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  1. friendly dick

    friendly dick

  2. HairyAussieBloke

    Friends Nudes

    Ya’ll ever get your friends nudes. If so, care to share? I’ve gotten a few over the years. Some they know I have, some they don’t. I always find it an interesting concept to have naked pics of your mates.
  3. Notlikeskywalker

    Uk/england/west Midlands

    Hi, I'm 28, (mostly straight) from the west midlands (UK) Looking to meet a wank buddy locally or can be online if you're farther away. Eager for general mates too between sessions. Inbox is open, I'll tell you more there if you're interested.
  4. D

    Mate Watching Porn Together.

    Hey lads, As guys don't talk about things, although I wish we did. I was curious to know if its normal to watch porn with your mates? Its normally straight porn and the occasional lesbian, nothing to risky like we do when we are alone. We are never looking at eachother but we know what's going...
  5. 1


    Looking for ways to make new friends and chat to people Going to be downloading snapchat if anyone fancies chatting and making friends. im 28 if anyone is looking to chat with someone of the same age. If you're up for the idea pm me your snapchat/snapcode and ill add you =]
  6. 1

    Pen Pals

    Looking to make new friends and pen pals. Someone I can talk to on a daily about anything and everything. Would be great to find someone of similar age (28) to just chat on a regular basis. Feel free to hit me up to see if we get on to start and then can take it from there. Looking forward to...
  7. C

    Photo Cut and uncut guys together

    Whether mates, lovers or porn actors, this thread is dedicated to photos showing both circumcised and intact guys in the same photo
  8. D

    Who’s in yorkshire?

    Anyone fit/slim good looking in Yorkshire around 20-30 yo for the same. Here for a while now. Would be good to find a mate to chill with and see where things go. Message me if you fit the bill.