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  1. A

    Overhearing comments

    Has anyone else ever overheard people discussing dick size? Recently heard a couple of lads in the gym and one was commenting on the other one's size. Always good when you hear people in public having size conversations. What are your experiences?
  2. Q

    Snapchat group

    Ello fellas looking to start a snapchat group for boys that like to show them pissing. Or to post hot guys pissing. If you want to join and share you pissing then dm me and ill add/start the group. Please only dm me if you are serious about showing. Thanks boy happy pissing
  3. A

    Adjective(s) To Describe A Boy You Like

  4. T


    British grandad fucks Chavs. Whatever happened to him?
  5. Spartacuss

    Photos & Videos Straight Men In Daily Life.

    There is no hotter thing than finding straight men doing things in everyday life. Shopping at the supermarket, waiting at the doctor's, walking down the street or taking the subway. Straight guys are the kings of the universe, so let's share and enjoy them.
  6. krisz80

    Photos & Videos Chav Scally Lads

  7. Up4adventure

    Two Friends Looking For Hung 3rd For Edge Fun

    DM or message at skype with LPSG profile - Up4adv2 Us mic but no face - you - your choice ;)
  8. N

    Bored Lads

    Any other lads out there bored / can't sleep / just wanna low key fuck around on kik or snap? Post your details here... 33 m uk Kik - nufmuc Snap - n2808 Hmu
  9. F

    Random Encounters

    Interested to hear stories of random encounters. Hottest thing that has happened to you in most unlikely place / situation
  10. 7

    Straight Uk Bloke. Looking To Hang Out Or Skype With Other Straight Lads

    39 engaged, based in Buckinghamshire. Looking for other straight lads (bonus points for being attached/married too) for beers, bants, and good porn! Into DP MFM verbal gangbang etc. lukec2018 on kik as_london123 on skype
  11. T

    Anyone Know Who They Are?

    Does anyone know who they are? i've seen so many times this video, but theres no where to find who they are
  12. love4D

    Video Hot Guys Moaning

    Post here your videos and videos of guys moaning and cumming.
  13. southlander

    New Group: Uk Lads, Uk Dads

    I created a group for UK guys looking to establish connections with an older/younger dynamic. Especially keen to get some new 'members', so if you're packing a hefty daddy dick that needs some attention or you've got a thirst for one, here's your corner: UK Lads, UK Dads | LPSG
  14. M

    Uk Lads For Skype Fun

    Anyone up for chatting and cam with face on Skype? 34 near Manchester, younger looking hairy and horny lad! UK lads only - leave your Skype add here or message me for mine...
  15. L

    Straight lads home video swaps

    Alright lads! Recently me and a mate got into swapping home videos. They would mainly include; POV fucking our GF’s. POV blow jobs etc... Hoping to find like minded lads who’d be into that? We are from England, under 30, straight and very open. It’s the fact we are seeing real footage rather...
  16. J

    Matty jones aka magicmattyxxs

    British Dwarf Striper who performs in Magaluf, Spain etc. He is a professional stripper and therefor over 18 years of age. Personal social Media Snapchat: matthewjones19 Instagram: matthewjones5042 Snapchat run by management: magaluf_dwarf
  17. S

    Scottish/uk lad for skype...scott3256

    skype..... scott3256 slim hung uncut looking for other guy/s ,mature or groups add me ;)
  18. Hothunk21

    Wank buddies wanted

    Hey guys! I'm a 26 years old guy living in SW London. Can accom couple of day per week and I would like to meet lads for some wank fun. I'm 100% discreet but enjoy a good wank session with another guy watching some porn and jerking our dicks together til we cum. Looking for ppl between 18 and 35...