1. 7below

    What size am I?

    Here's mine
  2. 7below

    After seeing my cock, what size do you say it is?

    Size me up
  3. U

    Girth or length

    Ok I’m talking to gay men, what is your real preference? Or what you think is more attractive/important? Let’s clear once for all this topic. Girth or length?
  4. twinkish92

    Come check it out

    Hey bro’s. Norwegian fit top here making videos fucking twinks all over europe. i need more promotion to Gros my onlyfans. Come check out my 70 posts and growing. Pennywiseclub.com
  5. B

    Hand/penis Size

    I want to get a sample size for curiosity sake. And I know that self reporting is typically useless but this is LPSG - most guys here post pictures of their dicks so I don't see why they'd lie. Please post your hand size (from wrist to middle finger.) And please post your dick length. I'll go...
  6. E

    The "how To Measure Your Penis" Guide

    Good morning class! Today’s lesson is about how to measure your penis! While at first glance this might seem like an easy task, history has shown, that nearly everyone who attempted this challenge has failed miserably to provide an accurate result. Therefore, one must assume that there are...
  7. grease

    Fluctuations In Erect Length?

    Hello, I am stressed and depressed as one can be during this global pandemic. And, just the other day I decided to measure both my Npel and Bpel, and I was perplexed at the noticable difference in length from what I used to measure. I have seemed to have "lost" a 1/4" to a 1/2" in both Nbpel...
  8. D

    State Your Length, Girth, Width (flaccid & Erect Size) & Volume

    I know many of you have answered some of these in some form or another in other threads but I wanted a more comprehensive look at how much bigger (if any), our LPSG community is than average. For this reason, the poll really only looks to differentiate what percentage of members are bigger than...
  9. T

    Does Anyone Lose Girth As They Get Hard?

    Weird question but it sprung to mind. Does anyone's penis actually get less thick as it stretches out and lengthens? Someone in the changing room had a thick looking flaccid penis, but was quite short. I wasn't sure whether it would kinda redistribute with an erection?
  10. Leobakker

    Poll: Erect Penis Size Bone Pressed (bpel)

    Hi guys! This poll will probably have been made in the past, but I could not find it so quickly. There are many new members every day, so it might be nice to do the poll again. What is your erect penis lenght, measured from your pubic bone? Bone Pressed Erection Lenght (BPEL) Maybe you also...
  11. SizeQueen_Ava

    Hung and a heavy cummer - skype?

    Looking to skype with BIG DICK!.. and heavy cummers!! Lover of girth.. and happy to compare in detail... Girth... Length... Balls... Head... Etc... Inbox me if you would like to ;)
  12. T

    Unraveling penis size

    Hey...everyone.. This is an interesting website. Please click on the link below: Unraveling Size
  13. [No title]

    [No title]

  14. C

    In your opinion, where does thick, wide, long, skinny begin, size wise?

    at what size do you start being "impressed"/"unimpressed (in the case of skinny)" (skinny) or consider impressive/unimpressive ( for skinny) eg. "oh that's kinda fat .... oh that's pretty skinny" etc. https :// www .lpsg. com /threads/thicker-always-better.313763/