1. Y

    Newly committed

    Hey guys, Am 22 and I started dating my boyfriend since September and we officially became together since February. The problem is I guess I am a polyamorous and I know for sure he is a monogamous. We live in a homophobic country, you can imagine the risks, so we have zero to little sexual...
  2. C

    How high is your libido?

    Curious to see what the data says and to hear everyone’s experiences with sex drive!
  3. D

    Ssri's And Sex

    Who is taking an antidepressant like Lexapro and having trouble with the fact that it's a total boner killer? I've been on just 10mg Escitalopram (pretty sure that's what they call Lexapro here in Australia) a day for over 12 months now, and while it definitely helped with my GAD (random panic...
  4. Thickkk

    Lack Of Libido Due To Zoloft

    Hey has anyone else experienced a lack of libido while on Zoloft I’ve been on 100mg a day for about two weeks and I can get hard fine I just have difficulty cumming lately. I just told my doctor and I think I’m going to start taking 50mg. How long will it be that I start to get back more to normal?
  5. H

    How To Increase Horniness

    i’ve always been a little jealous of guys that can cum 3/4 times a day and still be horny after. I’m in my 20’s and only get horny around 2x per week. Any tips for a guy trying to boost his libido?
  6. D

    What's been going on with my sex drive?!

    It all started when I decided to stop masturbating for two weeks to bring my sex drive down a bit because at the time it was VERY high and it was starting to intefere with my life a bit. This was little over a year ago and it was also when I started hooking up. But I had been suffering from high...