons of hate now. The comments of the trailer on youtube are closed. That means that there was a lot a nasty comments. Possibly many racist comments. You know that the conservatives are pissed about Ariel being black. Which is insulting for them. They called...
  10. Mihasus

    Tom Hollander

    Tom Hollander in The White Lotus Source: gay-male-celebs.com
  11. huguest

    Does hollywood try too hard to include lgbt in their movies?

    I just finish with my kid "Lightyear", The captain of Buzz is an Afro-American, lesbian married to a lesbian Spaniard with adopted black kid. Nothing wrong with that, but it's the only relation in the movie, those it have to be the representation of the less then 1% of the population? I...
  12. zebyper

    What male celeb would you like to fuck or get fucked by?

    Here you can post what famous person or people you would love to have sex with and what role would you be? I would love Dylan Sprouse breeding me as I breed Mario Ruiz (colombian influencer). Sorry if I used the wrong words. English isn't my first language
  13. A

    IG: Rikjamez

    Anyone have anything on him. His IG is RikJamez.
  14. bigboaster

    Hottest Gay, Bi (Queer) Actors

    Let's share, discuss and appreciate your favorite sexy gay, bisexual, pan or queer actors that exist (from anywhere in the world). Maybe you'll discover someone you didn't know about. Legit Nudes are very welcome. I'll start Jonathan Bailey

    Los Angeles looking to service. ALL WELCOME!

    All hung welcome and accepted.. Clean talented cock sucker in search of hung, wanting to give oral until you unload. Able to travel. Available whenever so hit me back. Let's do this..
  16. bigboaster

    DEBATE: Should straight actors play gay characters?

    In recent years some portion of audiences have brought into question "straight actors taking gay roles" awya from gay actors and has sometimes become a sensationalist media story. Example Jack Whitehall Jack Whitehall Is Reportedly Playing Disney's First Openly Gay Character And Film Fans Are...
  17. M

    Gianni Decenzo (demetri From Cobra Kai)

    Gianni Decenzo was born on October 27, 2001 in Los Angeles, California and resides in the Santa Clarita Valley with his older brother and his parents who run a Respite Agency primarily for people with developmental disabilities. He who is widely recognized for his portrayal of Demetri on the...
  18. C

    Iconic Hollywood Actor - Charlton Heston

    Iconic Hollywood actor - Charlton Heston He was in Planet of the Apes and Ben Hur Standing at 1.91m tall
  19. B

    Hot Men On Ryan Murphy Shows

    There are always hot actors on ryan murphys shows, so this thread is for their hottest moments! who has been your favorite so far?
  20. hmlc53

    Saying Hi! La Big Dick Enthusiast Here

    Hey all! Long-time lurker deciding to come out of the shadows. 32 y/o average-sized (around 6"cut) gay big-dick enthusiast located in Los Angeles (Hollywood) with a particular soft spot for hung str8ish / bi guys who enjoy the occasional throat/hole. My penchant for hung dick is largely secret...
  21. 2

    La Jackoff?

    Want to meet a huge hung guy to jack off with. I'm average, always fascinated by really big guys. JO, rub dix. No fucking--never going to happen. Your place a must. Face pic trade also required.
  22. B

    Jake Picking

    Just finished Hollywood series on Netflix. Surprised there was no thread for this guy. Any nudes out there?
  23. M


    Hi all, Long back i have seen some short of clip, from a hollywood movie where The friends (girls) abducted a hot man from a bar and tied him in pole bar and have sex with him without his wish. Anyone!! I need to know which movie is this.
  24. 1

    Fake Tits, Huge Cocks, Lots Of Cum

    I'm porn-addicted chronic masturbator in Hollywood, always horny as fuck and looking for some j/o buds down to stroke and edge and goon for hours together. I really love huge fake tits and jacking my cock off to bimbo porn dolls. I love edging my dick and licking up all of my think gooey sperm...
  25. PoetMalaki

    Daddy Celebs - Hollywood Actors

    I just watch a Hulu series "The Act" and was curious who was the guy who plays Scott/Wolverine Joe Tippet plays coach also in a series called RISE and now I will be watching. LOOK at those bulge . Do you guys feel attracted to men in their 30' or 40's?