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how to

  1. S


    Does anyone watched a word by word porn tutorials especially on some JOI, Sex Tutorial (Focused on Making the Men Orgasm), Condom Tutorial with cumshot, How Ejaculation Works, Penis Sex Eds, Etc.? Can be verbal or subtitled tutorial. I'll post some examples here...
  2. F

    Advice On How To Get With A Dude No Strings Attached

    I have a friend who I find very very attractive and would really like to do more “stuff” with him. I don’t really know his sexuality, we have cuddled before but I don’t know how sincere that was. My gut feeling is that he is pretty open though. He also doesn’t know I’m gay. Whenever I want to...
  3. Marlon Forsgren

    How Can I Have Sex With A Straight Guy?

    Hello people! I need some help, and I hope that you can help me with... How can I have sex with a straight guy? What are the steps to achieve this goal? What are the things that straight guys likes on a bottom gay guy? Thanks in advance! :)
  4. dongalong

    How to embed photos into your forum posts.

    This is how you embed images copied from other websites into your forum posts: STEP 1. Find an image from a website, for this example I chose a Tumblr (You might have to join Tumblr to view the page.) STEP 2. Choose your image and follow these steps: STEP 3. Click Reply in the thread you...
  5. J

    How to use a condom (youtube guide)

    How to use a condom (YouTube guide)
  6. J

    How to use a condom - youtube

    How to use a condom (including if you are uncircumcized) - YouTube