1. S

    Bukkake Berlin April 12/13 2024

    I'm in Berlin on April 12th, flying back out on the 14th but could host a bukkake or organise one somewhere. Looking to be on my knees and have my afce loaded. Happy to suck those that want it or you just come on in, jerk off on my face and go. message to arrange (bring your friends )
  2. D

    Question for gay guys. How many guys have you slept with in 2023?

    Question for gay guys. How many guys have you slept with in 2023?
  3. C

    Essex / Hertfordshire Lads for fun?

    24 Year old Bi male just looking to see who's in the area for fun ;) Based in Harlow
  4. B

    Toronto bros

    Any from Toronto want to cam then maybe meet up? Looking for discreet fit bro’s to have fun with. 31 fit here 7 inches uncut. my Skype is: beast.boy777 if we’re into eachother maybe we can hook up.
  5. J

    Hookups with older people

    Hey, so I was on some dating apps the other day, not looking for anything, just bored, when a really cute guy hit me up. We talked for a while and hit it off, hes my type and he proposed that we could maybe meet and hook up. The thing is, I havent done hookups before, and there is a pretty big...
  6. D

    Gaped Twink

    I’ve seen this video clip before on LPSG but I can’t find the thread. Does anyone have any more photos or clips? Or remember the thread
  7. D

    Please I Need Advice.

    I met a guy in scruff and I need help. He messaged me and I went to his house to hook up. I knew he was going to be big. I thought muscular but, I was wrong he was fat but I still have him a chance, I didn't wanna judge. Went to his room and started making out. He had cigarette breath. We took...
  8. L

    Hooking Up At Walt Disney World

    Yeah, I know. We all want to get off with Kyle Pallo. Has anyone used a mobile hookup app (or just picked someone up the normal old fashioned way) to hook up with another WDW guest while you or they were staying at one of the WDW resort hotels? Spill the beans, in detail please ;-) Which...
  9. Badunkbadonk

    Do Any Of You Huge Men Wish You Were Smaller?

    Does the rejection and fear take its toll? Do you get sick of people wanting it until it’s right in front of them? Do you wish you could just stick it in without extended foreplay? Just wham bam in the elevator? It’s sort of like the question “Does anyone not want to be a millionaire?” Answer...
  10. B

    Nw Missouri

    Looking for one night stand in NW Missouri while im there on business this week.
  11. Skagen Krauss

    Bud-sex / No Homo

    This act — “straight homosexual sex” or the newly coined term “bud-sex” — is far more common than we may have thought, reaching many areas that seem unlikely, like suburban neighborhoods and even biker gangs alongside the groups that we might anticipate would have this kind of sex: fraternities...
  12. 1

    Central nc threesome

    I'm looking preferably for a well hung black male for a threesome with a co-worker interested in her first experience with a black man. Girth preferred over length, but both is a plus. This is for her, I'm not interested in male play (but not freaked out by incidental contact). Message me if...
  13. hvdude

    Hooking up vids

    Whether they are porn stars or amateur I've gotten hooked on videos that show guys hooking up through Grindr, Scruff or any of those apps. We've all been there: your horny and you need to shoot a load or your hole just needs to get fucked. Years ago it used to be bars, but now with a couple of...
  14. Capitolhillguy

    How are married guys finding gay sex without craigslist and backpage?

    I don't think they would use Scruff or Grinder as it is too gay. I know some alternative will present itself. I've never done well with the gay crowd... always the guys who date chicks crowd.