1. D

    Now. Cam

    I'm looking for somebody that would like to watch me masturbate. And let me listen to them also either with their girl or whatever they like I've never been to the guy before
  2. J

    Photos & Videos Who is he? solo dirty talk with big ass and uncut cock

    Dirty talking jock strips and jerks off
  3. S_Dick

    Trying Not To Jerk Off In The Mornings

    Hey guys, curious if anyone has any thoughts on this. I am working from home (like a lot of us right now). I find that when I wake up and start my day I end up jerking off pretty much every morning. It is fun, and fine. But it kind of puts a cap on my day. Takes some of the 'edge' away. And...
  4. W

    Who Is This Hot Guy?

    Anyone know who this guy is?
  5. 3

    Jerk Off Lesson

    Hi All, Does anyone know of more vids like this? - Free Gay Porn Videos - Teaching Boys How to Masturbate it doesn’t have to be teacher/class. But any man guiding another guy through jerking off, while demonstrating what to do....
  6. Scouse_sean

    Rubbing Your Bell End

    I know this might be mad obvious but do any of you really REALLY get off on rubbing your bell end. I can go from being completely soft to raging in seconds. Also the orgasms I get doing it are amazing. I’d kind of forgotten about just having a good old rub but will in the shower today and left...
  7. KTOSLosek

    Photos & Videos Marc Dylan: Need Everything!

    Hello! I'm looking for some stuff with Mark Dylan: His solos or some hot provate photos! Do you have anything to share ?
  8. Love in a Mist

    Cut Men Masturbation Vs Uncut

    I am an uncut guy. Recently, I have read a forum about "dry or lube masterurbation". So far I can see that uncut man prefer dry masturbation because they are uncut. However, may I know from cut guy about your dry masturbation if there is any difficulties and how would it feel? How do you think...
  9. Lost cover

    Online Shows

    Hey. Has anyone or does anyone here go to the CHATURBATE website. If so whats your interests on there and have you ever broadcasted yourself. I have a few times but was very nervous at the start but no so bad especially wen people gove ypu tokens/coins.
  10. curiousmex

    Quarantine Jerk Off

    Since the whole lock down, how many times have yall jerked off and cum? per day? lol Seems like the only thing to do is masterbate whenever you get horny lol
  11. H

    Prostate Massage Toy For Beginners

    Hi, I’m new to this site and new to anal toys. I’ve never had a toy up my bum before. I hear a lot having a prorate massage while masterbating gives the best orgasms. So I want to try this out, I want to buy a prostate massage toy that will give me the best explosive orgasm. When I’ve had a...