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  1. Bluthesergal97

    Hello I’m back

    Hey there folx I’m back after a while due to personal issues. However I’m back happy to chat trade/swap boxers jocks or panties hit me up I’d love to talk
  2. Blissito

    Photo More content on @JOJOj1 on Twitter?

    First of all his bugle is immaculate, but he recently deleted or deactivated his tiwtter account after being on private and hiatus for a long time. His content was hot as hell especially the dildo riding. I found a few pictures but I was wondering if anyone had more content on him?
  3. flspiderman

    Naked forced workouts

    Have you guys looked at Models ?? It's a site where muscular jocks are forced to do humiliating naked workouts with stakes. It would be really hot to do that. Any Doms/Subs interested on doing this? Make the sub workout to exhaustion. And if he fails to complete a set, be forced...
  4. 1

    Can Anyone Id These Underwear Model? Can anybody ID this model pls? Thank you
  5. Dawgggg

    Video [REQ] baseball attic boy - his brothers jock

    Hey! this is a long shot i saw this video awhile ago and never remembered the video name of the video, maybe i can find it here or be directed. (Also is this the right section) so anyways it’s this boy who just got back from either baseball or football i don’t completely remember but pretty...
  6. M

    ID Muscle Leather Beefy Guy

    I don't remember if I got the picture from one of the threads here or from Twitter, but I was looking today at my gallery and I saw it. He's super hot, I want to see more pictures of him.
  7. B

    Your underwear

    Select a number and show yourself in that type of underwear!
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  17. Hndsmdvl23

    Jock/Thong Combo

    Anyone else a huge fan of the jock/thong combo that’s making its rounds these days? I love!
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  23. M

    Do straight guys wear jock straps?

    I’m straight (curious) wondering if straight guys wear jock wraps? I’m wanting to start the gym soon but I feel a jockstrap (Nike one looks good) would be better support for me while I work out? Do you guys agree? And other straight guys do you think the same or do you already wear them? is...
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    Showing ass
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  29. Agentctos

    Photos & Videos Do You Know His @ ?

    9423651 Im looking for his name, twitter or something pls ;)
  30. Hndsmdvl23

    Nike Jock Straps

    Nike released a line of jock straps a year or two ago and I am obsessed with them. I can’t find a pair to save my life but love seeing all the hot men wearing them. Do you like them?