laser removal

  1. D

    Gay laser hair removal sydney

    Anyone know any gay men that do laser. Professional or fun. Either one works. And someone who isn’t overpriced.
  2. arnubian

    Laser hair remova

    Has anyone ever had laser hair removal done on their balls? It’s the one place I’d want permanently hairless and I’ve looked into it, but the idea also makes me nervous. Shaving’s a pain in the ass and while the hair removal creams work on my ass, for whatever reason they just don’t seem to...
  3. D

    Need help losing a massive amount of weight.

    Hello everyone, I need to lose a lot of weight before my 12th 29th birthday in August 2023. I'm not trying to add muscle as this fat ass Chevy Tahoe body has to go. Height: 5'7 (short as hell. I know) Current Weight: 275lbs Goal Weight: 150lbs I have been 150lbs before so I know what I will...
  4. 9

    Hair On Lower Shaft - Permanent Removal

    Hi guys, I normally keep things shaved (or at least trimmed) and tidy, but I am annoyed by pubes appearing to grow roughly an inch from my pubic bone up the penis shaft. The issue is at its worst when erect, as I am a grower and the shaft skin gets obviously stretched, pulling up hairs on the...