1. Realbigandlong1

    Morning Wood in Bikini Briefs.

    Should I just sleep naked? OnlyFans
  2. SemiSweetT

    Icon Tyler Cox; noted DJ pulls it out

  3. explosionerection

    Longest dick on LPSG

    Who's got the longest dick on LPSG? No above average, just the very longest. Can be fat or skinny as long as it's really long
  4. B

    anything on jonahsxxx

    jonahsxxx has a twitter and onlyfans can anyone share pics or vids of him
  5. madridpersona

    Guys with great tongues

    Starting a thread to share pics of guys with great tongues who could probably rim for hours and go deep.
  6. explosionerection

    What do you consider a big dick? (length)

    From what number would you consider a penis big? Just big, not monster big. Be realistic. Imagine yourself measuring a random guy. From what number would you be confident telling him that he has a big dick?
  7. Two hands

    Two hands

  8. bobi1990

    ID hot bulky stud long fuck

    I stumbled upon this video a while back and I find it so hot! The top fucks his bottom for a whole hour and the bottom takes it religiously. Now, I wouldn't say it's the "most brutal" fuck I've seen lmao, but it is really hot nevertheless. I love the top's attitude and how he looks at himself...
  9. D

    Sexiest LPSG dick ???

    Hello LPSG Community for me it’s a very sexy long cock Could not stop seeing it and watching it I speak about @Serpentaire14 ’s long dick: https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/no-title.3992421/ I think you all may appreciate member’s cock.. could this one be the sexiest?? what’s the sexiest...
  10. #7 Michael Brandon

    #7 Michael Brandon

    When it comes to cock definition, veinage, glans aesthetic, smooth shaft, overall attractiveness, length, etc...it just doesn't get much sexier than this speciman. Michael Brandon is a gay porn actor/model who has been around for some time now. You no doubt have seen his cock in many a photo...
  11. C

    Photo OMG WTH

    A great guy named Tim that I met on a dating site, things were going well so I asked to see what he has. Turns out he has some sort of a monster freak dick. He says he was born with it being like that. At least it's big, I'll give him that. https://monstercockland.com/photo/248501/omg-wth/
  12. L

    Hi Everyone! New Multi Racial Hung Young Guy Here Looking To Meet Bigger Guys And Jerk Buds!

    i'm new here looking to meet guys bigger than me (8 inches) i dont know how I will fare to everyone else but excited to get outsized every now and then! send me messages and ask for my skype info! look forward to meeting everyone!
  13. J

    Photos & Videos More Of This Massive Cock?

    More of this massive cock?
  14. P

    How To Measure

    Hey so a friend asked me to tell him how long my dick is but I've never measured it before I wish you could teach me or something
  15. 5

    New Hung Member Here!

    Looking to meet other guys that are into thick heavy bottomed women!! I’m mixed about 8 inches long and 5.5 girth! I find it fascinating when white guys are into thick huge butt women too idk why! But if I sound like your cup of tea hit me up!!
  16. basque9

    Show How Close Your Cock Hangs To Your Knee.

  17. G

    Hung Cam Guy

    anyone know his name? Background noises sound like he's on a cam site
  18. 1


    I’ve been coming on here for a few years now but never really uploaded or shared anything, this is me saying hello to everyone
  19. skaterboi

    Temecula Area Huge Cock Handjob

    Bi-curious 27 year old interested in jerking off a massive dick. Never had another experience with a man, but I'm open to it. All I want to do is feel a large, powerful cock cum in my hand. Not interested in kissing, blowjob, or anal. Ideally, it should be much larger than mine, which is 6.25 X...
  20. Dropplers

    Well-hung Guy At Party

    I love clips of real guys (not actors) goofing off at parties, pulling their long dicks out for fun, frat guys doing the helicopter, rocker dudes teabagging their drunk friends at festivals, putting their dicks on stuff... that sort of stuff. I thought we could share clips in this thread...
  21. GorillaHorse

    Some Of My Favorites From The Past 3 Years

  22. pbmonkey

    Photo The big cocked trans photo thread

    Please post photos of hung and large penis she-males that you like. You do not have to I.D. the photo's. I find photos all over the net and very rarely is there a name attached for the person. If you know who the person is great but if not no problem:cool: I'm starting with a few faves. Have Fun!
  23. R

    Help id girl

    ive been searching for this a very long time but still dont know who she is. pls help True Monster
  24. JDFatHead

    Crave black dong

    I deep throat ball dick and suck black balls! https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/tongue-for-bbc.185741/
  25. P

    Beer bottle

    Hi everyone, I wonder whose dick is longer than a glass beer bottle? I would love to see some pictures
  26. W

    Ask a big guy

    I have a big cock, no exact measurements. Girth is over 6. Feel free to ask any questions about what it's like having it
  27. 8_4_U

    Photo Michigan 8" cut and shaved.