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  1. P

    Foreskin Pleasure: My Testimony

    Hey, everyone! I've seen a lot of questions surrounding the au naturale penis on here. So I wanted to take some time and explain how it works to anyone curious. Foreskin is the favorite part of my body and I'm shocked that there hasn't been any detailed explanations or guides surrounding its...
  2. what is it about a bathing?

    what is it about a bathing?

  3. Welshman easy to recognise by his girth

    Welshman easy to recognise by his girth

  4. finishing line in the buff

    finishing line in the buff

  5. car dick flasher

    car dick flasher

  6. self entitlement

    self entitlement

  7. postfab

    Famous Foreskin - Uncut Celebrities

    I’m not sure if we have a comprehensive resource devoted to intact famous guys. Intact meaning uncircumcised or uncut, guys who have all of their foreskin. Famous can mean athletes, actors, public figures, or similarly recognizable people. i welcome any stories, testimonials, pics, clips...
  8. BigAl9

    Circumcised But Completed Restoration

    I was cut the day I was born. I have resented this fact for many years. I learned about foreskin restoring over 20 years ago. Of course one can never replace what has been lost by mutilation. The nerves lost are gone forever. If the frenulum was removed that cannot be replaced. What can be...
  9. 1

    Interview: Adult: Uncut -> Cut -> Restored. Very Informative

    posting a very informative interview on a guy who was circed at 21 and eventually restored.
  10. envybig1

    To those who retract! (intact)(circumcise?)

    My first post here was about advice on getting circumcised and wanting to hear the different experiences of others who got cut later in life. It's actually how I found this site in the first place. Here is the link if you're interested - Circumcised? advice please.... , but if you don't want to...
  11. C

    Not fussed about own circumcision status?

    Some people on here are strongly pro- or anti- circumcision. Is there anyone who would not be fussed if they themselves was either cut or uncut without a preference either way? Would you be just as happy with the opposite status as you are with your current status?